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  1. 1. ContributorPersonalityDevelopmentBY:Ajwaliya Mitsu P.(110210116015)
  2. 2. By:Ajwaliya MitsuP.(110210116015)(I.T.)Contributor:Mr. Bipin Vyas,Civil Engineer,Bhavnagar.
  3. 3. Course and Its Value ForFuture Engineers He is Civil Engineer. He is builded manyflats and houses, Complex in Bhavnagarcity and outside of the city also. He believes that only degree is notimportant but student has skill in his/herfield. Then, he will make successfulengineer. So, he advised to student thathe can give time in study with skill also.
  4. 4. Experience He is in his field nearly more than 15 years. He is builded many houses, complex, flats,also.
  5. 5. About Work He take his work as a new establishment,as a goal, as a mission. He is do his work properly as per planningand goal. He is do his work without see time until hewill not reached on his goal and planning. He like in his field work as he is do forsociety.
  6. 6. Challenges As per everyones life challenges arecome, same as in Bipin sirs life also. He is passed his diploma from and his parents are stayed injunagadh. At that time, he faces manychallenges. He stayed in hostel inBhavnagar at that time with bearinghostel nuisance and stay alone fromfamily. But, at that time he concentratedon his study for do his and his family.
  7. 7. Continued. It's been a long and exciting journey, buta journey full of focus and hard work. AndI think a journey full of saying 'yes, I'mwilling to take the next challenge. I'mwilling to; I have the confidence ofmoving through it and producing somegood results. He said.
  8. 8. Life Experience/ideal Person He is believed in Dhirubhai Ambani life. Dhirubhai faces many problems in life, buthe was made successful person same asMr. Bipin make a successful person withsuccessful faced challenges.
  9. 9. Advice for future Engineers He is give advised to future engineersthat he is in any branch, study is notenough. He has knowledge about currentaffairs, knowledge about his field/newtechnology in market. He said that student is concentrate instudy with some skills. He said there isneeded change in education system likestudy with skills. Then, student is madeskillable.
  10. 10. Short term Vision His short term vision is earn money forfamily and stay good & high lifestyle. He also believed for people to buildhouses at low possibly low rate.
  11. 11. Long Term Vision He said that not only good for him but foralso society. His team is work good until it will do hisbest and famous in city/state. His team will reached at peak ofpopularity.
  12. 12. Qualities of Successful Employ He said that employee is good in his areais not enough but he will be good inpersonality also. He is also good family member, goodperson in society. He will do help toindeed person, he is good in manner,talking and communication. He ismember of company not higher thancompany.
  13. 13. Contribution According to him, His contribution is makehimself more and more useful for society. He is builded home for people as possibleas low rate. He is stayed good relation with theirworkers.


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