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<ul><li><p>Courier Services: Faster way of Delivery</p><p>In today time, courier services are becoming the new method of having your stuffs delivered to various parts of the country or the world. Long gone are the days when people would go to a post office and queue up to get their letter sent or have their parcel delivered. And on top if that, the time taken to have the parcel sent would take longer than expected. However, with the courier companies now serving their customers and with the cut throat competition, courier services are getting more efficient and better with every passing day.</p><p>Courier services are very different from the normal mailing services in various ways. They offer many specialized services like home pick up, tracing your parcel through the website, customizing delivery options and time commitments. All these special features make courier services more expensive than the normal mailing services.</p><p>If you are using courier to have your item sent, it would require you to properly pack your letter or parcel before it can be shipped off for the destination. At times it is mandatory to seal off the item and include the senders address as well. The main benefit that you gain from using courier service is that ensures a fast delivery. On to of that they promise you reliability of having the courier delivered on time without damaging the item. Though expensive but they are really worth the price. Furthermore, another feature that makes courier services even more reliable is that they always acknowledge the receipt of the courier. So, if you have sent a bank draft to someone, once it is delivered then the recipient will have to sign the acknowledge sheet confirming the delivery of the item. The same is updated on their tracing system so that the sender can check it at their convenience.</p><p>There are 2 main types of courier services which is divided as domestic and international. Domestic courier is that which you send within the same country. A domestic courier may also be local which means the courier will be delivered in the same state or town or national which means the courier would be delivered to a different state. International couriers on the other hand are delivered to a different country. Some of the biggest courier service providers today are FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, DTDC etc.</p><p>So the next time you are thinking of sending a parcel out, try going for the courier option and see the difference!</p><p></p></li></ul>