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My name is Maurice Lomboy and I\'m a Fashion Marketing & Management graduate from the Art Institute of CA-SF. I invite you to view my portfolio, which showcases projects that share my curiosity for fashion and the pleasures I take in writing. With my collection comprised of written e-commerce content, retail concept and menswear styling, I aim to secure a copywriting position in a leading fashion company in the Bay Area.


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2. FASHION MARKETERCOPYWRITERHEAD BLOG EDITOR 3. fashion marketer . copywriter . head blog editor 4. THEORYVSPRACTICEEDITORS NOTEMy portfolio showcases projects that share my curiosity for fashion and the pleasures I take in writing . With childlike enthusiasm,marketing savvy, and an overdose of daydreams, Ive compiled my most memorable projects into a single collection.The first section in my portfolio is titled, Practice, which encloses actual work taken from relevant internship experiences. Suchworks present my professional contributions in copywriting and blog editing for a Bay Area fashion startup company.The second section, Theory, includes two contrasting works for menswear.INNERVIEWEnjoy my collection.Maurice Lomboy 5. PRACTICEThis section includes a compilation ofreal and revised industry content.Works shown in Practice are not hypothetically presented. Rather, they are tested forprofitable measure in real time. 6. ABOUTBlog Editing for A New Chanel Handbag for under $10? Yes, on Our vision at oohilove is to redefine the concept of affordable luxury. We are a new and exciting online auction where fashionistas can obtain newly released luxury designer accessories at a fraction of retail cost. Since these hand-selected handbags and accessories are highly sought after, they are rarely discounted in todays market. Oohilove provides its members with the unique and fun opportunity to save up to 95% off retail and showcase only the most reputable and coveted brands including Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.oohilove was started by Stanford MBA graduates and our team comprises fashion, retail, marketing and technology professionals. Prior to Oohilove, we have made an impact at Stella McCartney, Prada, eBay, McKinsey & Co, JP Morgan, Accenture, as well as at our own business startups. But most importantly, we all love and live fashion. oohilove is BBB accredited business and is located in Mountain View, California. - ROLE Head Blog Editor CONTRIBUTION Write and edit innovative fashion/beauty content, create tasteful graphics for each blog entry, recruit/manage a team of contributing editors to strengthen Oohiloves fanbase. VIEW Enjoy the latest articles posted under Oohilove M at 7. FEATUREDSummers Edge 6.23.2010 Serene Mess 7.25.2010 Fall Extremes 9.27.2010 8. Summers Edge BLOG GRAPHICS Posted on June 23, 2010 Written by Oohilove M What happens when we combine the heat of summer with edge and sex appeal? I thought of Alexander Wang his most recent collection was equally sporty and sassy lace, and two of Oohiloves hottest must-haves: the Marc By Marc Jacobs Hobo and the Ray-Ban Lilac Wayfarer. This impression came to mind ; )Bag ofthe MomentBLOGS 9. Serene MessPosted on July 25, 2010Written by Oohilove MThe serene mess of watercolor and hand dyed artwork creates harmonyon fabrics.I came across Anica Boutique in San Francisco, which features a limitededition collection from designer, Shabd Simon-Alexander. Shabdscraftsmanship and innovative technique drew me into a growing trendthat I wanted to explore. This season, the direction of prints, textiles and some of the mosttasteful fashion trends take inspiration from the soft palette of watercolorart. Summers hot and sweltering heat is juxtaposed by a light andrefreshing visual aesthetic. From the runways of Brazil to popularAmerican retailers, the blending effect of hand dyed pieces, tie-dyed andwashed out hues on crumpled organzas, breezy silks and launderedcotton makes a big splash. Tie-Dye is in, okay, sure. That makes sense after all, my friend justgifted me a citrusy green tie-dye shirt that she designed in class. But theresa slight message behind this trend. Soft watercolors and dyes drenchingfabrics are a statement of visual disorder in whichever way you interpretit and the calm sense of awe that follows after a crash. In this case, its about the serene collision of colors on a cocktail dress,a blouse or on your favorite swimwear. The hand dyeing process is a bitchaotic, but when its all done, we take a moment to stare silently at theeffects in complete awe. The natural bleed of dyes on the fabric canvascreates a unique composition of chance, design and balance. 10. Fall ExtremesPosted on September 27, 2010Written by Oohilove MThe focus on autumn fashion trends takes aIssey Miyake reintroduces body bindingOn the inverted scale of the color spectrum Enjoy the videos and stay tuned forshift in perspective from the apparent beautyknitwear and sharp design techniques that is the ghastly visage of Comme des Garcons fallthe next article, which aims to replicatewe notice most in this season. With thehint at geometric balance he did take collection, in which the only colors present arethe three designers conceptual looksbeautiful comes the more aesthetically inspiration from mathematician Williamlimited within the stark contrast of black andwith an everyday ease. You can rockchallenging or seemingly ugly without theThurstons approach to topology. Bright white on extremely minimal and severe these styles effortlessly into yourobjective examination it respectfully demandspastel knit tubing intertwined to form an clothing. This collection comments on defiance, wardrobe with classic accessories found creations that affirm its own beauty,abstract interpretation of sweaters is paired ugly you know, the kind of ugly thats so at Oohilove without looking overdonebrilliance and innovation. with loosely ruched leggings so that draperygrotesque, its beautiful and consequently, and victimized. Remember, too much ofOn this thought, Vivienne Westwood, Commefunctions in an opposite direction against itsimpenetrable design. Kawakubo, the genius a good thing is a bad thing.des Garons and Issey Miyake take irrepressibletraditional role to flatter a womans body. behind Comme des Garcons, confounds hertwists and turns in their fall 2010 runway shows Volume is artistically reassigned to suit comfort audience with disturbing details. Coiled sectionsand deliver breathtaking and to defy conventions of beauty that slimming of interior padding formed around the hips andcollections that leave us with memories good proportions vaguely imply. Brilliant. waist are perhaps a raw reference to human guts.and bad and with a valid suspicion ofEffing horrific and innovative.fashions unpredictable nature. Vivienne Westwood, British couturier, showsus a retrospective of fallenaristocracy that somehow preserves its highclass taste. The sloppiness is still arguablysovereign as the homely yet refined jackets, blouses, dresses and loosely drapedknits reveal Westwoods iconic punk, anti-establishment sensibility. This collection is ashowstopper for the rebellious debutante.Beautiful. 11. ARCHIVE ofSprings Nude Obsession Bidding on (Oohi)love Summers EdgeSerene Mess2010AprilMayJune July 12. Boyish CharmFall Extremes Pristine Pearls Read MoreAugust September OctoberARTICLES 13. Black Friday DealsTraveling for the HolidaysH&M Launch mentioned increased blog visibility growth data etc.Complete NovemberDecemberJanuary 2011 14. janfebmaraprmayjunALL TIME jul37,044 HIT2427 S aug 3175sep30362010 - 2011 oct 3470 nov 3414 Blog Views for dec4145 jan 4850 15. COPYWRITING forROLE Copywriting InternCONTRIBUTION Wrote product copy for Louis Vuitton handbags to increase sales and Oohiloves site traffic.VIEW 16. LOUIS VUITTONPRODUCT COPY ODEON (MONOGRAM PM)The feminine city trekker will adore the Odon in Monogram canvasbecause it offers versatility with a modern appeal. The Odon can becarried around the shoulder or across the body to fully accommodatethe fun loving and fast paced woman. 17. LOUIS VUITTONLOUIS VUITTON TIVOLI GM GALLIERA (MONOGRAM)The Tivoli makes a special treat for the fashionable moms andsingle ladies. Or if you simply want to make your Sundays best evenbetter, we still suggest our tasteful Tivoli bag. Tivolis well roundedshape and pleated Monogram canvas compliments any look.The Louis Vuitton Galliera exudes a body friendly style for theconfident woman. Its soft, lightweight Monogram canvas andadjustable leather shoulder strap provide comfort in variousoccasions.COVETED HANDBAGS 18. LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTONNEVERFULL (AZUR MM) ARTSY MMThe Louis Vuitton Neverfull never fails, thanks to its clever sidelaces. Loosen the leather strings and the Neverfull becomes a The Artsy MM embodies understated bohemian style.multipurpose tote, tighten it and the bag becomes irresistibleLouis Vuittons iconic and divinely supple Monogramarm candy. The Neverfulls adaptable style is perfect for cruising in canvas is enhanced by rich golden metallic hardwaretown or looking chic in the city. and an exquisite handcrafted leather handle. 19. LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTONZIPPY WALLET (MONOGRAM)EMILIE WALLET (RED) We love the Zippy, a youthful choice for a wallet with multiple compartments. The all-round zip closure gives the Zippy an on-the-go look and feel that is equally effortless and elegant.Its not OK to flash people, but its a fun exception with the Emilie. Womenwith an eye for fashion can enjoy its shock of color (available in blue, red,and green) leather hidden under the subtle Monogram canvas. The Emilieis a playful spin on a Louis Vuitton must-have.CHERISHED WALLETS & COIN PURSES 20. Maurice is a solid copywriter. His work is veryrelevant to the market it is written for,engaging, and a pleasure to read. He also hasgreat creativity for much of the Photoshopvisuals he presented in the blog.Most importantly, he revamped our blog tomore than double our traffic and has strongleadership skills.Christopher Couhault,Cofounder & CEO of Oohilove 21. THEORYThis section concludes my portfolio withrealistically imagined work.Works shown in Theory are hypothetically presented. Believable? You decide. Modern with a twist?Hands down - YES. 22. INNERVIEWThe way he dresses reflects