Create Your Own Mobile RLOs for Situated Active Learning

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Workshop presentation on creating your own mobile resusable learning objects (RLOs) from the Technology in Higher Education (THE2013) conference in Doha, Qatar (April 16-17, 2013)



2. Who can create and use mobile RLOs? Access my Mobile RLO Anyone! Create Your Own Mobile RLOs for Situated Active Learning Introduction Designing Your Own Mobile RLOs Rate Your RLO Connect and Share Scan this QR Codeor go to 3. What are Mobile RLOs?RLOs are Reusable Learning Objects. Mobile RLOs areRLOs designed for easy access and display usingmobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.RLOs have the following benefits: Create a situated, just-in-time learning experience; Can be accessed and reused at any time; Are easy and fun to use; Help learners to develop additional soft skills related toboth technology and lifelong learning; 4. Principles of Good RLO DesignCollaborative Situated Active mLearning(CSAM) is an effective design strategyfor mobile RLOs.CSAM considers the three domains ofthe FRAME (Framework for the RationalAnalysis of Mobile Education) model: Device Aspect User Aspect Social AspectThe FRAME model(Koole, 2009, used with permission) 5. Device and Interface ConsiderationsGeneral Tips: Keep it simple. In Winksite, use the default settings. Dont overload the site with images orflashy extras. Keep content in small chunks. Consider using a BYOD (Bring Your OwnDevice) approach.(Learners will already be familiar with how touse their own devices!) 6. TransactionsTransactions refer to how users interact with themobile device, the learning content, theirinstructors, and each other. The content should be relevant and meaningfulto learners. The content and activities should be situated ina realistic context. Learners should do something with the content. Learning increases, and is more fun, whenlearners collaborate with each other (and withthe instructor)! 7. Designing Your Own Mobile RLOs Step 1: Determine Your Topic Step 2: Storyboarding Step 3: Gather Your Materials Step 4: Create a Winksite Account Step 5: Build Your Site Step 6: Link and Test Your Site Access my Mobile RLO Scan this QR Code; Click on the screenshot; or Go to 8. Rate Your RLOsC = CollaborativeA=M= S=Active C = Mobile S =SituatedCollaborativeDoes your RLO provide learners with anSituatedDo your learners have an opportunityopportunity to collaborate?Does your RLO free learners from the tetheryour learning activity situated in aIs of traditional classroom routines?to do something with the content ofyour RLO? Effective context?realistic mLearning is about expanding learning possibilities. It can be a powerful way to augment If yes, great! Are there any ways RLO otherlearners could be collaborating If yes, great! Learning is that successful classroom strategies. If yes, great! Engagingtheir mobile devices creates excitement, and gets them more in Getting learners to use with the content Designmeaningful and fun when it is in aengaged more? boredom, and makes learning reduces the learning activity. If no, meaningful.any your learnersthe of the classroom tocontext! the classrooms walls! more are there take ways that out You dont need to realistic eliminate learning activity could get A learners If no, how RLOs is a change to provide of = If no, you do take them outside learnersM= But if is there anything that your the classroom, using mobile can you great wayyour learners with the content to Activea or working together, or sharing skills could dowith the resources they will need, connect Mobile activity so that it takes andcreate learning you and with each other, them with focus them on the intended learning task! new artefact, or to make the content ideas?place in a realistic context? personally meaningful? 9. Connect and Share Use the links on my mobile RLO toshare your thoughts, questions andexperiences. See some examples of other mobileRLOs I have created. Share my mobile RLO with anyoneyou know who is interested inintegrating mobile devices into theirteaching and learning! 10. THANK YOU