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  • 8/14/2019 Creative Leadership - APJ Kalam


    Creative Leadership APJ Kalam


    PRESIDENT GOES TO COLLEGE: Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam shares a lightermoment with students at Delhi University's Shri Ram College ofCommerce on Monday 20.03.07.

    NEW DELHI: Calling for a healthier and happier "National Prosperity Index",President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam on Monday said though the country's Gross

    Domestic Product (GDP) was growing at nearly 9 per cent per year, the economic

    growth was not "fully reflected" in the quality of life of a vast number of people inrural and even urban areas.

    "We have evolved what is called National Prosperity Index which is a summation

    of: a) annual growth rate of GDP; b) improvement in quality of life of the people,particularly those living below the poverty line; plus c) the adoption of a value

    system derived from our civilisational heritage in every walk of life which is uniqueto India," said Dr. Kalam at a special function organised to mark the 81st Annual

    Day of Delhi University's grand old Shri Ram College of Commerce.

    Recommending that the students take up a study for implementation of theProviding Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) programme as a business

    proposition in different States around Delhi, he urged them to become "creativeleaders".

    Creative leadership

    "For success in your missions you have to become creative leaders. Creativeleadership means exercising the vision to change the traditional role fromcommander to coach, manager to mentor, director to delegator and fromone who demands respect to one who facilitates self-respect. For aprosperous and developed India, the important thrust will be on the generation of

    a number of creative leaders," said Dr. Kalam.

    It was full house at the college with the audience listening to the President in raptattention. Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental, Bharatiya Janata Party

    leader Arun Jaitley (who is an old boy of the college), SRCC Governing Body

    Chairman Ajay Shriram, Principal P. C. Jain, teachers, students and parentsattended the function.
  • 8/14/2019 Creative Leadership - APJ Kalam


    Mission for SRCC

    Sharing the features of a PURA complex that he had inaugurated in Chhattisgarh,

    Dr. Kalam said the mission for SRCC was to assign a three-month project work toa group of four students to come up with a detailed project report and

    implementation plan for PURA in consultation with their respective StateGovernments and district authorities.

    Stating that he had proposed this concept to the Union Government, he suggested

    that the SRCC faculty members facilitate a discussion among students for deriving"comprehensive parameters" that should be included in NPI and asked them to

    correspond with him regarding this through e-mail.

    Focus on research

    Focusing on the need for more research in the country, Dr. Kalam said: "Good

    teaching emanates from research... Any institution is judged by the level andextent of the research work it accomplishes... Shri Ram College of Commerce withits core competence in commerce, economics and business management should

    now enter into Ph. D. programmes in these subjects."

    `Difficult' questions

    After his address, Dr. Kalam fielded "difficult" questions from students ranging

    from his interest in spirituality and religion to improving the country's agricultural

    situation, from the States' role in Special Economic Zones to his expectations fromthe youth.

    Asked if there was any clash between his personal views and the high office he

    occupied, Dr. Kalam said the nation's growth was more important than anythingelse and that the country was bigger than the political parties.

    Role of corporates

    In response to a query on the role of corporates in society, the President said bothprivate and government-owned corporates had a social responsibility.

    "Each corporate can take up a cluster of villages and develop employmentpotential of people living there and ensure that health, education and all suchamenities are provided to them."

    He administered a three-point oath to the youngsters with emphasis on acquiring

    knowledge and contributing to the realisation of the vision of India in 2020.

    All the students who posed questions to the President got a photo-op with Dr.

    Kalam at the end of his address.

  • 8/14/2019 Creative Leadership - APJ Kalam



    Since you all belong to the Commerce and Economics stream, I would like todiscuss with you the linkage between national economic development and creativeleadership: -

    1 A nation's Economic development is powered by competitiveness.2 Competitiveness is powered by knowledge power.

    3 Knowledge power is powered by Technology and innovation.4 Technology and innovation is powered by resource investment.

    5 Resource investment is powered by revenue and return on Investment.

    6 Revenue is powered by Volume and repeat sales through customer loyalty.7 Customer loyalty is powered by Quality and value of products.

    8 Quality and value of products is powered by Employee Productivity andinnovation.

    9 Employee Productivity is powered by Employee Loyalty, employee

    satisfaction and working environment.10 Working Environment is powered by management stewardship and sound

    project management.11 Management stewardship is powered by Creative leadership.

    For success in all your missions you have to become creative leaders. Creative

    leadership means exercising the vision to change the traditional role from the

    commander to the coach, manager to mentor, from director to delegator and fromone who demands respect to one who facilitates self-respect. For a prosperous and

    developed India, the important thrust will be on the generation of a number ofcreative leaders from our educational institution. I am sure the Shri Ram College

    of Commerce will generate many creative leaders who will make an impact in the

    process of national development.

    My best wishes to all the members of Shri Ram College of Commerce, success intheir mission of promoting value based education in Commerce and Economics for

    our Indian youth.

    May God bless you.