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  1. 1. CCrreeaattiinngg AAPPrrooffeessssiioonnaallOOnnlliinnee PPrreesseennccee::SSoocciiaall TToooollss ffoorrtthhee JJoobb HHuunnttAmanda Clay PowersCoordinator of Research ServicesMSU LibrariesNovember 6, 2014 @amandaclay
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  8. 8. TTooddaayyss BBrraavvee NNeewwWWoorrlldd:: YYoouu NNeeeedd ttoo Learn how to manage your onlineinformation and relationships Develop an online identity thatworks Network professionally online Find social tools that do good workfor you@amandaclay
  9. 9. YYoouurr RReeppuuttaattiioonn MMaatttteerrss 93% of recruiters are likely to lookat a candidates online socialprofile 42% of employers reassessedopinions of candidates (+/-) The trend is growing in AcademiaJobvite 2013
  10. 10. Jobvite 2013
  11. 11. WWhhaatt CCaann TThheeyy FFiinndd?? Personality Professional qualifications Creativity Communication skills Well-rounded Comments from others2009 Harris Interactive Study for Care@eraBmuailnddear.ccloamy
  12. 12. EEmmppllooyyeerrss uussee SSoocciiaall MMeeddiiaa 94% on LinkedIno Professional Experienceo Length of Professional Tenureo Specific Hard Skills 65% on Facebook and 55% on Twittero Cultural Fito Industry Related Postso Professional Experience Jobvite 2013@amandaclayJobvite 2013
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  14. 14. PPeeooppllee AArree GGeettttiinngg JJoobbssUUssiinngg SSoocciiaall MMeeddiiaa78% of recruiters have hiredthrough a social network92% LinkedIn24% Facebook14% Twitter@amandaclayJobvite 2013
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  16. 16. FFiirrsstt SStteeppss:: CClleeaann iitt uupp Facebooko Clean up TimelineoMake Friend Listso Adjust PrivacySettingsTwitterMake TwitterPrivateObscure YourName/HandleGo Through ByTweetCreate aProfessional TwitterAccount@amandaclay
  17. 17. SSoo WWhhaatt iiss tthhee NNeexxtt SStteepp??Create an online presence that works foryou.@amandaclay
  18. 18. NNeexxtt SStteepp:: DDiigg DDeeeeppeerr Investigate Your Industry ResearchGate LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Pick Your Move Add Social Media That Works for You Demonstrate Expertise Network@amandaclay
  19. 19. BBuuiilldd YYoouurr PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall NNeettwwoorrkk What Works? Demonstrate expertise and Interests Building community Tools for Scholars Twitter networking Conference tweets Facebook (get news, build identity) Follow blogs (InsideHigherEd,Chronicle)@amandaclay
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  23. 23. CCuussttoommiizzee Brand Yourself Create a Custom URL Add Keywords Use the Profile Badge Link to Your Personal Pages Add to Your Business Card@amandaclay
  24. 24. LLiinnkkeeddIInn TTiippss Completely fill out your profile Start finding connections Keep it up-to-date Make introductions Join groups Congratulate people!@amandaclay
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  27. 27. TTwwiitttteerr TTiippss Tweet short and smart for retweets Dont be a robot Retweet and respond to others Use hashtags Use to monitorconversations / brands / etc. Follow people to get followers@amandaclay
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  30. 30. FFaacceebbooookk TTiippss Create a public view that works Follow pages to get industry news Create Lists Target your updates Keep it clean@amandaclay
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  33. 33. GGooooggllee++ TTiippss Its clean Create a new identity from scratch Preferred in Google Searches (highSEO!) Create professional connectionsthrough searches Bend Google to your will!@amandaclay
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  36. 36. CCrreeaattee YYoouurrPPrrooffeessssiioonnaall IIddeennttiittyy Pick a BrandName & StartUsing It Start Using Itand Grow YourPresence Online
  37. 37. KKeeeepp GGooiinngg!! Be Consistent and Unique in Branding Create a Public View or Page onFacebook Create a Professional Twitter Account Get Your Rsum on LinkedIn Get SEO to Work for You Be Who YOU Want to Be
  38. 38. Amanda Clay PowersAssociate ProfessorHead of Research ServicesSocial Media Research LibrarianMississippi State University the rest, just: