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BY:- VAIBHAVI SHAH(110210111059)

WHO IS CONTRIBUTOR?The one who gives something or adds something which is better for society according to the law are said to be a contributor.

They are full of human values and effectiveness.The Qualities of contributors are:-The contributor proactively takes up work.

The contributor focuses on the goal being achieved, not just the routine work.

The contributor is committed to their responsibilities of his role. He should not a clock watcher.

The contributor acts appropriately in each situation.My Presentation includes one of the most famous personality Suresh Buch.

He is very famous personality in Bhavngar.His knowledge has even cross the boundary of Bhavnagar as he is visiting faculty at IIM & AMA, Ahmedabad.

He is working in management field from almost 20 to 22 years

He has contributed his retired life in the field of Human Resource Management

Here, I started my conversation with Mr. Suresh Buch about his successful journey in the field of human resource....

According to him being successful it does not mean that you have to work whole day but he like to mention some points that areWork SmartlyWork from Your SoulFrom his success he believe in quality work rather than quantity work

According to His Views......

To become employee you needExperiencePerson should have practical & theoretical knowledgeCo-ordination EnthusiasticCareer Oriented

He believes that only providing jobs is not enoughBut providing job satisfaction is more important.

According to him at middle and higher level having quality work life is job satisfaction. Where as to know job satisfaction at lower level lesser labour turn over is viewed

In his views how to get things done by other according to higher level expectation.

When work is not done according to expectation first and most important thing is to check whether your goal is realistic or not and if so the very next step is to check where they are lacking behind??Is it regarding technology or HR problem etc...

In order to deal with problem MOTIVATION is only solution

The different kinds of motivations should be given to employee like

Monetary motivationSelf esteemGive them higher designationNon monetary motivation like livefares,gifts etc...


You are in the field of technology but never forget that importance of the human so go hand in hand with technology and human

In future if you became an entrepreneur dont treat your human resource like machines. Treat them well as they are your important assets with emotions.CONCLUSION....

From whole conversation with him I conclude that he added and created value of human resource in the eyes of management.

He also make us believe that Human Resource is not liability but they are important assets..