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  • April 2007v2.4 Arts & Entertainment on the Island and Beyond 27,000 copies

    Restaurant ReviewWest & north: Indian restaurants on the outskirtsby Stuart Woods

    My search for the citys best Indian restaurants took me wellbeyond a reviewers regular downtown and Plateau beat.

    An unapologetic urbanite, I have long disdained the suburbsas an undefined halfway point between ski country and myPlateau apartment. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I wastold of an Indian restaurant in Pierrefonds said to rival the citysbest andmy displeasure at making the journey to a godforsakenstretch of Sources Blvd. north of highway 40. continued on page 5

    Bead Emporium collects beads from around the world.

    Maternally YoursGetting crafty: Part 1 of 2by Annika Melanson

    There are so many creative activities forkids (and parents!) to sink their teeth intothese days. With plenty of opportunities to take an art class,stock up on supplies and even host a craft party, getting craftyhas never been easier.

    I recently hosted a t-shirt party for my 4-year-old daughterAmel and eight of her most artistic friends. I invited Darryl,the founder of Montreals only continued on page 9

    by Colette van Haaren

    Lively places, where crafters can get together for instructionand to enjoy each others company, are sprouting up all overtown. Crafting, it turns out, is no longer a solitary endeavour doneby lonely spinsters.

    Samantha Star, who opened Scrapbook Star on Somerled NDG last year, says that it is 99% women who are into scrap-booking. Instead of keeping photos in a traditional photo album,they make scrapbooks large albums designed for artistic dis-plays of photos and other keepsakes.

    Scrapbooking seems new in Quebec, Star continued on page 10

    Crafting captures Montreal



    www.McGuiganPepin.comSee our listings on the back page.

    Check out our Happeningssection to see whats goingon in Montreal.

    From the Blue Metropolis literaryfestival and a workshop withjeweler Myriam Bardoul to theRotary garage sale and CentaurTheatres production ofThe Caretaker. pp. 2-3


    Side dishes thatll makeyour head spin. Tandourispecialties, beef, chicken,lamb, shrimp...theyve gotit all...

    Not all song and dance...#1 quality Indian

    cuisine in Montreal.

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    See also these Arts & Crafts features:MATERNALLY YOURS Craft parties, scrapbooking and art classesby A. Melanson p. 1DAY-TRIPPING Laurentian artisans by R. Haughey p. 13

    RESTAURANTS Bombay Choupati andRestaurant Malhi by S. Woods p. 1COOKING Easter and Passover fareby A. Howick p. 4ART Naledi Jackson by Zeke p. 6WINE Springtime whites and redsby C. Price p. 7COUNTRY DOCTOR Depressionby Dr. V. Heese p. 8BOOKS of Mark Haddonby C.McKenzie p. 11REAL ESTATE FAQs by B. Schreiber p. 12MOVIE REVIEW Shooter by D. Price p. 13PRACTICAL POINTS by J. Smith p. 14TOWNSHIPS CALENDAR pp. 14-15


    issue Part 1 of 2

  • Festival City

    Now in its ninth year, the Blue Metropolisliterary festival celebrates the work ofMargaret Atwood. Tickets to the openingceremonies on April 25 are $50. For ticketsgo to For inform-ation on programming go to Delta Centre-VilleHotel, 777 University St. April 25 to 29.

    Vues dAfrique presents the 23rd editionof Journes du cinma Africain & Crole.This years event features an hommage toIvorian filmmaker Henri Duparc.Individual tickets are $7. For tickets andinformation call 514.990.3201 or go Box office, 67St. Catherine St. West. April 19 to 29.


    Espace musique presents Quebecsongwriter Guy-Phillipe Wells, one ofseven artists featured in the Sacr talent!2006 concert series. Tickets are free. Toreserve call 514.872.2157. Maison de laculture de NDG, 3755 Botrel. April 4 at 8pm.

    Singer-songwriter Nedjim Bouizzoul,accompanied by his band, Labess, speaksout against oppression in his nativeAlgeria. Tickets are free. To reserve call514.872.2157. Maison de la culture deNDG, 3755 Botrel. April 12 at 8 pm.

    Spirit of the Sufis. The Farid Ayaz QawwalEnsemble performs a program oftraditional Qawwali music, the devotionalmusic of the Sufis. Tickets start at $25,$20 for students. For tickets go For moreinformation call 514.989.5353. The OscarPeterson Concert Hall, 7141 Sherbrooke St.West. April 14 at 7 pm.

    Tadava performs traditional Eastern and

    African music. Tickets are free. To reservecall 514.872.2157. Maison de la culture deNDG, 3755 Botrel. April 27 at 8 pm.

    Classical Music

    Contres lointains. Trio Lucia Hall, ArneKirchner and Jos Gallardo performsworks by Ravel, Shostakovich and AstorPiazzola. Tickets are free. Maison de laculture de Cte des Neiges, 5290 Cte desNeiges. April 11 at 8 pm.

    Passion et posie. Trio Lucia Hall, ArneKircher and Jos Gallardo celebrates thelife and work of Robert Schumann and hiscontemporaries. Tickets are free. Toreserve call 514.872.2157. Maison de laculture de NDG, 3755 Botrel. April 12 at 6pm.

    Ensemble Soffio e Voce matches threevoices with three clarinets inarrangements of excerpts from Mozartsoperas. Tickets are free. To reserve call514.872.6889. Maison de la culture deCte des Neiges, 5290 Cte des Neiges.April 18 at 8 pm.


    Choreographer Suzanne Miller plays withpacing in Speed, in which a duo performsthe same movement at radically differentspeeds. Tickets are free. To reserve call514.872.6889. Maison de la culture deCte des Neiges, 5290 Cte des Neiges.April 10 at 8 pm.

    In Perfect Stranger, choreographer IsabelMohn looks at fear of the other in the eraof reality tv, speed dating and instantcommunications. Tickets are free. Toreserve call 514.872.6889. Maison de laculture de Cte des Neiges, 5290 Cte desNeiges. April 17 at 8 pm.

    Les printemps de la danse is a program of

    2 Vivva MONTREAL April 2007

    Happenings Vivva Montreals guide to whats on around the works by emerging Montrealchoreographers Ghislaine Dot, Jean-Franois Dziel and Erin Flynn. Ticketsare free. To reserve call 514.872.2157 or514.872.6889. Maison de la culture deNDG, 3755 Botrel. April 17 at 8 pm.Maison de la culture de Cte des Neiges,5290 Cte des Neiges. April 24 at 8 pm.


    Centaur Theatre presents The Caretaker, acomedy of menace by Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter. Ticketsare $42, $32.50 for seniors and $20 forstudents. Centaur Theatre, 453 St. FranoisXavier. For more information call 514.288.3161 or go to 29 to April 22.

    Infinitheatre presents The Facts Behind theHelsinki Roccamatios, a play based on ashort story by Yann Martel. Tickets arefree. To reserve call 514.872.2157. Maisonde la culture de NDG, 3755 Botrel. April 20at 8 pm.


    Former une famille. A painting installationby Genevive Rocher explores the tensionbetween binary opposites like fragilityand monumentality, order and energy, thepictorial and the decorative. Admission isfree. For more information call514.872.2157. Maison de la culture deNDG, 3755 Botrel. March 29 to May 6.

    The Canadian Centre for Architecturepresents Clip/Stamp/Fold 2: The RadicalArchitecture of Little Magazines 196X 197X, which collects groundbreakingindependent periodicals from the 1960sand 1970s that influenced the design andarchitecture of the time. Admission is $10,$7 for students and $5 for children under12, and free on Wednesdays after 5:30 pm.For more information call 514.939.7000 orgo to The Canadian Centrefor Architecture, 1920 Baile St. From April12.

    Les Paysagistes. Seven sculptors pay tributeto Quebec writer, doctor and founder ofthe Rhinoceros Party, Jacques Ferron, whodied 20 years ago this year. Admission isfree. For more information call514.872.6889. Maison de la culture deCte des Neiges, 5290 Cte des Neiges.April 19 to May 27.


    Films that Transform. The McGill medicalfacultys ongoing film series screens Borninto Brothels, the Academy Award-winningdocumentary about the children ofprostitutes in Calcuttas red light district.Tickets are $10, $5 for students andseniors. Moyse Hall, 853 Sherbrooke St.West. April 17 at 7 pm.

    Community Events

    The Thyroid Foundation of Canadapresents the 11th annual Art Exhibition &Sale to benefit Thyroid Disease. The

    vernissage is April 7 from 2 to 5:30 pm.For more information call 514.337.7272.Livingston Hall (6th Floor), MontrealGeneral Hospital. April 7 to 13 from 9:30am to 5:30 pm.

    McClure Gallery presents their annualexhibition of student

    We need useful, quality and working items:furniture, antiques, paintings, lamps,housewares, toys, books, etc...

    100% of the funds raised will be used on community,national and international projects... as we have beendoing for over 75 years. You can helpThe Rotary Club of Westmounthelp others.

    For local pick-ups call 935-3344or

    The Rotary Club of Westmountsgiant Garage Sale & Auction iscoming again in June.We are ready to pick up saleablehousehold or office articles.

    Westmount Arena: Auction, Fri, June 1 Sale, Sat., June 2


    continued on page 3

  • work. For more informationcall 514.488.9558 or go McClure Gallery,350 Victoria Ave. March 31 to April 18.Vernissage on March 31 at noon.