crafts jewelry - an easy way to diy hair ties

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1. Crafts jewelry- an easy way to DIY hair ties When I cruised around etsy shops for crafts jewelry inspirations the other day, one thing caught my attention: cute candy-colored hair ties are packaged in transparent jars for high pricing selling; according to rough calculation, a little one can cost you a few of bucks. Follow us to diy hair ties, and refuse that unreasonable pricing. Materials and tools: Fold-over elastic strap Ruler Lighter Scissors Instructions: Step 1: prepare hair tie Step 2: knot at ends to finish the tie This tutorial is to demonstrate you an easy way to diy hair ties; it is a sleek option to make such kind of hair crafts jewelry with left over materials from headbands making. 1st , cut a piece of elastic strap measuring 21cm; 2nd , trim both ends of the strap on a diagonal; 3rd , singe the ends with lighter; 1st , fold the strap in half; 2nd , tie a knot without tightening it; 3rd , pull the knot to the ends and tighten it. 2. Tada, the DIY hair tie project is done! This kind of hair crafts jewelry, as are mainly made of those soft elastic materials, can protect our fragile hairs from kinks and falling off. The hair ties will really do the trick. Learn other easy-to-follow jewelry making ideas, welcome to visit:


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