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  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    The students participated from following Institutes,

    1. Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College, Sangli (KWC, Sangli).

    2. Shri. Vijaysinh Yadav Arts and Science College, Peth Vadgaon.

    3. Balwant College, Vita.

    4. Dr. Patangrao Kadam Mahavidyalaya, Sangli.

    5. Sharad Institute of Technology College of Engineering Yadrav.

    6. Vitthalrao Patil Mahavidyalaya, Kale.

    7. Mahatma Gandhi Junior College Ashta.

    8. Venkateshwara English School, Kabnoor Ichalkaranji.

    9. Dr. J. J. Magdum College of Engineering, Jaysingpur.

    10. Bapuji Salunkhe Institute of Technology, Kolhapur.

    11. Vivekananda College, Kolhapur.

    Dr. Dada P. Nade Event Coordinator

    Coordinator, CSAS, SGU

    Dr. Rani P. Pawar Event Coordinator

    Coordinator, CSAS, SGU

    Mr. Mahaveer K Event Coordinator

    Chair, Environmental Club, SGU

  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    Report on One Day Workshop on Ozone Day

    16th September, 2018

    Theme: 32 Years and Healing

    The Center for Space and Atmospheric Science (CSAS) under Department of Physics, School

    of Science, Environment Club, SGU and ISHARE Kolhapur-Sangli Sub Chapter has organized

    a One Day Workshop on Ozone Day on 16th September, 2019. We have started this activity

    since the foundation of the university.

    Initially, on 16th September, 2017, we have celebrated ozone day by only publishing

    wallpapers on ozone related issues and organized a special talk by Dr. Dada P. Nade, Event

    Coordinator, on “Ozone and its Depletion”. It was informative lecture. On this occasion we

    have inaugurated the Microtop II Ozonometer by hands of Vice-Chancellor Dr. V. A.

    Raikar. The Ozonometer is purchased under DST-SERB project (PI: Dr. Dada P. Nade) from

    Solar Light Pvt. USA for measurement of ozone, water vapor and aerosol at village Atigre.

    Last year we have organized Poster Competition on Ozone and its effect on Climate Change

    for internal students of School of Science and two guest lectures by Prof. D. B. Kelkar and

    Dr. Dada P. Nade. To organize that event, ISHARE Kolhapur-Sangli Sub Chapter has also

    contributed in the same. By considering the huge response from student side, we have

    organized this year a One Day Workshop on Ozone Day on 16th September, 2019. We called

    outside (university outside) students for the Poster Competition on the following


    1. Importance of ozone day

    2. Sources of ozone-depleting substances

    3. Women in science for ozone protection

    4. Global Warming and Climate Change

    Around 130 participants have registered from various Colleges and Schools and around 50

    participants from the Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur. Around 200 participants

    (around 180 students and 20 Faculty) were involved in this one day workshop. A workshop

    has inaugurated by Prof. C. H. Bhosale, (Department of Physics) which took place at ‘A

    Block’, Third Floor, Seminar Hall, on Monday 16th September, 2019 from 11.00 am to 12.00


  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    We inaugurated the workshop by planting water to tree and followed Saraswati Pujan. One

    of the Event Coordinator, Dr. Rani P. Pawar, has explained why we have been organizing

    such events in our university and then she mentioned about the previous workshop on

    ozone and activities conducted by the Department of Physics from last three years. After

    her introduction, Dr. Sarita P. Patil, HOD, Physics talked about the historic achievement of

    the Montreal Protocol for the phasing out the ozone depleting substances.

    "As we rightly focus our energies on tackling climate change, we must be careful not

    to neglect the ozone layer and stay alert to the threat posed by the illegal use of

    ozone-depleting gases." UN Secretary-General

  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    We should remember that the Montreal Protocol is both an inspirational example of how

    humanity is capable of cooperating to address a global challenge and a key instrument for

    tackling today’s climate crisis. Under this international treaty, nations have worked for 32

    years to slash the use of ozone-depleting chemicals, used largely by the cooling industry. As

    a result, the ozone layer that shields us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation is

    healing. Other aspects are the heat-waves, super-storms and climate disruption tells us we

    have no choice but to act now before it is too late.

    The recent detection of emissions of one such gas, CFC-11, reminds us that we need

    continued monitoring and reporting systems, and improved regulations and enforcement

    said by Dr. B. M. Hirdekar, Registrar, SGU, Kolhapur as a keynote speaker. He also pointed

    out about our responsibilities regarding the Nature. He also said that we should care our

    environment otherwise nature will reply us in the form of Flood, Earthquake and so on.

    Dr. Anand D. Sawant focused on production of CFC and current status of cooling industries.

    He pointed this issue after the introduction of the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating

    and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), Kolhapur- Sangli Sub-Chapter given by Mr.

    Nilesh Desai, Student Chair of ISHRAE. Mr. Desai has explained working style of ISHRAE

    and their contribution to society through various activities.

    In the presidential address Prof. C. H. Bhosale focused on natural source of energy that is

    the Sun. He pointed out, every day the Sun emitting tremendous amount of energy, and the

    energy emitted by the sun in one hour is equivalent to the requirement of one year energy

  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    for the whole world. He appreciates all the participants and organizers for such a

    wonderful societal event.

    For inaugural ceremony, Prof. C. H. Bhosale (President of inaugural ceremony), Prof. B. M.

    Hirdekar (Keynote Address), Dr. Anand D. Sawant (Dean, School of Science), Dr. Sarita P.

    Patil (HOD, Physics), Mr. Nilesh Desai (Student Chai of ISHRAE), Dr. Rani P. Pawar (Event

    Coordinator), Mr. Mahaveer Kanchgouda (Event Coordinator) and Dr. Dada P. Nade (Event

    Coordinator) were present on the dais. The vote of thanks has given by Mr. Mahaveer

    Kanchgouda on behalf of an organization, SGU and the organizing committee.

    After the inaugural ceremony immediately we have started the Special talk on “Global

    Warming: Role of Ozone” by Dr. Dada P. Nade. He addressed to the students about

    awareness of stratospheric ozone and tropospheric ozone as well. The stratospheric ozone

    is in recovering stage while the surface ozone going to increase rapidly and this is very

    dangerous for us. Due to this ozone, the concentration of oxygen became decreasing and

    hence we will face with birthing problem. He also explained the role of ozone in the Global

    Warming. In session of question-answering, he said that it is our moral responsibility to

    create awareness about climate change and environmental issues among the society.

  • Coordinators Dr. Dada P. Nade Dr. Rani P. Pawar Mr. Mahaveer K

    After the morning session, we have organized “Poster Competition” in Reading Room, First Floor,

    MBA Building from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm. Around 65 posters presented and maximum two

    members of a group has presented posters on the given subject. Dr. Sunanda M. Shinde (Assistant

    Professor, Liberal Arts, SGU, Kolhapur) and Mr. Sandeep B. Wategaonkar (Lecturer, Sanjay

    Ghodawat Polytechnic, Atigre) were thoroughly evaluated as an external experts and helped to

    reward the students for their creative efforts.

    As per pre-announcement of prizes for Poster Competition, the Judges have selected three posters

    out of 65 posters for prizes and in addition to these they have suggested two posters for

    consolation prize. The list of selected posters is given in below table. We really appreciate Judges,

    Dr. Sunanda M. Shinde and Mr. Sandeep B. Wategaonkar for their valuable time and dedication

    made it possible for us to reward students for their creative efforts.

    For prize distribution of the poster competition, we got eminent personality from our university,

    Prof. M. T. Telsang, Dean Academics, SGU. He has taken survey of the poster competition, and

    interacted with students about different kind of issues related to climate change and ozone. His

  • Coordinators Dr. Dad