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  • • Engaging , Act ive and Effect ive.

    Experiences wi th horses provide rea l

    opportuni t ies for mirror ing l i fe which

    he lps you quickly see the problems and

    f ind solut ions tha t work for you.

    • For Everyone. Working wi th

    individuals, fami l ies or groups, po wer-

    ful oppor tuni t ies are p rovided to ge t to

    the hear t o f the i ssues and lead to

    heal thier communicat ion, s tronger par t -

    nerships and happier re lat ionships.

    • For Any Issue . Whether working on

    communicat ion, p roblem so lving or

    confl ict resolution, Turning Point can

    he lp you f ind meaningful , last ing

    solut ions.

    • Grounded! In Equine Assisted Learning

    and Psychotherapy, work wi th the horses

    is done on the ground, and no pr ior

    kno wledge of horses i s needed.

    • Profess ional . The EAGALA* model

    involves a team incorporat ing the ski l l s

    of a l icensed menta l hea lth profess ional ,

    an exper ienced equine special is t , and

    horse(s) - working wi th you to success-

    ful ly reach your goals.

    * EAGALA: Equine Assis ted Growth and

    Learning Associat ion.

    see www. for more

    in formation

    ““““”There is something about the outside of a

    horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

    Sir Winston Churchill


    Team Building


    Leadership Training

    Equine Assisted Services are:

    Corporate Office:

    1821 Pickens Street

    Columbia, SC 29201

    Phone: (803) 556-9379


    Services provided in:



    Northeast Columbia

  • Stephanie K. BowmanStephanie K. BowmanStephanie K. BowmanStephanie K. Bowman

    Ms. Bowman is the founder and clinical

    director of Turning

    Point Growth & Learning

    Center, LLC. She is a

    Licensed Professional

    Counselor and an

    EAGALA certified

    Mental Health Specialist.

    Her experience with horses began as a young

    girl participating in 4-H, Pony Club and riding

    in local and regional horse shows. She has

    always appreciated the special bond between

    people and horses, believing this connection to

    have a unique therapeutic value.

    Stephanie has a diverse background, having

    started her career in Accounting and now works

    in Healthcare. She has worked for companies

    such as International Paper Company, Ernst &

    Young, and is currently with Palmetto Health.

    She brings a unique blend of experiences to

    these workshops understanding the importance

    of healthy and effective working relationships.

    In 2006, Stephanie was introduced to Equine

    Assisted Psychotherapy. She was amazed at the

    power this model of learning offers in

    addressing a variety of issues. The experiential

    nature of these types of services quickly

    provides opportunities for insight and awareness

    that may take weeks or months to surface

    through other learning opportunities.

    “ ...and I whispered to the

    horse; Trust no man in

    whose eyes you do not see

    yourself reflected as an


    Don Vincenzo Giobbe

    circa 1700

    Our Philosophy

    People often don’t change unless they find

    themselves in challenging situations. Equine

    Assisted Learning gives people the opportunity

    to practice new behaviors in a setting that is

    outside their comfort zone. The most lasting

    changes occur when people discover their own

    solutions to problems and answers to questions.

    Why Horses?

    Like humans, horses are social animals with

    defined roles among their peers. Horses also have

    an innate ability to mirror what human body

    language is telling them. They offer immediate

    feedback to people working with them, providing

    participants an opportunity for understanding how

    their behavior affects others. For some, the mere

    size and power of the horse sets the stage for

    overcoming fear and developing confidence to

    work through challenging situations. Achieving

    success in the various activities involves a

    willingness and ability to take healthy risks.

    We want to help you succeed!We want to help you succeed!We want to help you succeed!We want to help you succeed! Visit our website:

    or call (803) 556-9379 for more information

    Maximizing Potential

    We live in a world where stress is high and

    demand for performance is even higher. Effective

    leadership and team dynamics are no longer nice

    theoretical concepts . . . they are essential for

    business success.

    Questions every manager should be asking:

    * How well do I know my team?

    * Are my employees effective?

    * Do they communicate well?

    * Do they solve problems creatively and in a

    time efficient manner?

    * Do they resolve internal conflicts well with

    positive outcomes?

    * Do they take smart risks to help this company


    If you answered “no” to any of the above

    questions, your team would benefit from our

    corporate team building workshops.

    Equine Assisted Learning

    Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) uses horses to

    help us learn new ways of thinking and solving

    problems. Team building activities integrate the

    natural feedback from the horses and the skills of

    the facilitators to provide insight and awareness of

    team dynamics. Using horses may tell you more

    about yourself and your team in five minutes than

    you could learn in a month or more of meetings at

    your office.

    Workshops are tailored specifically to your

    organization’s goals to promote growth and change

    and improve your company’s future.

    Corporate TrainingCorporate TrainingCorporate TrainingCorporate Training