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Have you also been dreaming of a paperless office for a long time now? Come and join us we are already one step further!



    Have you also been dreaming of a paperless office for a long time now? Come and join us we are already one step further!

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    Definition of the problem

    The exchange of electronic documents depends on the possibilities offered by the IT infrastructure, the merchan-dise planning and control system in use and particularly on the efforts required for archiving connected with elect-ronic signatures prescribed by law. Optimising processes has been limited to rather large-size organisations so far which have provided for this requirement.

    However, normally small-size enterprises buy so-called indirect materials - which is the great number of small items which are not necessarily connected with produc-tion. These companies are mostly not able to fulfil the re-quirements to electronic document chains.

    In many cases indirect materials are not defined with clear articles - text purchase orders constitute a considerable proportion of this segment.

    Normally, 70% of the documents are prepared by 10-20% of the suppliers and thus lead to considerable process efforts for purchase order processing and the posting of invoices.

    Large-size enterprises try to reduce the high process costs for incoming documents with complex processes such as scanning, OCR recognition and learning systems.

    The solution approach

    CoSeEDI allows you to process purchase orders and order confirmations as electronic messages - even if the partner has no IT possibilities for EDI. The accompanying document of the purchase order in PDF format facilitates the orientation and can be easily made because of the standardisation with CoSeTag.

    CoSeInv signs for the sender of the document, veri- fies for the recipient of the document and archives in a revision-save way for both value-adding partners for the time required by law - irrespective of the size or IT development level of the partners and thus

    The electronic post office of Common Sense

    solves the problem for both value-adding partners pragmatically and with a lasting effect.

    Enveloping as an additional module of CoSeInv allows partners without IT infrastructure to load do-cuments as PDF files on the CoSeDat platform and to enter the basic data for the CoSeTag

    CoSeArch offers (optional as an additional module of CoSeInv) the possibility to automatically store the documents (delivery notes, invoices, orders) in ones own/local IT system with indexes if there is no document management system (DMS) in use.

    Tools for data upload and download are either inte- grated on the portal - for larger volumes of data a completely configurated packet is offered based on open source-AS2.

    The document recipient (customer) gets the PDF documents as well as the complete posting record in CoSeTag and thus can copy the document into their electronic archive - otherwise the information is to be integrated into the posting entry.

    Electronic post office

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    Common Sense

    Thus, the supplier delivers the posting information to-gether with the document - electronically readable. The circle is closing:

    CoSeEDIThe purchase order is transferred to the CoSeEDI portal The supplier confirms or corrects the data and again sends the data to the orderer who may then automati-cally take over this data as an electronic order confirma-tion into their ERP system.

    CoSeInvThe invoicing party prepares a PDF document

    The CoSeTag is printed on the PDF together with all information and thus is available to all partners in elect-ronically readable formPartners who do not have an IT system available which fulfils this requirement can load the PDF document wit-hout CoSeTag on the portal with the available tools andsubsequently enter the data for the CoSeTag with En- veloping.

    The direct and standardised information of the CoSeTag guarantees clear identification and thus high data secu-rity. The authorisation concept can be derived from the CoSePar numbers of the sender and the recipient without interpretation.

    The recipient of the invoice can directly copy the document into their filing system and the posting information into the merchandise planning and control system.

    Thus, these functions are available to all value-adding part-ners who

    want to optimise the ordering process with all sup- pliers - regardless of whether the IT system of the value-adding partner is EDI compliant (or not)want to optimise the invoicing and receipt process - regardless of the IT development status of the sup-plier

    Of course it is possible to use this to optimise outgoing documents (customers) as well as incoming documents (purchasing).

    The connection to a clear CoSePar partner number makes it possible that the processes are primarily suitable for fixed business relationships (B2B). What is new is that also part-ners participate who do not have an adequate IT system or no IT system at all which supports these processes. The im-plementation is technically quite easy, but at the same time alllows to gradually extend ones own systems in order to gain increased advantages - without resulting in massive changes of the entire process.

    CoSeEDI, CoSeInv electronically cover the entire ordering process. The standardisation of partner information and identification of the PDF document with the CoSeTag makes it easy and secure to electronically exchange data.

    The functions of CoSePostTM are part of the electronic mar-ketplace of CoSeDatTM and available to all industries and companies which want to optimise the paper-to-ERP pro-cess - i.e. paper-to-ERP becomes PDF-to-ERP.


    The only reason why you cannot participate is, because you do not have electricity!

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    CoSePost - Common Sense Post office

    Do you want to offer your customers electronic processes as an additional service? To process the purchase order of your customer and the order confirmation on an Internet portal - without complex IT programs? To offer your cus-tomers the sending of invoices with electronic signature? And to include the posting record in the rucksack in your invoice in order to simplify the process with your customer and to save process costs for you and your customer? Use function Envelope. It is as easy as sticking stamps!

    Have you also been dreaming of a paperless office for a long time already? That you do not only integrate lar-ge partners with EDI processes - but to also be able to handle those 10% of suppliers who account for 60-70% of the document volume without paper? To save up to 12 of process costs per document? The analysis of your document volume with undifferentiated purchase orders, invoices without purchase orders will confirm the values and the quick ROI of the project.

    You will get the next generation of PDF-to-ERP electronic document exchange from us.

    In one step - without scanning, possibly as an addition to OCR recognition - directly from the supplier into the pos-ting workflow, into an archive sytem and into the entry and control of the posting. You receive the posting with a PDF document as an additional service from your supplier - everything is quick and easy to implement.

    This creates the prerequisites for a central interface for all legal units - thus for a shared service of incoming invo-ices. The basis is to have the same format of electronic incoming invoices with large and small suppliers.

    Master data management of Common Sense

    Primarily, electronic market places differ from company portals in the exchange of data between a lot of senders and recipients - just like in a post office. Basically, this requires consistent sender and recipient addresses in or-der to protect the security of data from external access with a clear authorisation concept - but also in order to guarantee an exchange of data and documents without interpretation.

    Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Ma-nagement (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) are only perfect if all underlying master data is consistent throughout all systems. Theses requirements are independent of industries and thus generally valid. However, complexity increases according to the size of the company. We qualify your addresses throughout all systems and thus, provide the condition for participation in the electronic market place - on the other hand to provide the possibility for a system-wide view of your customers

    and suppliers. The clear CoSePar number allows for a comprehensive evaluation of turnovers, payment condi-tions with the same suppliers and customers etc..

    At the same time the CoSePar number constitutes the ba-sis for the authorisation concept, the marking of interface data and above all identification on the PDF documents. See CoSePar.

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    Common Sense

    CoSePar - Common Sense Partner Code

    Management SummaryA distinct partner number for all those involved in the data exchange, allows a distinct allocation of all transactions and is the basis for all activities on CoSeDatTM.

    Detailed informationCoSePar defines the distinct partner code for the data exchange via the portal CoSeDat, CoSeInv and CoSeEDI

    CoSePar is based on an adapted freeware CRM sys-tem sugar. The registration is free of charge. The central maintenance of the address data remains the responsibi-lity of the background organisation - the data sovereignty thereby remains with the partner. CoSePar is linked with other databases and in this way effects a general increase of quality of address data.

    CoSePar is an indispensable requirement for participa-tion in the portal. The authorisation concept (MDM master data management) is derived from CoSePar.

    CoSePar takes over data in Excel format, with an address program verifies