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  • 1. The Life and Death of Crazy Horse By Russell Freedman Presentation by Sarah Sterling
  • 2. Time Line of Courage At night, Crazy Horse would take turns with the other village boys and guard the herd from herd thieves Crazy Horse and his tribe fled North trying to escape the Cholera Epidemic Crazy Horse watched as his friend Conquering Bear was shot many times and fell to the ground dead. This shows courage because Crazy Horse never knew when a herd thief would come and perhaps take him. This shows courage because Crazy Horse was risking his life crossing such infected land to get to healthier land. This shows courage because Crazy Horse saw such horrid things happen to his friend and he didnt let it control him. He got over it.
  • 3. Time Line of Courage Crazy Horse sees the bodies of his fellow tribe friends blown to pieces and scalped laying all around his campsite. Crazy Horse sees his old friend Casper Collins with blood streaming down his face and an arrow through his head. Crazy Horse would go out on war parties almost everyday. This shows courage because he sees his friends and family blown to pieces and scalped. He still gets over it. This shows courage because he doesnt let this bring him down. He moves on and accepts that his friend is gone. This shows courage because every time Crazy Horse went off to fight there was a chance he would never return.
  • 4. Time Line of Courage Crazy Horse has to makes a huge decision whether to settle on the reservation or keep up the fight for freedom. Crazy Horse is shot under his left nostril then falls down into a fire. He then forgives the person who shot him, No Water. When Crazy Horse comes home from a fight he learns that his daughter They-Are-Afraid-of-Her had died of Cholera. This shows courage because every person in his tribe is depending on him and if he does the wrong thing his people could be in danger. He stays calm and does his best without getting pressured. This shows courage because he is almost killed by No Water then he actually forgives him without seeking revenge and simply moves on in life. This shows courage because even though he has lost his daughter, he moves on still being a great leader.
  • 5. Time Line of Courage Crazy Horse leads multiple parties in a huge war without fearing death. Crazy Horse goes back to Red Cloud Reservation after he escapes knowing many people want to kill him. He does this just to save his people. This shows courage because he isnt thinking about his own life. He is thinking about the fate of his people. This shows courage because he is going somewhere people want him dead and he could easily be killed just to save his people.
  • 6. Daring
    • Crazy Horse was a very daring person. For example, Crazy Horse went way out in the wilderness at night without telling anyone and fasts for three days while waiting to receive a vision. Another example is Crazy Horse would chase a pony around for a whole day not minding where he was going just to catch the pony. These examples show Crazy Horse was daring.
  • 7. Inspiring
    • Crazy Horse was a very inspiring person. For example, people looked up to him since he was a leader of his tribe. Another example is, he lead so many parties out to fight that practically every young Sioux boy wanted to be like Crazy Horse when they grew up. These examples, show Crazy Horse was inspiring.
  • 8. Quiet
    • Crazy Horse was a very quiet person. For example, he would almost never go to tribe meetings and when he did he rarely spoke. Another example is, he would ride his pony out in the valley just to get away from everyone else and have some time to be alone and quiet. These examples show Crazy Horse was quiet.
  • 9. Crazy Horses Special Place I choose this for Crazy Horses special place because he really enjoyed being alone and having time to just relax. Also, Crazy Horse would want a nature related space to be in. Since he grew up with nature all around him, out in the wilderness would be the perfect place for Crazy Horse to be.
  • 10. Top Chief Award Top Chief Award #1 Lead, Hunt, Dominate.
  • 11. Chiefs Place
    • Appetizers
    • Crazy Hot Buffalo Wings- The spice will take over your mouth making you awake and ready for battle.
    • Victorious Veggie Platter- An assortment of vegetables that will make you healthy and strong.
    • Beverages
    • Stream Water and Crazy Hot Tea
  • 12. Chiefs Place
    • Rough-Riding Ribs- These ribs will make you full and ready to ride miles without getting hungry.
    • Freshest o Fish- This fish was recently caught in the stream and was smoked to have on the go.
    • Still-Standing Steak- This steak will keep you strong in battle and will keep you standing through everything.
  • 13. Chiefs Place
    • Indian Pudding- A delightful blend of cornmeal, molasses and spices.
    • Fruit n Nut Pie- A great combination of sweet and crunchy that never gets old. Thousands of years in the making.
  • 14. Crazy Horses Music
    • I chose this song to represent Crazy Horse because it is about war and fighting. Crazy Horse fought many battles and was a very powerful leader. Also, this song was dedicated to Crazy Horse so it was appropriate to use this song to represent him.
    YouTube - WAR SONG. Right click on link then open hyperlink to play song. Play only to 2 minutes.