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  1. 1. Every person has a longing to be significant, to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful.
  2. 2. VALUES + EFFECTIVENESS Swami Vivekanand Contributor Personality Development An Adani Group Initiative
  3. 3. Idea & Objective
  4. 4. There is a great need to equip students with not only the right skill-sets but also the right mind-sets. Importance
  5. 5. Who is a Contributor
  6. 6. The Contributors image of self is not defined by power and position. Rather, on the responsibility he/she has been entrusted with in that role. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  7. 7. The Contributors image of self is not defined by the qualifications and achievements he/she has got. Rather, he/she thinks of oneself as someone who has the capability to make a positive difference in the world. Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. 8. The Contributors image of self is not defined by his/her past glories. Rather, the contributor sees oneself in terms of his/her future potential what he/she can accomplish in the future. Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  9. 9. The Contributors image of self is not built on the pride of knowledge gained. Rather, he/she sees oneself as a learner where he is always willing to learn and grow. Isaac Newton
  10. 10. The Contributor is purpose-focused, and is thus willing to learn and do whatever it takes to serve the purpose. Dr. Manmohan Singh
  11. 11. Contributors take up an idea and work deeply with that idea to make it a reality in their lives, Contributors also look at the vision dimension of their work. Larry Tesler
  12. 12. Contributor is willing to try out and learn new things, volunteer for new responsibilities, take on new roles thus expanding his/her capacity Narendra Modi
  13. 13. An individual who Contributes to Society goes beyond commercial or organizational goals, and seeks to achieve the goals or purposes of the larger community / society Martin Cooper
  14. 14. The Contributors are focused on goals and find appropriate methods to achieve them within the framework of the system Mahatma Gandhi
  15. 15. Contributors set clear expectations and meets them. They under-promise and over-deliver Johnny Depp
  16. 16. Contributor is not deflected by failures & lack of resources. Contributors Keep trying until they convert their dreams into reality. Abraham Lincoln
  17. 17. The Contributors Career Strategy: Choose the Purpose Vision, Capacity Expansion Vision, Opportunity Vision. He always Searches for New Possibilities. Dr. Satyendra Nath Bose
  18. 18. Vision of Success
  19. 19. External Failure & Internal Failure External Success & Internal Success External Success & Internal Failure External Failure & Internal Success