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Basic Information on Jewelry Making with chain.


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    Creating with Chain

    by Judy Ellis,[1]

    Wire Jewelry Inspiration for October 17, 2014

    Creating with Chain

    Have you ever created jewelry with chain before? There are so many projects you can do with chain. I

    thought today Id introduce you to a few of the NEWEST additions to our Jewelry Making Chain[2] familyand share a couple of easy projects that you can try!

    NEW Lengths Order by the foot Made in the USA -Stunning Quality

    Antique Copper Plated Chains[3]

    [4] [5] [6]

    Antique Copper Finish Soldered

    Brass Cable Chain 2.28X2.69mm[7]Antique Copper Finish Steel

    Cable Chain 6.52X9.54mm[8]Antique Copper Soldered Brass

    Cable Chain 10.34X10.34mm[9]

    Antique Silver Plated Chains[10]

    [11] [12] [13]

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    Antique Silver Finish Steel

    Cable Chain 10.22X10.5mm[14]Antique Silver Finish Steel

    Curb Chain 6.34X10.7mm[15]Antique Silver Finish Steel Double

    Cable Chain 5.28X5.28mm[16]

    Gold Plated Chains[17]

    [18] [19] [20]

    Gold Finish Soldered Brass Cable

    Chain 10.34X10.34mm[21]Gold Finish Soldered Brass Curb

    Chain 3.66X5.06mm[22]Gold Finish Steel Rope

    Chain 2.53X3.58mm[23]

    Silver Plated Chains[24]

    [25] [26] [27]

    Silver Finish Steel Cable Chain

    3.05X4.39mm[28]Silver Finish Steel Bar Chain

    1.02X8.6mm[29]Silver Finish Soldered Brass Cable

    Chain 10.34X10.34mm[30]

    Creating with Chain

    Use your imaginaton with these FREE patterns and youll have a great time creating with Chain!


    Easy Agate Anklet[34]

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    Temple Bells Earrings[32]


    Barbell Drop Earrings[36][37]

    Chained Fluorite Pendulum[38]

    Shop our Jewelry Making Chains[39] today!

    Happy Wrapping!

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    All About Soft Wire[41]

    by Judy Ellis,[42]

    Daily Wire Jewelry Making TipOctober 15, 2014

    All About Soft Wire Revisited

  • 11/15/2014 How To | Jewelry Making Blog | Information | Education | Videos - Part 2 4/19

    This week I found another great question in our older posts that I think is well worth revisiting All

    About Soft Wire[43]. Maybe youve had this same question as well.


    I have been working with wire[44] for more than 25 years, and have used many gauges, usually in half

    hard. However, sometimes I get more soft wire[45] than I want. I remember my old teacher telling me

    when I complained about soft wire[46] that it will work for a while, but then itll get hard. I have found

    that while shining the wire[47] with a cloth that if I bend it gently and straighten it a few times, it doesindeed get harder. Plus, if I twist half hard, it can get too hard to use, but if I twist dead soft (square ofcourse), it gets just about right. What do you think?


    Yes, twisting dead soft wire[48] will make it close to half-hard temper. The question then would be, howmuch twisted wire do you want to be in your design?

    As far as twisting half-hard wire[49] and it becoming too hard, that would depend on how much of a twistor bead you put on the wire. (Sometimes I will individually twist several pieces of 24g sq half-hard anduse them to hand-sculpt with, and I often twist 21g or 22g sq half-hard when making a cabochon frametoo.)

    In my opinion, the amount of twisting[50] done to what gauge and temper of wire[51] is up to theindividual artist and comes first from their experience and then from their choice.

    Answer contributed by Dale Cougar Armstrong

    What Gauge to use:

    Are you familiar with what gauges of wire to use in differnt kinds of jewelry? Heres a quick chart for youto refer to in a pinch:


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    Wire Working Education

    If you are interested in learning more about wire work or wire twisting take a look at the many

    Instructional DVDS[54] and Wire Jewelry Books[55] that we have available. A few suggestions might be

    our Jump Start Beginner Serie[56]s, Intermediate[57] or Advanced Series[58] or even Coiling and Weaving


    Happy Wrapping!

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    by Judy Ellis,[61]

    Wire Jewelry Idea for October 10, 2014

    O Christmas Tree!

    With the Holidays quickly approaching (only 10 more Fridays until Christmas but whose counting) Ithought it would be appropriate to share with you one of our older posts, that weve had a lot of funwith!

    Todays Wire Jewelry Idea is a free pattern! Heres a holiday-inspired treat brought to us by Suzanne

    Hollingsworth. Click here to view Suzannes simple pattern, O Christmas Tree.[62]


    O Christmas Tree Free Pattern by Suzanne Hollingsworth[65]

    Suzannes O Christmas Tree Pattern is for a dainty Christmas tree thatyou could easily slip into your Christmas cards this season, or even useas an attachment to a gift tag. In fact, several of us here in the officedecided to give it a try!



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    I will say that a few of us needed a couple tries before we got the bends in the branches just the way wewanted them. You can add a lot of personality depending on how tight you make the bends, and howmuch you stretch the tree before hammering it into place. Dont be afraid to use copper wire to practice!

    If youre inspired, dont stop here: this doesnt have to be an ornament, it could easily become a pair ofearrings (making 2), or a pendant. You can attach ribbon, additional beads, and maybe even some tinytinsel. Have fun with this pattern!

    To present this tree to a special person, you can make 2 small slits in your Christmas card, thread theribbon through the card, and tie the tree on the card. (If you use beads in your tree and you send itthrough the mail, you may want to use a padded envelope.)

    Voila, youve got a small ornament gift ready to send in your Christmas cards, for just a bead, a ribbon,and a foot of wire! Happy Holidays!


    If youd like to learn more about creating with wire or beads take a

    look at our Jewelry Books [71]or Instructional DVDS[72]. They makegreat holiday gifts!

    Happy Wrapping!

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    by Judy Ellis,[74]

    Wire Jewelry Inspiration for October 8, 2014

  • 11/15/2014 How To | Jewelry Making Blog | Information | Education | Videos - Part 2 8/19

    October BirthstonesToday I thought wed take a quick look at birthstone colors and particularly the ones associated with thismonth; Rose Zircon, Pink Tourmaline & Opal.

    Ocotober Birthstones:


    Rose Zircon Gemstone


    Silver Ring with 8mm Pink

    Rose Heart CZ[77]

    Rose Zircon[78]

    The brighter deeper rose colored Rose Zircon[79] offers an alternative totourmaline.

    Zircon is a compound of oxides of silicon and zirconium, is fairly hard soas be faceted and polished to a brilliant luster, and has better clarity andfewer fissures or inclusions than tourmaline.

    Zircon[80] is more strongly refracting than any other precious stone withthe exception of diamond. So brilliant are the colorless or pale-coloredhyacinth Zircons, that such stones found at Matura in Ceylon in theeighteenth century were know as Matura Diamonds.

    Most Zircons[81] are heated to change or enhance their color. AttractiveRose Zircon is available in a faint pink to a dark rose hue.


    Polished Opal Cabochon


    Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica; its water content may rangefrom 3 to 21% by weight, but is usually between 6 and 10%.

    Because of its amorphous character, it is classed as a mineraloid, unlikethe other crystalline forms of silica, which are classed as minerals

    Opal can occur in many colors including white, colorless, pale yellow,pale red, gray, brown and black. Diffraction can cause flashes of any colorof the rainbow which can be seen in opals color play. Yellow, blue andgreen are most common, whereas violet, red and orange are the rarestcolors seen through play of color.

    Opalescence is usually milky blue in color, but it can occur in rarer colors.The saturation of body color, the play of color and the transparency

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    Stacking Ring Set created inour


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