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  1. 1. GOVERNMENT ENGINEERINGCOLLEGE,BHAVNAGARSub: Contributors personalitydevelopmentPowered byBoricha shweta (110210111084)
  3. 3. HOW MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE? INTERVIEWEE : my experience is 18 years incivil hospital as nurse.
  4. 4. Since You are successful . How do youtake your work? a) as a goal..? b)as a mission..? c)as a vision..? d)as a challenge..? e)as a new establishment?INTERVIEWEE : as a mission..
  5. 5. According to you what are the qualities tobecome a successful employ ? INTERVIEWEE : according to me qualities arehard work , planning , management and tosupply all product or service which they canserve.
  6. 6. During your long successful career you might havefaced some challenges, how do you take it ? Asopportunities or hurdle? INTERVIEWEE : I takes that challenges asopportunities to prove my self.
  7. 7. According to you, what is a jobsatisfaction ..?a)external satisfaction.b)internal satisfaction.c) A and B both.INTERVIEWEE : in my view both the satisfactionare needed in my field.
  8. 8. Madam.. Sometimes in your career you mighthave faced your juniors are not workingaccording to your expectations how do youmake them work? INTERVIEWEE : I handle him or her as mystudent how you have to work and make themunderstand to him or her duty.
  9. 9. According to you what is your contributionto organisation and how do you relate it tosociety? INTERVIEWEE : To give extra time to hospitalwork. Related as a better service.
  10. 10. Can you give me any example of your personalexperience in which you demonstrate you cando attitude and overcome the fear of failure? INTERVIEWEE : yes have lots of experience offailure as well as I can do. But most of at worktime when have a critical operation of patientand their relatives are treat me as a worker.
  11. 11. What is your short term and long termvision? INTERVIEWEE : My short term vision is toserve best what I can do in my field and mylong term vision is to make people trust ingovernment hospital.
  12. 12. What is your message or an advance forfuture engineers or any suggestion foryouth? INTERVIEWEE : just one thing that serve theirbest things which they have and for youth tobecome health conscious and put ban onsmoking as it is injurious to health..
  13. 13. Will you please share any life experience ofyours, which you feel makes you asuccessful person. INTERVIEWEE : once it so happened that in OTthere were no doctors, we two nurse had todo operation and we did it successfully. That ismy best experience which sometimes makeme proud.
  14. 14. Thank you..