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More Brands Of Twin Diaper Bags If you are a mom of twins, then you need sturdy twin diaper bags for storing all the essential items. Now, more and more brands of twin bags are sold in the stores which have plenty of room for accommodating things. This article tells you the top rated designer bags for the moms who have to go out with their twins.


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    Cotton Diaper Bag

    February 4th, 2012 | Author: babylover

    More Brands Of Twin Diaper Bags If you are a momof twins, then you need sturdy twin diaper bags forstoring all the essential items. Now, more and morebrands of twin bags are sold in the stores whichhave plenty of room for accommodating things. Thisarticle tells you the top rated designer bags for themoms who have to go out with their twins.

    Graco Bags: Graco is one of the leadingmanufacturers of bag with various sizes, optionsand designs for you to choose. It comes in the formof stroller and should strap and you can use it asyou like while going out. The bags from Graco carryreal value for the money. You can store as manythings like blankets, bottles, wipes, and changingpads for your child in it.

    Vera Bradley Bags: This designer bag is made ofpure cotton and includes lot of inside apartmentswith wide opening. You have pockets for storing




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    19 Responses to Cotton Diaper Bag

    sunshine:February 4, 2012 at 4:52 am

    Is this an ok list of newborn baby items??I have some time on my hands today, and I made a list of things Im going to bepurchasing for my baby. What am I missing from the list or what should added or what on the list isunnecessary? Im not due until December, so I have a lot of time to prepare, but any ideas orsuggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

    Feeding itemsSeveral bottlesBottle brushesBurp clothsBibsBaby formulaPacifiers

    SleepingCrib -includes dresser and changing table-Crib mattressCrib beddingChanging pad cover that matches bedding setSwaddling blankets

    Clothing-all needs to be cute!!!Newborn onesies pack setsCreepers with matching pantsSocks/BootiesMittensHatsBaby JacketBaby DressesBaby headbands

    Baby HygieneNewborn diapersBaby wipesBaby bath tubBaby washcloths setsBaby towels*Baby soap*Baby lotion

  • Baby lotionBaby hair brushFirst aid kitCotton ballsRubbing alcoholDiaper Rash Cream

    TravelingCar seatStrollerDiaper Bag

    ActivityBaby bouncer


    Jac:February 23, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Burp cloths: get the Gerber (or similar) cloth diapers (packs of 12). The prettyones arent as absorbent, and the Gerber ones can be bleached clean.

    A few water-proof crib pads. I put mine on top of the matress pad, so if I need to change awet sheet, I just change the pad along with it instead of the whole ordeal.

    Dont get too many mittens to start. I bought some to match a lot of outfitsI have a thumbsucker! So the mittens were always wet and then the cold made his hands colder than ifthey were bare.

    Johnson & Johnson have these great Q-tips for babies. They are shaped in a way thatmakes them saferthey dont go into the ear canal, they just clean the outer ear.

    Diaper rash cream: get the really thick Desitin, not those creamy ones. You want the mostzinc oxide you can find in the ingredients: 40% or better. Lansinoh also has a wonderfulone. Cleared up my sons rash over night!

    You want to get a large diaper bag and also a small one for just quick trips to the store,etc. You dont always need to lug everything but the kitchen sink everywhere you go.Sometimes you may just need to pack a diaper, wipes, and your purse items.

    If you are going to get towels for your baby, make sure they are big. The cute ones arenice, but they grow out of them so quickly. Kohls has some nice ones that fit both my 11month old and my 5 year old.

    When your baby gets a little older (4 mos) get the Link a doos. They are great for attachingtoys to stroller, car seat, etc.

    We got the consumer reports guide to baby which was really helpful. They have tons oflists, too, like you made. With all the essentials and the stuff you dont need.

    If you are in a colder climate, get the Kiddopotomus Posh Pouch. I loved it because Ididnt have to get an uncomfortable and ackward snow suit for my baby. Just put a blanketon him and put him in his car set with the posh pouch on it. It fit his stroller, too.

    I agree with Sarah S. The baby Bjorn was a life saver. I would have never gotten anythingdone around the house if I didnt have it. I tried a few different slings, but the front carrierworked best. Now that he is older, he loves to face outward to check out his environment.

  • worked best. Now that he is older, he loves to face outward to check out his environment.Vacuum while wearing it for some great exercise. Congrats and best of luck to you!!!


    Zahra:February 12, 2012 at 1:05 am

    Trying to find a diaper bag.?I ran into a woman at the store and she had a diaper bag that was beautiful. She said thatit was 100% washable and cotton (I think), and that it could be ordered in several different fabrics.She also said that the maker of this diaper bag made womens luggage sets. She said that I couldfind the bags either on the website or on ebay. Also, I think the brand name is a womans name,something like LizClaiborne.


    Helpful Kim:February 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    I think the bags you are interested in might be by Vera Bradley. Good Luck!


    KandCsMommie:February 13, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Do you care what kind of diaper bag you carry and are you willing to spend a lot forsomething?I have a diaper clutch for our 2 YO. All she needs to go out is a diaper or two wipes and a snack so Idont carry a bag for her. Occassionally I will use my one Coach tote that is coated cotton; its a bitmore spring/summer and I can hold tons in it for longer days out. But my clutch is a PPB CakeClutch my hubby got for me last year. I think it was like $100. However it is also a purse. In thefall/winter mostly it is my purse as well as her bag (when shes not with me I take her stuff out andjust use it for me). If you didnt know who made it and everything youd NEVER guess it was a diaperclutch. its black french cut velvet and tweed underneath. I am Due in dec. and want the bigger ba(trying to decide between the society satchel and cosmopolitan carryall if you have one to give me areview)! ANyway I am leaning toward the cosmopolitan one because it can TOTALLY be a handbagafter the fact. And I would prob get it in black also. THe other style is more distinctly a baby bag andis an odd shape for a purse. These bags run about $325-$350 depending which style. To me I wentthrough 4 $50-60 diaper bags in the first year our daughter was born because they kept ripping orthey werent as functional as they originally seemed. ANd they are NOTHING I could ever use as apurse. I breastfeed so only need it for my stuff diapers, snack and a change of clothes. ANd I takeexceptional care of things so its not goin to be runied by using it for baby. I am just wondering ifany other moms (given you are/were able to spend the money) would do so on a really goreous bagthat can double as a handbag ect. Or what is the max youd spend on a bag? I mean I cant see anywoman turning it down if someone offered it to them; but i know that some women even if theyhad/have the money still wouldnt spend it. I LOVE bags in general and since I use the diaper bagas my bag then I want something I LOVE to carry. Before baby I would spend that much on my ownbags; so being the only bag I carry I find no reason not tp spend it now.

  • bags; so being the only bag I carry I find no reason not tp spend it now.if you look at the Cake collection not the orignial the 2 styles the cosmo clutch and carryall look verymuch like handbags. I agree the original collection with silk fab. looks like a diaper bag; but if youlook at the Cake collection spec. then no they dont.


    CMU:March 1, 2012 at 1:43 am

    If I had the money for a large Coach tote, I would totally buy it. But, I have a reallynice camouflage diaper dude from Nordstrom. It was a gift for my baby shower.It is less like a porse and more like a backpack, but I love it, and my husband doesntmind carrying it either. I only have one boy and another boy on the way, so it helps that thediaper bag is very masculine. But, yes, Id pay the money if I could afford a $300-400 bag!


    Hanna E:February 17, 2012 at 8:09 am

    where can one buy rubberized cotton, or fabric to use for a diaper wet bag?


    Susan L:February 25, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    I would try a fabric store, or maybe a curtain fabric store. Curtain fabric storeshave lined material, some of which may be waterproof.

    You can also purchase sealants from hardware and craft stores that make fabricmoisture resistant.

    I dont know what country you live in but I found this online store that sells lightweightwaterproof fabrics in the UK:

    Hope you find what you want!


    Vasara:February 17, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    How to wash an OLD motor oil stain from a delicate cotton dress?In our vehicle, we have a compartment under the seats. The diaper bag was under thereand it absorbed enough spilled motor oil (that must have been spilled by the previous owner andw