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  • 1. Proposals
    Getting your idea BEYOND the board room !
    Michelle Birch
    Chapter 3
    Corporate Video Production

2. Before the Proposal
You have the opportunity to meet with a potential client, you have noted a problem or two that the prospect wishes to solve. Not only do you want to solve the stated problems but you want to further enhance the image of the client/company.
In the meeting:LISTEN!!!
Gather more details from the client about the problem or subject at hand. You want to understand the problem and their objectives.
Know what is available to you:
-Written material such as brochures, manuals, etc.
What key word and phrases might the company like to use to establish the demographic
-Think (IBM)-Think Different (Apple)
-Shift the Future (Nissan)
3. Writing/Delivering the Proposal
In your proposal:

  • State the problem/issue and objectives as closely to the way the prospective client explained them

4. Add/list some ideas on how the video could solve this problem/issue -You need a concept and proposal that is more than just a written document. Give thought to the visuals that serve to engage the audience.
REMEMBER: You are the artist, there are so many ideas you can run with, think OUT OF THE BORED ROOM

  • Give a couple specific concepts but dont give away everything!

5. Explain you would like to write a script, starting with a TREATMENT for their approval -Do not give a budget prior to the scripts approval, however you do want to state a price for your script services

  • Make sure to establish your functions as producer as well as any needs you might have of the client (hiring more people, specialists/experts, etc.)

6. Its important to establish a relationship with your potential client. Make sure you know the problem and reassure them how great this video will make their company/organization look. (Use we and our when referencing the video)