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  • EduPristine Confidential

    Corporate Profile

    EduPristine -

  • EduPristine Confidential

    Executive Summary


    Market leader in professional training for CFA , FRM, Business Analytics, CPA(USA), Hadoop in India

    Pioneer and leader in skill oriented finance courses in India e.g. Financial Modeling in Excel, Business Analytics

    Offering 25+ courses through classroom trainings, online videos, question banks, crash courses, webinars etc.

    Classroom training at 11+ locations in India, and 12+ city outside India

    Trained 15,000+ students for various courses in the last 2 years growing at 600+ students per month

    Provided 2,000,000+ Man-hours of training


    Market Targeting English Speaking, Global Professional Training and Certification market of more than US$ 1.5Bn

    Finance training market expected to grow by 10% every year till 2015

    Investors Angel Investors Dr. Mark Mobius (Franklin Templeton), Rajesh Sehgal (Franklin Templeton) in 2010

    Series A Venture Funding by Accel Partners in 2011


    Professional founders with experience in Finance (Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, Reliance PE), IT (IBM, Geometric) and consulting (Accenture, CRISIL)

    Founder Directors Atul Kumar (IIT Kharagpur, IIM Indore), Paramdeep Singh (IIT Delhi, IIM Indore), Pawan Prabhat (IIT Bombay, IIM Indore), Sarita Chand, FRM (SIBM)

    Total team size of 150+; Visiting Faculty pool of 1500+ professionals across various locations

  • EduPristine Confidential 2

    EduPristine is leader for all the courses it runs in India based on number of students enrolled

    Business Analytics - 1 year

    Enrolling more than 80-100 Students in a month with ~ revenue run rate of 18-20 Lacs/Month

    Big Data and Hadoop 3 Months

    Enrolling 80-100 students/month

    CPA 7 Months

    Enrolling 20-30 students in a month

    CCRA 6 Months

    Enrolling 30-40 Students/Month

    Already Leader in CFA, Financial Modeling , FRM

  • EduPristine Confidential 3

    CFA, USA

    CFA, USA: With six-decade of history, CFA Program is the most widely known and respected investment credential in the world. Relevant for professionals aspiring for career in Financial Research, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Security Analysis, Valuations etc. Duration : 4 Months Mode of Training : Classroom & Online Training Training Fees : INR 25000

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    Certified Credit Research Analyst (CCRATM)

    CCRA : It is the only Recognized certification in Credit Research, for employment in the field of bank loans, credit analysis, ratings and strategy. Duration : 4 Months Mode of Training : Classroom Training Training Fees : INR 30000

  • EduPristine Confidential 5

    EduPristine and BSE certified Financial Modeling

    Financial Modeling: Its a prerequisite for Investment Banking, Equity Research and Commercial Banking jobs, a practice oriented course recognised by BSE.

    Duration : 1 Month

    Mode of Training : Classroom Training

    Training Fees : INR 25000

  • EduPristine Confidential 6

    FRM, USA

    FRM, USA: Globally recognized professional certification for banking and finance professionals. Lucrative career options in Risk Management, Trading, Derivatives, Structuring, Risk Modeling etc

    Duration : 4 Months

    Mode of Training : Classroom Training

    Training Fees : INR 19000

  • EduPristine Confidential 7


    CPA, USA: A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the highest standard of competence in the field of Accountancy across the globe. Career Opportunities with Accounting n Auditing Firms, Research firms, Investments banks, Hedge Funds, Private equity firms, Commercial banks, Mutual funds, Merger & Acquisition etc.

    Duration : 6 Months

    Mode of Training : Classroom Training and Online Training

    Training Fees : INR 1, 32, 000 + taxes

  • EduPristine Confidential 8

    CMA, USA

    CMA, USA: The fastest certification to become a globally recognised accounting and management professional.

    Duration : 6 Months

    Mode of Training : Classroom Training

    Training Fees : INR 89, 000

  • EduPristine Confidential 9

    ACCA, UK

    ACCA, UK: Certification for undergraduates and accounting professionals who wants to work with Big 4 early in their career.

    Duration : 18 Months

    Mode of Training : Classroom Training

    Training Fees : INR 2, 00, 000

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    Business Analytics

    Business Analytics: course focuses on extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling and fact-based management to drive decision making. Career options as Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Data Manager.

    Duration : 1 Month

    Mode of Training : Classroom/Online training

    Training Fees : INR 30000

  • EduPristine Confidential 11

    Big Data & Hadoop

    Big Data & Hadoop: Most of the data intensive corporations are shifting towards Hadoop for their Big-data analysis problem. And because of its growing demand and has become one of the most sought after program.

    Duration : 1 Month

    Mode of Training : Classroom/Online training

    Training Fees : INR 25000

  • EduPristine Confidential

    EduPristine is the Largest Training Provider in India in Finance, Training 10000+ Persons/Year


    Authorized and largest training provider for CFA, FRM and PRM in India

    18,000+ students trained till date

    Potential to grow significantly in global markets

    Exam Prep

    Leader in Financial Modeling Training in India training 1,200+ students in FY 12

    Certificate Program in Financial Research and Business Analytics

    Exhaustive coverage through 20+ certificate courses in Finance

    Skill Based Trainings




    Asset Light Model

    Rated faculty pool of more than 1000+ financial professionals

    Empanelled with Fortune 500 clients and partnerships with quality affiliates for sales

    Great Brand: ~ 50% sales driven through word-of-mouth and referral

    Has developed in-house Learning Management System to deliver the online content e.g. recordings, Quiz, mind map

    24*7 Access to all training materials

    Successfully delivered more than 25 courses online with 500+ hours of content with registrations from 40+ countries

    Successfully built online communities of 10,000+ users, growing at 700+ users per month

    Blended Form of Learning D





    Classroom Online (Live & Recorded)

  • EduPristine Confidential

    EduPristine has Authorizations from Leading Finance Certifying Bodies in the World


    CFA Institute Authorized Training Provider CFA

    GARP Authorized Training Provider FRM

    FPSB India Authorized Training Provider CFP

    PRMIA Authorized Training provider PRM/APRM

  • EduPristine Confidential

    EduPristine has Partnered with Becker professional Education (Part of Devry Inc, USA) and BSE Institute


    Edupristine is partner of Becker for CPA training in India.

    Becker is globally largest training provider for CPA with great content and positive training feedback. They are part of Devry Education group

    Edupristine is using Becker content to conduct classroom training program in India.

    BSE Institute and Edupristine has partnered for certification of Financial Modeling course in India.

    BSE is 150+ year old stock exchange in India with great reputation and brand name

    Under this partnership, BSE Institute will exclusively conduct examination and provide certification on Financial Modeling to Edupristine students.

  • EduPristine Confidential

    EduPristine Has Delivered High Quality Trainings for Various Fortune 500 Corporates*


    Ernst & Young Real Estate Modeling

    Senior Associates were trained on building valuation models

    for real estate.

    ING Vyasa Infrastructure & Project Finance Bankers were trained on making

    integrated models for project finance and infrastructure.

    Bank of America

    Bank Of America Continuum Solutions Finance for Finance

    Associates were trained on valuation and mergers

    and acquisitions.

    Franklin Templeton CFA

    Students were facing a gap in the overall understanding of finance topics like corporate finance, FSA and valuation. Provided training for over

    100 hours to bridge the gap.

    JP Morgan

    J. P. Morgan Financial Modeling in Excel The Real Assets Group were

    trained in Excel for infrastructure and real estate modeling.

    Credit-Suisse India Risk Management and

    Quant. Analysis IT Professionals of Credit Suisse

    India were trained on risk management.

    Mizuho Financial Modeling in Excel

    Bankers were using excel models that they could not understand. Conducted financial modeling in Excel trainings to bridge the gap.

    HSBC Risk Management and

    Quant. Analysis New joinees in HSBC had a gap in knowledge of Risk Management

    and quantitative skills. Conducted trainings

    (On campus) t


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