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The Ins and Outs of the Student Work Experience

Cooperative Office Education (COE)Career & Technical Education Internship (CTEI)Cooperative Marketing Education (DECA)Early Childhood EducationCertified Nursing AssistantAutomotiveThe Ins and Outs of the Student Work ExperienceEmphasize that these are the designated work programs (programs where their grade or credits are based on their work experience)1

Familiarize yourself with the age that you are teaching, the type of job the student has, and the hours they are allowed to work based on this information. For more information check out www.laworks.net2Training MemorandumIntent to HireWork PermitForms Required In All Designated Work Programs


Training MemoUsed to take the place of the work permit but since 2004 both the Training Memo and the work permit are required for minors. A copy is sent to employer for their files and a copy is placed in student work file at school.4

Intention to EmployMust be completed by employer before a work permit can be issued to student. I keep a copy in the student work folder at school, also.5Employer LetterCourse Guidelines*Class Organization ReportTrack Hours and EarningsCash and Non-Pay StubsVisitation LogEmployer Progress Reports*End-Of-Year Report

COE, CTEI, & DECAAdditional forms that are used in these programs. Paid work programs6

Employer letterLetter given to student seeking employment to give to an employer stating that the student is enrolled in a school-to-work program. If using a written application, staple a copy of the letter to the application. If applying online, state in comment section that you are enrolled in a school to work program.7

Paid-Work GuidelinesGuidelines were written by our parish and approved by the state department.8

Class Organization ReportClass organization report; completed and sent to the state department before October 1. We send our form to our supervisor, Mrs. Shelia Woods who sends the report to the state. Lists name of student, m/female, name of employer, job title or type of work; is signed by principal and teacher/coordinator names the parish and the school9

Tracking hours and wages for students paid by check

Tracking hours and wages for each student. Number of work hours determines the # of credits earned. The # of required hours are given by the state department. In CTEI if students earns 180 work hours, one credit is given for the semester. If a students earns 360 work hours, 2 credits is given for the semester. I prefer to use an Excel spreadsheet because while we are tracking hours and wages for students we are also learning features of Excel softwareusing formulas, functions, and formatting cells. We also learn how to read a check stub.10

Tracking student hours and wages for students paid in cash

Tracking hours and wages for students paid in cash no pay stubs given. Source Document used to prepare the students time/wage sheet.11

Visitation/Observation Log

Remind them that have to visit 6 within a year (COE) or 3 per semester. Each visits to employer is documented by supervisors signature, date, time, and comments. Supervisors are asked for strengths of the student and areas that need improvement. On first visit a picture of the student is made at work and posted on interior door of classroom.Learning experiencesstudent introduces me to supervisor and later I share employers comments with student.12

Employee Progress ReportEach 4 weeks an employee progress report is completed by the employer and counts as 30% of students grade. Often when visiting an employer I take the report with me and ask questions about the ratings.13

End of year reportEnd of year reportreported to home schools, parish, and state department of education.14AYES PROGRAMNATEF PROGRAMAutomotive

Paid InternshipJob ShadowingIf you have a shop that is NATEF certified, they are eligible to join AYES. AYES instructors visit school programs to check for eligibility for certification will checksafety standards, curriculum (no older than 5 yrs) no car in shop over 10 yrs. Old Program must have Business and Education council Meetings once a semester.15www.ayes.orgOpportunities for Job Shadow and Paid InternshipAYES has own guidelines and formsMust be a NATEF certified shop

If you have a shop that is NATEF certified, they are eligible to join AYES. ***Automotive does not require the work program forms because they are doing an internship under AYES guidelines.AYES has their own guidelines and forms that this program has to follow. More information can be found online @

16Non-Paid InternshipsEarly Childhood EducationCertified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

17Training MemorandumStudent Internship ExpectationsStudent Check In Early Childhood EducationUnique forms for ECA18

Specific Training Agreement CDAEven though uses the traditional Training Memorandum, she has found that she needs a more specific training agreement for her program (Guidelines). Lists responsibilities of the student, participating school, and coordinators.19

Student Expectations Student expectations information primary for teachers in the schools that are new to the program.20

Student Check-In Form documents work hoursUsed to document # of work hours to determine if requirement for certification has been fulfilled.Full credential Requires: Must be a HS graduate and have been in charge of a classroomCompletion of Early Childhood Education I & II580 hours of work experiencePassing score on CDA test (taken at age 18 or later)

To earn partial certification (National recognized credential issued by Childhood Development Associate Council)90 documented work-based hoursPassing score on state administered test2.0 gpa120 documented content hours in either ECE I and II or Child Development and Advanced Child Development21Drug Screening Release FormBackground CheckImmunizations (Hepatitis B/TB test)Clinical Component Health History FormTime SheetEvaluation of Clinical Performance

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)Our teachers turn these forms into our Chief of Security for Bossier Schools, and he makes arrangements with the appropriate agencies to handle the drug screening and background checks for our programs.

ImmunizationsTeacher/State doesnt require, but the hospitals that we do our clinicals with do. If do not want to take Hepatitis B shot, have to sign a letter of declination.22

Drug Screening Release FormDrug Screening Release Form --This form is a modified copy of the form that is used for testing athletes.23

Background check formBackground check form given to Danny Dison , Chief of Security for Bossier Schools. 24

Clinical Component Health History FormClinical Component Health History Form purpose is to verify that the student is able to perform the activities which will take place in the clinical portion of the class.25

Check In Check Out FormDocument number of hours spent in clinicalsCheck in Check out-- form used to document number of hours spent in clinicals Teacher documents clinical hours by using a Check in /Check Out form. DOE requires 100 hrs to successfully complete clinicals. Requiement to be eligible for clinics 75% average in Allied Health.


Evaluation of Clinical PerformanceEvaluation of Clinical Performance27Career & Technical Endorsement

This portion is for students who are not in the designated work-based programs (programs where their grade or credits are based on their work experience). Exampleculinary arts, graphic arts, welding..Working in a field related to a course IN WHICH THEY ARE ENROLLED.

This is to acquire the Career Technical Endorsement on their diploma. Each Career & Technical Endorsement adds 180 points to the School Performance Score.

28Requirements2.5 GPA (Tops Core Tech)Minimum 17 ACTPassed all 4 GEE tests with scores of Approaching Basic or above.90 + hours of work-based learning experienceIBC or 3 college credits

Emphasize ACT in Junior year (especially students in CTE)

There are different ways to get the 3 college credits (dual enrollment, GT student who takes a college class, or students who are 11th and 12th and qualify to take something after school (after school or night classes).2990+ Hours of Work Based Learning Experience FormsStudent Application FormTeacher & Guidance Recommendation FormStudent Work-Based Learning Activity LogWork-Based Learning Verification FormCertificate of Successful Completion

These are all in a packet (hold it up)30

Student applicationStudent application form31

Teacher recommendation formTeacher recommendation form32

Documents work hoursHow they keep up with the work hours.Supervisor has to sign to verify.33

Summary of work experienceBasically a summary of the work experience signed off by the supervisor.34

Teacher verifications of hoursTeacher verifications of hours. Then all forms are turned in to the counselor or whomever handles diploma information.35ANY QUESTIONSTHE END

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