Create your own Branded Mobile Learning App with Instancy App Platform

Download Create your own Branded Mobile Learning App with Instancy App Platform

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  • Create Your Own Branded Mobile Learning App with Instancy App Platform

    Would you like to build a branded mobile learning app for your learning organization

  • Would you like to build a branded mobile learning app for your learning organization?

    so that your employees or customers can keep learning on the go?

  • But how do you do it

    But how do you do it, if you don't have the time and resources necessary to develop an app from scratch?

  • Create a Branded Mobile Learning Native App for your Learning Organization With Instancy!

    Download on the

    App StoreGet it on

    Google Play

    With the help of Instancy Mobile Learning App Platform!

  • Deliver Micro-courses, Assessments, Surveys and Learning Tracks

    Micro-courses with progress


    Assessment with many types of


    Online surveys

    Certificates and credits

    Personalized Learning Tracks

    Learning catalog

    Whether you wish to deliver just one micro-course or a certificate together with a personalized

    learning track or a series of assessments, surveys..or an entire catalog of training courses.

  • Documents, Videos, Image, Audio Libraries




    Audio Tutorials

    Image Library


    Whether you wish to provide your learners with just-in-time learning and reference materials:

    ebooks, documents, videos, audio podcasts, image libraries or webpages....

  • Social Learning and Knowledge Collaboration

    Experts and Peer Search

    Build Connections

    Share Content Knowledge Wiki

    Discussion Forums

    Send Messages

    Whether the learners will learn alone or engage socially in online discussions or share content...

  • Instructor-led Events

    Classroom and webinar events calendar view and list view

    Event registration, cancellation, payment and notifications

    Event related document, videos, courses and discussions

    What's more, if you wish, your learners will be able to view a calendar of events, self-enroll

    when it suits them or view related content

  • Download

    and Learn Offline

    Synch User Progress To the Server

    You can also enable your learners to download any content and learn offline

  • In-App Purchases

    If you choose to monetize your content, your app will enable users to purchase content, events, or certificates.

  • Publish Your App to Google and Apple App Stores

    for Use on Tablets and Smartphones

    ...with Instancy, it's going to work exactly the way you want it to, on Apple and Android!

  • Cloud-based Administrative Application

    Content Management Reports and


    User Management

    Our cloud-based application lets you configure the app, author courses, upload content, manage

    users and groups, and view activities, dashboards, and progress reports.

  • Instancy Mobile Learning

    App platform configure

    it with features you need

    to deliver the learning

    content the way you


    No programming needed!

    In short, building a branded mobile app has never been as easy and efficient as with Instancy, so visit us

    today at to start your free trial, and get access to everything that our platform has to offer!