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Review of IDEA-STD and more advanced methods of detecting countefeit electonic components


  • 1. Detection of Counterfeits Tom Perrett Soldertec Laboratory

2. IDEA-STD-1010-AIndependent Distributors of ElectronicsAssociation (2006)Recognises and complies with IPC-A-610Attempts to determine with high confidencethat parts under examination indicate newcondition, and that they have been stored,handles and packaged acceptably. 3. AgendaProduct InspectionPossible defectsTestingExample 4. Product InspectionHandlingNeat area, no food, drink or smokingMinimise handlingUse glovesNo creams especially silicone basedDont stack componentsAlways assume ESD sensitiveTrain operators in ESD issues 5. Product InspectionMoisture Sensitivity (refers toIPC/JEDEC J-STD-020)Floor life not exceeding 30.C & 60%RHShelf lifeDryingDry packHumidity indicator cardOxidation risk 6. Product InspectionPhotographing partsInspector approach/trainingNon conforming until indicated asconformingApplication of statisticsRoHS & appearance issues 7. Product InspectionDates codes watch for mixed datecodesLot codes does the code on the partmatch the code on the packagingCo-Planarity - to JEDEC JESD22-B108,in dead bug position on ESD safe block 8. Product Descriptions - BewareCloneCrossesDrop-insEquivalentsGenericPlain-wrapReplacementsSubstitute 9. Visual inspection low magnification x20 (70+ tests)LabelsBody descriptionPackagingTraysTubesReels 10. Testing - Remarking3 parts white spirit to 1 part alcohol ona cotton wool bud.MIL-STD-883 requires parts towithstand this. 11. Testing Evidence of resurfacingAcetone on cotton wool budRemoves most black-toppingCounterfeiters have become awareMould cavities should be brightAcetone often removes legitimate inks! 12. From the original manufacturer (in a round about route)Faulty die do not get scrappedFaulty end product does not getscrappedOver-runsOld stock gets relabelledUpgradingNon RoHS compliant product isrelabelled 13. From another sourceAlternative supplier product relabelledAny similar package but without a dieAny similar package but wrong dierelabelledFake labels for passivesFrom the dump and reworkedPiracy 14. Possible signs of problemsBent leadsContaminated leadsMisaligned leadsRe-tinned leadsOxidised leadsPoor wetting on leadsCorrosion on leads and metal parts 15. Possible defectsScratched legs or bodyFingerprintsExposed bare metal on leadsChipped cornersExposure to excessive heatEvidence of previous part insertion intoa socket 16. Possible defectsDebris and foreign bodies on partsEvidence of re-tinningEvidence of re-ballingExcessive solderMoulding marks are differentEvidence of remarkingEvidence of resurfacing 17. Possible defectsLogos not quite rightInconsistency of date and lot codesDifferent texture between parts 18. Visual & Light Microscope InspectionIncorrect labellingEvidence of markingremoval by solventor sandingCo-planarity, evennumber of leadsPoor or incorrectmoulding 19. Differences in printing technique 20. X-ray InspectionDifferent size dieDifferent bondwirelayoutAbsence of diePossibly wrong die 21. XRF Elemental analysis of body & terminations Is product RoHS compliant 22. Differences in finish 23. Differences in plating 24. SEM/EDX Polymer investigations Marking removal Damage/sanding 25. SEM/EDX Elemental Analysis 26. Further testingNone is mentionedNo real time X-rayNo XRFNo de-cappingNo SEMNo electrical testing 27. .And the counterfeiters know 01727-875544 28. Small BGA Demo 29. Large BGA Demo


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