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  • 1. CORPORATESELFBOOKING TOOLDiscover World-Class Travel Assistance.

2. We call this the nextSMART travel revolution. 3. S.M.A.R.TThe way we see it. A - Accountab ility & Control R - Real ti me Access & Availability S - SavingsT - Transparent & TangibleM - MIS 4. Common issues with theTraditional model: Admin&FinanceHave we been offered best available fares?Are travelers opting the lowest fares?Did they pass the corporate deal code?Does My invoice summary match the invoice amount?Why do they take so long to give me Airline sales report?I dont seem to get accurate data on my sales teamstravel spend ? 5. Corporate Advantage 1SMART Administration Team100% Automated Travel Booking solutions. Real-time ticketing.Exhaustive search result display through Multiple GDS and LCCAirline API Integrations for all products.Online multi-tier travel approval workflowOnline Cancellations / ability to track amendmentsAbility to Sort / Filter and Email results to TravelersMultiple payment options: BTA, Credit Card & DepositDefine user roles to control access levels for each employee:Accounts, Travel administrator, IT, Travelers & ApproversAbility to display and sell Published Fares & GDS Private Fares 6. Corporate Advantage 2SMART Finance TeamAutomated Commercials computation, ensuring100% transparencyPowerful Expense and Acounting reports, analytics andvisual charts enabling you to track your travel expenditure.Department -wise / Location-wise / Band-wise /product-wise real-time reportsAccounting XML feeds for auto-import into Financial PackageSecurity Audit reportsReal-time missed Saving reportingAutomated passing of Tour-codes 7. Issues of the Traveler Why do they take so long to book a simple ticket? Is this the best fare? Am I going to get my window seat, veg. meal? Did they pass my mobile/ frequent flier number? 8. Corporate Advantage 3SMART Traveler BenefitsTraveler profiles imported into PNRs automatically - Passport /Visa / Preferences / Frequent Flier.Instant SMS and Email alerts with PNR and trip detailsAutomated Passport / Visa Expiry email alertsReal-time search and bookOnline approval workflowsTrack previous bookingsAbility to provide on call, implant and self booking throughsame unified platform 9. The SMART ordering process Data flow to MIS Auto e-ticketTraveler Travel request Approval flow filters throughalong with travel policymissed savings 10. Reporting is easy, ready and swift.Transparent communication. Value for money.Track Airline SalesTrack Air RoutesMissed SavingsPlanned TripsDetailed Travel ReportEasy Setup 11. Report and analyzeEnsure complete visibility into all your travel expenses,reports and procedures. Your business Travel expenditure andspending pattern is all saved and organized. Its now hardlya task to keep track of all travel spend. 12. Any Questions? 13. Thank You


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