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Creativity and Innovation management ppt


  • Managing Creativity and InnovationWilliam Y. Jiang, Ph.D.Professor and Department Chairof Organization and ManagementSan Jos State University Tel: 408-924-3551Email:

  • ObjectivesDescribe the creative processExplain the personality traits of creative peopleExplain how the four cognitive creativity skills are promoted by creativity techniques.List the five categories of characteristics that distinguish creative people from noncreative peopleExplain the organizational conditions that hinder and promote creativity

  • Innovation - DefinedInnovation is the implementation of new ideas at the individual, group or organizational level

  • Creativity - DefinedCreativity is the development of ideas about products, practices, services, or procedures that are novel and potentially useful to the organization


  • What Does It Take to Be Creative?Time

    Hard work

    Mental energy

  • The Creative PersonHow are they different?

    Personality Traits Cognitive Creativity SkillsDomain-specific KnowledgeIntrinsic Motivation

  • Characteristics of Creative People

  • Personality Traits of Creative PeoplePersistenceSelf-confidenceIndependenceAttraction to complexityTolerance of ambiguityIntuitiveness

  • Personality Traits of Creative PeopleHave broad interestsAre energeticDrive to achieveLove their workTake risks

  • Cognitive Creativity SkillsThink creatively

    Generate alternatives

    Engage in divergent thinking

    Suspend judgment

  • Domain-Specific Knowledge Develops ViaEducationTrainingExperienceContextualKnowledge

  • Creativity EnhancersFocus on intrinsic motivationCreativity goalsDevelopmental feedbackSupportive supervisionHealthy competitionParticipative decision makingAutonomy

    Hire creative peopleEnriched, complex jobsProvide resourcesClear organizational goalsInstructions to be creativeRecognize and reward creativityEncourage risk takingNo punishment for failure

  • Creativity EnhancersWorkforce diversityInternal and external interactionDiverse teams skilled at working togetherSupportive climateOrganizational culture the promotes innovationFlexible, flat structuresClose interaction and relationships with customers

  • How Can OrganizationsFoster Creativity?Hire creative & diverse workforceDesign complex & challenging jobsSet clear org. goalsRecognize & reward creativitySet creativity goalsUse diverse teamsCreate the rightorg. cultureProvide resourcesesp. timeBe Creative!

  • Management Style and CreativityEncourage risk takingProvide autonomyEncourage productivity - sweat equitySupportive supervision, climate, and work groupParticipative leadership

  • Organization Design and CreativityFlexibleFlatStructuresInternal &External InteractionClose Contact w/ CustomersThat promote

  • Creativity KillersExcessive focus on extrinsic motivationLimits set by superiorsCritical evaluationClose, controlling supervisionCompetition in a win-lose situationControl of decision makingControl of information

  • Stages in the Creative ProcessPreparationIncubationVerificationIllumination

  • Flow - DefinedFlow (autotelic experience) occurs when people experience a state of effortless concentration and enjoyment

  • Creative Thinking TechniquesBrainstorming RulesExpressiveness - Say whatever ideas come to mind without focusing on constraintsNon-evaluation - No criticism allowed; all are valuableQuantity - Produce as many ideas as possibleBuilding - Expand on other peoples ideas

  • Creative Thinking TechniquesBrainwriting

    Hybrid of both individual and group brainstorming

    Produces more ideas than brainstorming