Creating Exciting Customer Experiences Through Technology

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Post on 16-Feb-2017




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Creating Exciting Customer Experiences Through TechnologySnapshots of NRF 17: Retails BIG Show



National Retail Federations Big Show in New York showcased everything from WiFi to robotics, proving digital transformation is table stakes in the retail world.ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTS

ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTSBeing able to move quickly and grab opportunities is very important.Sir Richard BransonFounderVirgin Group


ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTSTechnology is changing the way we shop, the way we enjoy products, even the definition of what a store is. And at the heart of that customer retail relationship is data.Brian KrzanichCEOIntel


ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTSIn an industry that ranks so high indisruption, its critical to be prepared even for what you dont see coming.You have to go with flexibility and with an infrastructure that will scale up as you need it.Joelle KaufmanEVP for Strategy and Business DevelopmentWestfield Corp


ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTSSoon, stores may include something like Pepper, an affable and talkative robot that taps into cloud-based AI to interact with shoppersas it captures data about customers interests and dwell times.

ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTSJust as intriguing are robots that use advanced imaging analytics and artificial intelligence to pick and sort items.The important thing is, you want to have the right selection of goods going out to the customer when they need them.Leif JentoftCo-FounderRightHand Robotics


ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTS

Transformation required us to be focused on one thing and one thing only, which is our customer.Ratnakar LavuChief Technology OfficerKohl's


ConnectedFuturesMag.comEXECUTIVE INSIGHTS

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