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Corporate Presentation CORPORATE PRESENTATION 2010 Slide 2 Corporate Presentation OVERVIEW 1.Sonim Technologies 1.Who we are 2.What we stand for 3.Our experience 4.Market Size 5.In the news Experts on the blue/grey collar market Our understanding Interacting with customers The RPS standard Our products XP1 XP3 Enduro XP3 Quest Pro XP2 Spirit XP3 Sentinel XP1300 CORE XP3 Enduro Zone 2 Solutions PTT Lone Worker MRM Atex Market Approach Service and Warranty Economic Model Guerilla Marketing POS/Incentives Training Slide 3 Corporate Presentation SONIM TECHNOLOGIES Slide 4 Corporate Presentation Who we are Founded in 1999, now with over 150 employees worldwide across 15 locations Dedicated to the Blue and Grey collar market with over 10 years of experience providing hardware and software solutions Recognized leader of the ruggedized GSM mobile segment Targeting all who work and/or play in truly extreme environments Profitable, privately funded by leading Venture Capital Firms Sonim Headquarters, San Mateo California Netherlands China India Germany Russia France Slovak Republic UK Spain New Zealand Sweden Colombia Brazil Chile UAE Canada Argentina Italy Slide 5 Corporate Presentation WHAT WE STAND FOR People who work and play hard in extreme environments have always shared one thing in common no phone was made just for them. No phone company ever though to built a phone rugged enough for those whose relationship with the earth and its elements was extreme and for whom a phone was an equipment and not an accessory. Sonim is committed to delivering the highest quality rugged phones bundled with tailored applications that give people who work and play hard in extreme environments the security to make clear calls, anytime, under any conditions. Impermeable to lifes harshest elements they are simply the longest-lasting phones, guaranteed. To meet the exacting requirements of our active users we follow the Rugged Performance Standard: 12 dimensions upon which every Sonim is constructed to ensure the maximum level of ruggedness. So each and every Sonim phone can withstand conditions such as water submersion, extreme temperatures, shocks, drops and dust. Slide 6 Corporate Presentation OUR EXPERIENCE 9 models released to date Orange & Vodafone Telefonica Vodafone Vodacom & MTN 350,000 handsets sold to date in over 50 countries tested and accepted by top mobile operators worldwide Telenor & Telisonera Orange TDC T-Mobile Optus Vodafone KPN Countries where Sonim phones are sold Mobile operators who have tested and approved Sonim phones Vodafone Vimplecom Entel Slide 7 Corporate Presentation MARKET SIZE There are currently over 6.7 billion people on this planet Of those individuals, there are 4 BILLION mobile phone users Of those users, 2 BILLION of them live in industrialized nations Of those 2 billion people, 100 million ( 5% of the market ) are people who work and/or play in extreme environments These 100,000,000 people, THE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS THE SHIPPERS AND FISHERMEN THE OIL RIGGERS THE TRUCKERS THE FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE THE PLUMBERS/CARPENTERS/ROOFERS ETC. THE MILITARY THE INDUSTRIAL WORKERS HAVE NOT BEEN A PRIORITY OF THE MAJOR MOBILE PHONE MANUFACTURERS Slide 8 Corporate Presentation IN THE NEWS Wired Magazine "Nokias latest 3720 Classic cell phone nothing compared to the Sonim XP3 Quest 2.0, a mobile phone that can withstand being flung across the room or used as a hammer and can be heard perfectly over the noise of a jackhammer." PCWorld ml ml "Though Sonim only recently made its phones available in the United States, the company's reputation precedes it. Sonim's phones have survived elephants, cars, bullets you name it--causing buzz all over the Internet and on YouTube." Financial Times this impressive handset should appeal to anyone who lives, works or plays in an extreme or just dirty or difficult environment, even with its expected Gizmodo, "After the beering, the hammering, the shooting, and the elephant stomping, it's fair to say that, on the toughness front, Sonim's gotten their point across. Now, after months of teases, you can actually buy the XP3, unlocked, for $400."months of teases Slide 9 Corporate Presentation EXPERTS IN THE BLUE/GREY COLLAR MARKET Slide 10 Corporate Presentation OUR UNDERSTANDING Sonim possesses a superior understanding of the blue/grey collar market due to years of constant dialogue with relevant enterprises around the world Schipol Airport Amsterdam Heijmans Construction LOT (Dutch agriculture) Zorg Care Center Netherlands Svenska Foder (Farmers Union) Stockholm Coast Guard National Police Force Uppsala Ambulance Force Hessen (Germany) forest department Cologne Port Authority Thyssen Krupp Steel Swiss Railroads G4 security Premier Foods A1 road works fulfillment APCOA Corporate group New Zealand Defense Force Kiwi rail Water care Services NZ Coastguard City Power South Africa Dubai Police Force KOC Kuwait Oil Transnet Railways BeneluxDACHNordicUK/IrelandAustralasiaMEA Slide 11 Corporate Presentation CONSTANT DIALOGUE WITH CUSTOMERS Our customers said:In response we: investing over $ 100 Million in R&D on Materials and Equipment Feedback from customers has shown us that blue/grey collar workers/enterprises need much more than just drop proof and water proof phones. They need a reliable tool that helps them be more productive. "I've broken my phone numerous ways, dozens of times, and each and every time I lose a day or more of productivity because I don't have a mobile phone that works properly and need to get it replaced." "I need a device that will allow me to track and correspond with my team while they are in the field" developed the 12 element Rugged Performance Standard (RPS) Click below to watch video Developed a tailored application and provisioning support capability for selected enterprise applications "Just because a phone looks rugged, doesn't mean that it's meant for me. I need a phone that was really designed for people like me. This means extra loud speakers for use in noisy environments and an extra long battery life so I never have to worry about charging my phone in the field. Slide 12 Corporate Presentation EXTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE ACCESSIBLE KEYPAD EXTRA-LOUD SPEAKER PROTECTION FROM DUST PROTECTION FROM WATER PROTECTION FROM DROPS RESISTANT TO SHOCKS & VIRBATIONS RESISTANT TO EXTREME PRESSURE RESISTANT TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES PUNCTUR E PROOF RESISTANT TO PETROLEUM OILS 3-YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE When we set out to build the Sonim phone there were no standards for a phone this rugged. So we had to create them. Compiled from over ten years of feedback from customers that lead extreme and rugged lifestyles, the Rugged Performance Standards consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance that set the standards for which all ruggedized devices must live up to. ACCESSIBLE KEYPAD EXTRA-LOUD SPEAKER PROTECTION FROM DUST PROTECTION FROM WATER Slide 13 Corporate Presentation EXTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE A licensed contractor is often far away from an electrical/charging source, and spends days at a time away from power outlets using several GPS based applications that drain the battery faster than under normal usage. To accommodate for this, Sonim has equipped its phones with top of the line lithium-ion batteries (1850 mAh) which provide up to 18 hours of talk time or 1500 hours of standby Slide 14 Corporate Presentation ACCESSIBLE KEYPAD Construction workers need to be able to make a call at a moments notice under the roughest conditions without removing their work gloves The keys on Sonims phones are larger and more widely spaced than those on the average mobile phone to make it easier to for people who are wearing gloves, or whose hands are wet or slippery, to dial. Slide 15 Corporate Presentation EXTRA-LOUD SPEAKER Paramedics need to regularly call for assistance on a mobile phone to relay critical information clearly-- even in noisy, urban settings. Sonim phones are equipped with custom-built speakers capable of producing sounds at 110db over 45% louder than more than other mobile phones. This is louder than standing next to a snowmobile revving its engine (100db). Slide 16 Corporate Presentation PROTECTION FROM DUST Wood mill workers often find their mobile phones covered in layers of sawdust at the end of the day. Dust, sand and other micro-particles are electronics killers -- and the smaller a devices components the more damage they can do. Ports and entry points on the Sonim phones are specially sealed to prevent the intrusion of industrial micro-particles. Sonim phones are IP-67 rated: impervious to dirt, dust, and micro-particles. Slide 17 Corporate Presentation PROTECTION FROM WATER Dock workers need a phone that can withstand being submerged in sea water after falling overboard. Sonim phones are specially engineered for use around salt and fresh water. Sonim phones is waterproof - they can be fully submersed in over 1 Meter of water for 30 minutes. Rated IP-67, signifying submersibility and durability in water after numerous tests. Slide 18 Corporate Presentation PROTECTION FROM DROPS Forestry personnel often drop their mobile phones from extreme heights. Unlike other handsets, a Sonim phone will quickly bounce back to life when dropped, never skipping a beat. Sonim phones can be dropped from a height of over 2 Meters onto concrete from any angle Slide 19 Corporate Presentation RESISTANT TO SHOCKS & VIBRATIONS Electricians nee