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  • 1. Corporate team building exercises

2. Corporate team building exercisesA corporate team is different from any otherteam, as the team is large and highlyeducated. These people are often preparedto work hard and do what it takes to get thejob done, but what happens when the teamfalls off track? For more info 3. Corporate team building exercisesHaving a great team is much like having agreat marriage or education; it takes hardwork and constant upkeep. If you want yourteam to thrive and provide great work foryou and your corporation, you will have togive a little something back. For more info 4. Corporate team building exercisesThe team building exercises that are donewith corporations are usually intense, andcan be full weekend retreats. This is not onlybecause the budget is larger than most othercompanies, but the need is greater. For more info 5. Corporate team building exercisesMuch is expected from the team, and muchwill have to be taught. The following aresome exercises that corporations maybenefit from trying. These activities arebased on team work and a will to get a jobdone the right way. For more info 6. People platformParticipants may only touch the ground onthe outside of the outer square and theinside of the inner square as they completethe task. The area in between the squares isoff limits. The entire group must participate. For more info 7. People platformThey may not stand or sit on each othersshoulders; everyone must be touching theground. The objective is to have everyone onthe inner square without touching outside ofit. For more info 8. People platformAfter the group creatively attempts thisexercise, they must hold everyone off theground for 10 seconds (the time it takes tosing row, row, and row your boat. . . Aninner 2 x 2 and outer 6 x 6 tape outline ofa square should be arranged prior to theexercise. Facilitators should take great carein ensuring participant safety throughoutthis exercise. For more info 9. People platformVariations: If the group is slow to activelyattempt the exercise, after a few minutes,announce a time limit by which they mustfinish. If a participant touches the areabetween the squares, tell them that theymay no longer use that body part. If onemember dominates the group, take awayhis/her ability to speak. For more info 10. People platformProcessing Questions: What were some of the challenges incompleting this activity? How did you overcome them? What similarities do you find betweenthis activity and your house operations? What did this activity demonstrate to youabout leadership? For more info 11. Yurt CircleThe group forms a circle facing each otherand counts off by two. You must have aneven number of participants for thisexercise. Individuals with shoulder and/orarm problems should not participate in thisactivity for their own safety.For more info 12. Yurt CircleMembers grasp hands in the circle. Makesure that height and weight of participants isevenly distributed around the circle. Instructthe group to simultaneously lean in theopposite direction while supporting eachother.For more info 13. Yurt CircleThis means that the 1s lean forward and the2s lean backward. Lean gradually, not all atonce. Do it again. Change directions. Do itwith eyes closed. Variations: Do it silently.Face outward and work through the process.For more info 14. Yurt CircleProcessing Questions: Was anyone tentative at the beginning ofthis exercise? How did it feel to be reliant on others forsupport? What would have happened if only oneperson let go?For more info 15. Yurt Circle How does this relate to working in teams? How is this exercise representative of ourhouses? How can we develop more trust in ourgroup?For more info 16. Corporate team building exercisesThese are only a few ideas of team buildingfor corporations. When you are working witha large team it is always important that noperson gets left behind. Includeeveryone, and everyone will learn from theactivity. For more info