Cost efficient handmade jewelry with good diy jewelry supplies

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  • Cost-efficient handmade jewelry with good DIY jewelry supplies

    Since my last experience with the magical

    shrinkable plastic, I had some leftovers. So I came

    up with todays project for a pair of cute handmade

    jewelry earrings. Its a kind of thin plastic that

    shrinks up to 70% of its original size. You can create

    a number of accessories using this kind of DIY

    jewelry supplies. Im sure you will be thrilled with

    the results and possibilities!

    Needed DIY jewelry supplies:

    Shrinkable Plastic

    Decorative Bead (pearl in this project)

    Earring Hook



    Fabric Scrap


    Round Nose Plier

    Side Cutting Plier

    Paper Punch

    How to make this handmade jewelry:

    Step 1: work with the shrinkable plastic

    1. Take a piece of paper and draw out the shape you want. In this case I created a fun shell shape.

    Cut the pattern out;

    2. Cut out the same pattern in the plastic;

    3. Punch a hole at the top and the bottom of your shape;

    4. Heat the plastic in an oven at 130 to150 Celsius degrees. Make sure you place a piece of baking

    paper under it;

    5. After 3 minutes, take it out and wait for it to cool down. Paint the plastic with a dazzling nail

    polish color and let it dry completely.

    Learn how to make this pair of cute and lightweight handmade jewelry earrings. We have used versatile

    shrinkable plastic and a piece of fabric scrap as the main DIY jewelry supplies. What a pair of super IN style


  • Step 2: make the fabric part

    1. Take the fabric and fold it several times. Sew the

    corner together;

    2. Shape the fabric to create a mini tassel.

    After that, repeat the same steps to complete your pair!

    Your handmade jewelry earrings have been produced!

    Just one tip for you while working with the DIY jewelry

    supplies, especially the magical shrinkable plastic: pay

    attention to the shrinking proportion compared to its

    original size. Hope youll love it.

    Step 3: design a decorative beaded


    Slide one pearl bead on the eyepin. Loop the

    other side.

    Step 4: group all the elements

    Take the earring hook, beaded element,

    plastic and fabric tassel. Connect the

    elements using jumprings.

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