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Cost-Effective Clicks:How to Increase ROI and Revenue With PPCSean WatersSr. Digital Marketing StrategistPixelMEDIA

Good morning! How is everyone this morning. My name is Sean Waters from PixelMEDIA and Im very excited to be here today. Im going to dive into pay per click advertising and how it can be a cost-effective digital marketing channel1

About PixelMEDIA

Started in Dover, now in PortsmouthWe specialize in web design and development, ecommerce strategy, and digital marketing We help lifestyle brands launch, manage and grow their ecommerce channels

Just a little about PixelMEDIA. We started 22 years ago in Dover, were now in Portsmouth. We specialize in web design and development, ecommerce strategy and digital marketing. We were recently added to the new Google Premier partner program and also certified in Bing ads 2

Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising3 2016 PixelMEDIAReliable traffic for a set amount of money

Compliments organic search by increasing overall click-through rate

Appear on first page of search results for keywords that dont rank well organically

Generate brand awareness at low cost

Control budget by setting daily limits Only pay when your ad is clicked

There are many benefits to investing in PPC, but here are 6 important benefits I want to cover: it provides a reliable set of traffic, it compliments organic search, lets you appear in search results when keywords dont rank organically, generate brand awareness at a low cost, control budget b3

Many Choices On Where to Run Paid Ads4 2016 PixelMEDIA

There are many choices of where to advertise in the paid media and pay per click space. AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Twitter etc. Some platforms work better for others. But for shear volume, and targeting options there are two Id like to focus on today. Google AdWords and Facebook ads.4

Planned Paid Media Budgets the Next 12 Months5 2016 PixelMEDIASource: Hannapin Marketing, State of PPC 2016

In fact, this recent report from from Hannapin Marketing demonstrates how advertisers plan on allocating budget to paid advertising channels in the next 12 months. As you can see the top 3 include Google AdWords, Mobile and Facebook.5

The Power of

The largest search engine in the world. Its important to take advantage of its popularity in order to reach customers and prospects.6

Global Search Market Share Source: NetMarketShare. Sept 2016Google 73.1%Bing 9.3%Yahoo 7.1%Ask 0.27% AOL 0.10%Baidu 8.7%

Recent global search market share report as of last month. You can see how much Google dominates with a 73% share. The #2 search engine, Bing only has a 9.3% market share. Even though Bing is increasing its market share and has a higher % of growth compared to Google over the past years, Google is still the dominate player.7

A) 98 millionSearches on Google Per YearB) 10 billionC) 2 trillionD) None of the above. Google doesnt share this information

Some audience participation here. With a quick show of hands which do you think is the correct answer A 98 million, B, 10 billion, C: 2 trillion, or D: none of the above. And the answer is 2+ trillion. This demonstrates the massive volume that is hard to ignore8

9 2016 PixelMEDIAMore Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan Google, May 2015

Among the 2 trillion searches per year, % of searches on a mobile device is increasing year of year. In fact, Google announced in 2015 that mobile had finally taken over desktop searches in 10 countries. If you arent prepared for the increase in mobile usage, youll quickly fall behind the competition9

Mobile-Centric World10 2016 PixelMEDIA

73% of Target shoppers start their experience on a mobile device before purchasingOptimize your mobile experience

Site speed is key to keeping up with fast moving consumers on mobile

Tailor your messaging to mobile audiences in order to meet demands and expectations

Source: Google. Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile

Therefore its important to have a website that is optimized for the mobile experience as demonstrated by a recent case study with Target where over 70% of their customers began their shopping experience on a mobile device. 10


Paid Search


Paid Ads and Organic Search Results12 2016 PixelMEDIA

This may be elementary for some of you, but with Googles recent changes to how ads appear along organic results, its getting more. In fact, a recent study shows that over 50% of users dont recognize a paid search ad12

Brand Search Ads and Organic Results13 2016 PixelMEDIAAd clicks are incremental to organic even when a brand is the top organic result.82%96%Top OrganicOrganic 2-4Organic 5+

* Search Ads Pause study: source: Google Internal Data, 2012) 50%

Brand search ads and organic results play well together. There is a common misnomer that running paid search ads will cannibalize organic traffic. However, the opposite is true. Nixing the paid ads would result in a 89% drop in overall search clicks. Therefore ad clicks are incremental to organic, even when a brand is the top organic results.13

Updates to Google Ads in Search Results 2016 PixelMEDIARight sidebar ads removed on desktop search in February 2016

Shifted from 3 to 4 ads at the top of the page

Expanded text ads added in July 2016

Standard text ads will be supported until January 2017

I wanted to highlight some major changes this year to the paid space on Google search results pages. The goal of the change was to streamline mobile and desktop search. The fear is that this would raise average cost per clicks with more advertisers vying for less ad space.14

Expanded Text Ads 2016 PixelMEDIA

50% greater ad copy, which features a more prominent headline and a longer description line to highlight products and services

Average 20% uplift in click through rate over standard text ads

Optimized for mobile devicesSource: Google

As I said, Googles new expanded rolled out in July of this year. With the change the new text ads increased in ad copy by 50% 15

Protect Your Brand with Paid Search16 2016 PixelMEDIAInclude brand terms in always-on campaigns48%of purchasers switch between brand and generic terms at some point in their journey to conversion

Ensure that your customers see your ads at every stage in the conversion funnel with a combination of branded and non-branded keywords

Protect your brand messaging and guard against competitors bidding on your brand name

Source: Google

An important aspect of paid search are brand campaigns. As if I were to recommend a single campaign, this would be it. And this applies to most brands, large and small. Its important to stay in from of potential customers during their journey. Brand campaigns usually have the highest click through and conversions rates should be treated as always on in order to guard against competitors.16

Align Ads & Keywords with Search Intent17 2016 PixelMEDIAPurchasemens nike air max size 9

Awarenessmens running shoesConsiderationbest nike mens running shoes

ACP .. An important concept for more cost-effective PPC campaigns is to align with the searchers intent. During the decision and purchase funnel, You can identify the searchers needs based on their search query. At each step, you can create a specific ad that addresses their needs, building your relationship and solidifying a sale.17

Paid Search Tips for Success18 2016 PixelMEDIAOrganize keywords into related ad groups within campaigns to ensure ads and landing pages align with buyer intent

Make sure ads include a strong call-to-action

Ad extension drive more clicks. Include as many ad extensions as possible to maximize ad real estate

Call to action

Ad Extensions

Some additional tips to for successful campaigns. Another step in aligning with the customers journey is to be well organized in campaign structure. Group related keywords together in order to show the most relevant ad. Within the ad copy include a strong call to action to prompt users to click. Include additional information in your ad by including ad extensions. Include related links to your website, callouts such as free shipping or product ratings. This not only provides more information to the user to drives more clicks, but it maximizes ad space.18

Paid Search Tips for Success19 2016 PixelMEDIALink ads to a specific product or landing page. Avoid home page if possible

Be strategic with keyword match types. Matching on irrelevant searches can raise costs and lower click-through rate

Monitor search term reports to ensure efficiency by not paying for irrelevant clicks

Further reduce the number of irrelevant clicks by including negative keywords

Keyword Match types

Addtiional tips for paid search. 19


Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

For ecommerce sites shopping campaigns are a must-have20

Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs)21 2016 PixelMEDIAE-commerce ads at the top or right side of search pages

Cost per click format: Only pay when shoppers click through to your website

Aligns well with search ads when both appear in search results

What are google shopping ads. The are ecommerce ads that appear at the top or side of search pages. They work the same way as search ads as you pay only when someone clicks throug


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