copyright janet(uk) 20071 janet txt & janet 3g. copyright janet(uk) 20072 simple, intuitive,...

Download Copyright JANET(UK) 20071 JANET txt & JANET 3G. Copyright JANET(UK) 20072 Simple, intuitive, web-based messaging Secure online address book Individual

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Copyright JANET(UK) 20071 JANET txt & JANET 3G Slide 2 Copyright JANET(UK) 20072 Simple, intuitive, web-based messaging Secure online address book Individual or group messaging to mobiles, landlines, email and pagers 2-way SMS capability Delivery confirmation reporting Secure integration APIs Optional ShortCode and Campaign Manager services National International Multi Language TxT Features Slide 3 Copyright JANET(UK) 20073 No set-up fees No recurring charge for basic service Low cost SMS rates Secure - encrypted messaging via the JANET network Control - administer and report on your own texting services TxT Benefits Slide 4 Copyright JANET(UK) 20074 Text supply teachers on a first come first serve basis Marketing to students Text reminders for non returns of library books Notification of Fire or Emergency Incident Exam results Publicising events at the Student Union and selling tickets Notice of cancellation of lectures or changing of room Text to hearing impaired students Emergency Planning Text into the on campus radio station for music request TxT Example Uses Slide 5 Copyright JANET(UK) 20075 Block SMS purchase costs 5,000 SMS 210.00 50,000 SMS 2,100.00 All messages are charged at 4.2p per message JANET txt master account Free of Charge User accounts (1 way)Free of Charge Broadcast groups Free of Charge Microsoft excel plug inFree of Charge 2 way user accounts10.00 per month Scheduler/Diary10.00 pm per act Shared short code25.00 pm inc 1 keyword Each additional keyword15.00 pm Alpha-tag20.00 pm TxT Costs Slide 6 Copyright JANET(UK) 20076 JANET 3G Mobile data service Cost effective and flexible access Works with Eduroam Slide 7 Copyright JANET(UK) 20077 Key Benefits Secure access via Eduroam authentication Control costs through flexible billing options meaning PAYG Slide 8 Copyright JANET(UK) 20078 Features Secure UK wide coverage Flexible low cost model SIM card (standard and micro) Typical bandwidths of 100 200k Fits tablets, laptops, USB dongles Authenticate with existing credentials You can set user IP address Slide 9 Copyright JANET(UK) 20079 Kevin Sharp Email Phone 07967 365 272


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