corneal stroma corneal epithelium corneal endothelium anteriorchamber posteriorchamber lens iris...

Download Corneal stroma corneal epithelium corneal endothelium anteriorchamber posteriorchamber lens iris canal of Schlemm Descemet’smembrane iridealstroma pigmentedepithelium

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  • corneal stromacorneal epitheliumcorneal endotheliumanteriorchamberposteriorchamberlensiriscanal ofSchlemmDescemetsmembraneiridealstromapigmentedepitheliumanteriorlenscapsule

  • corneal stromacorneal epitheliumcorneal endotheliumDescemets membraneBowmans membrane

  • corneal stromaanteriorchamberposteriorchambercanal ofSchlemmiridealstromacorneal endotheliumDescemets membrane

  • anteriorchamberposteriorchamberiridealstromalensanterior lens capsulecorneaconstrictormusclepigmentedepitheliumcorneal endothelium w/Descemets membrane

  • iridealstromaconstrictormusclepigmentedepitheliumdilator muscle

  • iridealstromamyoepithelial cells ofdilator muscle

  • scleraciliary muscleciliary processiris

  • scleraciliary muscleciliary processvascular layerpigmentedepitheliumnon-pigmentedepithelium

  • ora serratatowards ciliary body, iris, etc.towards fovea, optic nerve, etc.sclerachoroidphotoreceptive retinanon-photoreceptive retinavitreous chamber

  • ILMGCLNFLIPLINLOPLONLOLMCRLPEBruchsmembranechoroid capillarychoroid capillarychoroidsclera

  • optic nervenote that the retina is disruptedhere thus creating a blind spot

  • Find your blind spot: With this diagram about 3 feet away from your face, look at the upper cross with your LEFT eye, then cover your RIGHT eye. The filled circle should disappear if not, move forward or backward until it does. Then, look at the lower cross and note that the line appears continuous.

  • GCLIPLINLOPLONLOLMCRLPEchoroidscleraganglion cell layer(note absence of INL)cone cell nuclei

  • irissuspensory ligaments(zonules of Zinn)lensanteriorlenscapsule

  • lens epitheliumdifferentiating lens fibersmature lens fibers



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