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  • Courageous Bridge-Building Crucial points for successful employer acquisition and constructive communication with HR managers European Congress and Final Conference of the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project European Toolkit for Supported Employment and Diversity Vienna, 25th September 2014 JL Training & Beratung
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  • Jrgen Lnge 14 years consultant in integration service with cba e.V. in Munich Since 1997 approx. 400 trainings / seminars / workshops on Professional job acquisition + Constructive communication Trainer, (coaching) supervisor, coach, moderator Start-up consultant JL Training & Beratung
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  • Phases of Supported Employment Corporate and non-corporate support Contact with employers Job search Skills profile creation Orientation and contracting JL Training & Beratung
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  • In the focus JL Training & Beratung Cold calling Placement consultant Strategies & tactics
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  • Thesis 1 Acquisition initiates relationships Successful if expert departments approach employers actively. In the beginning everything depends on the skills of the placement consultant, not those of the client! JL Training & Beratung
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  • Thesis 2 Acquisition initiates relationships Active recommendation marketing and continuous nurturing of contact sustainably eases acquisition. This is often underestimated and neglected. JL Training & Beratung
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  • Thesis 3 Acquisition shapes relationships By using the right tools that can be learnt. Special services staff possess the right preconditions for learning professional acquisition. JL Training & Beratung
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  • Thesis 4 Acquisition can be learnt Further education, training, practice and reflection boost action competence,courage and pleasure when initiating contacts with HR managers. This in turn also improves placement and cooperation scores. JL Training & Beratung
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  • Thesis 5 Acquisition strategies can be transferred In Supported Employment successful placements are possible for both handicapped people as well as for others with problems in accessing the labour market. The only necessary modifications regard candidate presentation and the intensity of the contact between the placement consultant and the HR managers JL Training & Beratung
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  • Definitions Acquisition: Canvassing customers or jobs Cold calling: first contact with a potential customer New business contact No identifiable need on behalf of the acquired person In most cases unexpected by the acquired person Warm calling: Current or previous business contact and rekindled JL Training & Beratung
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  • Targets of the acquisition Initiating conversation Inspiring interest Establishing a strong relationship Placing client Enabling a 3-win-situation Initiating a (long-term) cooperation with the company JL Training & Beratung
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  • Consultant Special service Company HR Manager Behavioural level Factual level Communication behaviour and situational instinct Arguments and facts ! ? Acquisition - Situation JL Training & Beratung
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  • Consultant Special service Company HR Manager Behavioural level Factual level Arguments and facts attractive Successful acquisition Communication behaviour and situational instinct JL Training & Beratung
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  • Minimum preconditions Company has demand (possibly to be kindled) Special service Client has useful offer is motivated (possibly incl. Post-start support) can behave in compatible manner and high acquisition competence JL Training & Beratung
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  • Fields of preparation Special service Companies Candidate JL Training & Beratung
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  • Strategic Basic Decisions Starting points: Mission: Client vs specialist-centred approach Target: Focus on placement vs. cooperation If mediation: Wish client Assessment consultant on skills client + labour market Idea for activity Full-time job or part-time job? Regular job? Niche? Internship? Industry; company size (SME faster) Cold vs warm calling (warm mostly faster) Route of establishing contacts by telephone, in person, (in writing) JL Training & Beratung
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  • Preparation specialist service Idea Research on target enterprises Explain strategy Arguments for cooperation + candidate (6 benefit levels) Individual offer for enterprise interesting presentation Identify with mission Specialist competence Clear definition of roles Positive charisma High communication skills JL Training & Beratung Specialist service
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  • Conditions for employing severely disabled persons Precondition : Required staff! Maximum safety: Possibly counselling/support/ right to withdraw (89%) Achievement potential is a must (79%) Financial help if necessary (59%) Social aspects (41%) JL Training & Beratung
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  • Benefits for enterprises (= arguments) Only clearly identifiable benefits motivate the people in charge at the acquired enterprise to cooperate! JL Training & Beratung Safety/minimisation of risks Performance finance social aspects personal benefit additional benefit
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  • Preparation Presentation of the client by specialist service Acquaintence, trust, consulting contract Attitude towards client Skills profile Attractive + substantiated presentation (unified with client) JL Training & Beratung KlientIn
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  • And off we go JL Training & Beratung
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  • Constructive Communication (1) JL Training & Beratung Conversation management and structuring (active/passive) Short sentences (no subjunctives = softeners) Constructive questions (e.g. W-questions to start with, closed or alternative questions at the end) Active listening Produce rapport Pacing + Leading (produce and deepen rapport) Characteristic-advantage-benefit argumentation
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  • Constructive Communication(2) JL Training & Beratung Handling objections in contact-promoting manner Discuss interests instead of positions Develop joint options Future-Pace Use body language and mode of speaking as means of support Possibly communicate on meta level high congnitive skills, good feel for situation and clear roles are helpful.
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  • Contact management JL Training & Beratung At least 1 x/year Usually short conversations (in person and/or via telephone) announced/agreed Possibly also for current interests With topics of interest (for second person) (even unrelated to client or placement) Stimulate active recommendation marketing
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  • Success factors for acquisition JL Training & Beratung Positive, clear, appreciative attitude Communicative competence Enough time Flexible and clear roles including multipartiality for all; clie customer focus Interesting, professional offer, incl. sufficient offers to accompany for stabilisation ( important for sustainable success!) Genuine capacity for enthusiasm
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  • Acquisition also for other target groups? JL Training & Beratung None of the calling success factors mentioned is specific of target group. In the beginning the employers willingness to cooperate is based on the (growing) trust in the contact person, curiosity/interest, demand and (multiple) expected benefits. To overcome the first threshold the contact person must be all the more committed the more the candidates compatibility seems doubtful.
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  • Improved Acquisition = improved chances JL Training & Beratung The candidates continuance in the company is not subject to the acquisition but largely the framework conditions in the company and the possibilities for support. (phase 5 in Supported Employment) The calling process decides whether the candidate gets the chance to join.
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  • Thank you for your attention and I wish you all possible success for your contribution to inclusion JL Training & Beratung