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A book about tact.


<ul><li><p>A BOOK ABOUT TACTTHE HANDS OF LYNCH</p><p>Litost booksPiso de la frontera, Barcelona2014</p><p>by J. DENSO</p></li><li><p>For Steve McQueen (1969)</p></li><li><p>Open hand makes open hand. German proverb</p><p>Other titles in this series:The style of Lee</p><p>The eyes of the Cage</p><p>THE CRAWFORD COLLECTIONWhat makes a man? Is it the clothes? Is it his inner self, or maybe his outer appearance? Could it be merely the etymological reasons hidden behind the word he? The truth to that question is not one that could be so easily told. To rightfully know that, one must discover it himself. This book you hold in your hands is nothing but the first step to reach that realization. And at the same time, this book is nothing more than a fragment of the wider story.</p></li><li><p>THE CRAWFORD COLLECTION</p></li></ul>