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Having trouble getting your cover letters read? Finding it difficult to organize your resume? This workshop will introduce you to the steps and strategies necessary to write effective cover letters and put together resumes that will best highlight your work experience and objectives.


  • 1.Building a ProfessionalResume & Cover Letter Learn how to build a resume and cover letter that highlight your strengths and get employers attention!

2. Agenda

  • Academic Support Services & Resources
    • What is it?
    • What is available?
  • Building a Professional Resume
  • Crafting a Persuasive Cover Letter
  • Resources
  • Questions?Ask throughout!

3. Academic Support@ NEC

  • Learning Coaches & Content Tutors
    • One-to-one appointments in person or via phone, e-mail, Internet, etc.
    • Workshops (online & onsite)
    • Small group assistance (online & onsite)
    • Online Content Area Tutoring Smarthinking ( )
  • Online Support
    • ANGEL Community Group - NEC Academic Support
      • Log in with your MyESC Username & Password
    • A self-paced or credit-bearing study & resources -
    • On Facebook-NEC Academic Support & Student Services

Services & Resources Helping You Connect the Pieces for Academic Success 4. The Pieces of Academic Success TimeManagement EffectiveThinking GoalSetting UnderstandingLearning Styles Developing aStudy Plan Active Reading Writing CriticalThinking AcademicResearch StressManagement 5. Meet the Learning Coaches What is a learning coach? A learning coach is someone who provides academic support to students in one-on-one or small group settings in all areas of the writing process and related study skills strategies including time management, organization, reading efficiency, developing a study plan, goal setting, critical thinking, library research skills, note-taking, and learning styles. Sarah Spence-Staultersis located in Latham working with Schenectady & Latham/Albany studentsHer hours are: Mondays -4: 30pm -8:00pm Wednesdays -4:30 pm -8:00 pm F ridays - 9 am -11: 15am Contact Sarah to make an appointment :(518) 783-6203 ext 5992 or[email_address] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kate Stocktonis located in Latham working with Johnstown & Latham/Albany studentsHer hours are: Mondays -4:30 pm - 7:30pm Tuesdays -4:30 pm - 7:30pm Thursdays -4:30 pm - 7:30pm Contact Kate to make an appointment :(518) 783-6203 ext 5992

  • Mary Sanders-Shartleis located in Saratoga working with Saratoga & Queensbury students
  • Her hours are: Mondays 12pm-2pm
      • Wednesdays 3pm-6pm
      • Thursdays 4pm-6pm
  • Contact Mary to make an appointment :
  • (518) 587-2100 ext 2827 or

____________________________________________________________________ 6. Cover Letters and Resumes

  • Your cover letter and resume should work together in presenting you effectively to a potential employer
  • Your cover letter will allow you to present your voice through written word while
  • Your resume will be an accurate and detailed representation of your experience and accomplishments


  • Make a list of your education, recent work experience, community service, research, etc.
  • Make a list of your strengths and limitations
  • Think about the details of your ideal job
  • Use job descriptions to help you write your work tasks
  • Ask your mentor, instructors, current employer for their advice (sample resumes, pet peeves, etc.)

Information Gathering 8.

  • A resume is a quick reference for someone to quickly gauge whether or not you are a qualified candidate
  • A resume is a snapshot of your professional writing ability
  • A resume is a first impression
  • A weak resume is an excuse to weed out i.e. too many resumes, too little time
  • A well-written resume can have the power to make a candidate seem well-organized, proficient with technology, a strong writer, and many other positive attributes!

Consider the Purpose 9. Purpose continued

  • A professionally crafted resume should
    • Sell you as the best candidate
    • Clearly match your experience and credentials to the open positions requirements and qualifications
    • Evoke a sharp first impression
    • Get you an interview!

10. A Professionally Designed Resume

  • Doeshighlight your unique talents, interests and experience
  • Doesappear well organized and succinct
  • Doesuse meaningful action words
  • Doesfit on 2 or less pages
  • Doesreflect the field you are in or are entering
  • Doestake time to develop into a masterpiece
  • Doeswin you an interview!
  • Doesntonly list tasks performed
  • Doesntuse more than 2 pages
  • Doesntlook like anyone elses
  • Doesnthave spelling, grammar or punctuation errors
  • Doesntleave out information like degree earned, graduation & employment dates and locations of employers and education.

11. Pertinent Information

  • Name and contact information
  • Email addresses should be professional!
  • Recent and relevant career experience
  • Education
  • Community involvement
  • Awards, recognition, specific skills

12. Tips in writing work experience details

  • Use powerful action words in all of your job descriptions (see next slide)
  • Research job duties for each work experience
  • Always include anything above and beyond your actual job title
  • Use numbers if possible (ex. Increased productivity by 12% over last 12 months, decreased number of errors from 25 to 10 per day)
  • Include any professional development you obtained during that experience
  • Try to point to any responsibilities and/or duties that would be beneficial or suitable for the position for which you are applying

13. Action Words 14. Chronological

  • Lists positions from most recent on top to the oldest on bottom
  • Education section should be placed depending on how recent and relevant it is to the job
  • Other sections can be presented at the end

15. Functional

  • Sections are divided into skillsets
  • Still should include a list of employment but this can be listed in order of relevance to the job
  • Employment history can be listed at the end to allow your skills to be highlighted

16. Combination

  • Sometimes it is beneficial to use a combination of the functional and chronological resume
  • Sections can labeled in similar job clusters, Marketing Experience and then list all employment that is relevant in chronological order (most recent first)

17. Electronic

  • Keep it simple
  • Use many action verbs
  • Make sure to include searchable keywords that employers are likely to use in their searches

18. Types of Resumes Chronological Functional/Skills Format Combination Electronic Best for Those whose work history is very closely related to the desired job Those who want to highlight their skills and people who are seeking a career change Those who have a mix of relevant skills and similar work experiences Best for Best for Best for Everyone! 19. Crafting a Persuasive Cover Letter

  • Make it clear that you really want this job
  • Show that you have done research on this position and the company
  • Use specific names and titles whenever possible!
  • Always focus on your strengths and the positive elements you will be bringing to this job
  • Express interest in an interview
  • Try to steer the reader to consider you even if

20. Stylistic Tips to Consider

  • Testimonials
  • Bulleted list of potential values to the company for hiring you
  • Two columns comparing the qualifications in the posting to your own experiences
  • Finding the common themes in your varied work experiences and allowing them to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you


  • Your Requirements
  • Communicates in Portuguese and Spanish
  • International Experience
  • Public Relations/Liaison/Communications/Sports Experience
  • My experience
  • Fluent in reading, speaking and writing Portuguese, Spanish and English
  • Translated an entire book from Portuguese to English
  • B.A. in International Relations
  • US Citizen who has lived in Brazil, Japan, Australia and Africa
  • Completed Sporting Goods Analysis on Brazils econ


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