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  1. 1. Winter Collection from Couture Gel
  2. 2. Amethyst Crush - #70 SO FEMININE! This color is gorgeous, very close to what my computer displayed. It's my go-to "girly" color, as the hubby refers to it, that makes me feel feminine and delicate. Appears to flatter MANY skin tones as I have done a few friends nails with it! Loveit! The color is close to true as pictured. The color has the right consistency making it easy to apply. Love the sparkle in the sun. Just enough to add a shimmer. Beautiful Color! Amethyst Crush is an absolutely beautiful nail color and has a lovely finished look!
  3. 3. Creme de la Creme - #73 A fun sparkly addition I really like this color, it's fun and neutral at the same time. Sheer glittery bronze dresses up the drabbest of days and turns wherever you are into the place to be. A new gel nail polish color for those for whom only the best will do. This metallic nail polish is stunning to behold, and turns ordinary hands into insurable hands.
  4. 4. After Midnight - #68 Better than Royalty I originally thought about buying the Royalty to put on my ring fingers when I pear it with my red color I have for 4th of july. However, when looking at pics of the color on pintrest I decided on this color instead...and boy was I right!!! I'm really happy with it and can't wait to put it on for the July holiday. great color & coverage! This came out of the bottle exactly as I expected it to. It was easy to apply and looks terrific! Highly recommend to anyone who likes a bold blue with a little shimmer. My favourite. This colour is beautiful and exactly as pictured. It is rich and wonderfully shimmery.
  5. 5. Center Stage - #71 Love this color!!! Great color for summer! Two light coats are all it takes! Great colors! Great Quality! This is a really fun color if you are an orange girl! This is an awesome color! I have looked all over for this color. It's my new signature color and I want to THANK YOU for making it happen!
  6. 6. Glamour Puss - #72 Glamour Puss Love the color, perfect for Easter. No Sparkle to it though.Took 2 coats to get a decent purple . Two Coats? I decided to apply two coats the first time, and I will try it with just one next time. It is a very pretty color, though. Very shimmery and it looks great with almost any outfit. Great for purple lovers. This color is so pretty and it really sparkles out in the sun. Love it.
  7. 7. Couture light-set gel nail polish is 100% safe and durable. Your gel manicure can last up to 3 weeks. Our salon quality gel nail polish offers a durablility normally reserved for visits to the salon. Save time and money by giving yourself a gel manicure at home with more color options
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