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  1. 1. Corporate Video Pitch
  2. 2. The brief Dear Level 3 Creative Media Students, The City of Westminster College Student Awards Ceremony is an annual event celebrating the successes and achievements of the Colleges students. In presenting awards to a number of students and explaining to the audience what has made each of their achievements exceptional, (This means our programme will be aimed at students and staff.) It also provides an opportunity for the College to showcase the range and quality of its work to external stakeholders. The ceremony takes place in the Sarah Siddons Theatre and usually has an audience of around 250 people, made up of students, staff, governors, sponsors and VIPs. In addition to the presentation of the awards, the evening includes one or two student performances and a guest speaker. (We will need to make our programme fast paced to keep the audience interested) This year I would like you to produce the awards ceremony in collaboration with the Student Awards Committee, which I chair. The presentation of awards is split into four sections, one for each Faculty In advance of the award ceremony, we would like you to produce a title sequence and VT inserts (timings to be confirmed) introducing each section/Faculty and showing some of what they do. (We will need to videos and a title sequence to illustrate the event and evaluate each faculty) Ideas for the structure and format of each video should be presented to representatives of the awards committee for approval prior to production. (We will be making the video light hearted and humorous to keep the audience entertained) We would also like you manage the production and record the ceremony to create an audio-visual record of the event. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas. As I am new to the demands of TV production, deadline dates for this assignment are to be negotiated with the executive producers, James Hodges and Barrington Robinson. Best wishes DAVID PIGDEN