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  3. 3. WHO IS THE CONTRIBUTOR TO THE SOCIETY ? Contributors have both human values as well as functional effectiveness . They get the job done, but also do it the right way. A person, who has values but no effectiveness, is not useful. By contributor I mean someone who keeps the goals of the organization at the center and still remains creative. It is not a person who decides to be so creative that he steps out of bounds and questions everything , ending up with no strategy. We can say Define that Contributor is the filter word of three things 1. Challenge 2. Response 3. Cycle
  4. 4. INTERVIEW TAKEN BY Name : Keval vora Branch : Computer Semester : Second ( 2 ) College : GEC Bhavnagar Enrollment : 140210107062
  5. 5. CONTRIBUTOR ACCORDING TO ME Name : Dipti Bhatt Profession : Teacher Experience: 32 years
  6. 6. WHY I THINK SHE IS A CONTRIBUTOR As the contributor is tutor , she tries to teach everything Disciples , How to handle the worst situation including the bookish knowledge . She treats her student as her own children . She also help student for higher studies financially . Hard working
  7. 7. THE CONTRIBUTORS VISION TO SUCCESS The contributor believes that sincerity towards her work , Seriousness towards her work , Honesty , Dedication towards her work , Commitment and Hard work is the way to succeed in life .
  8. 8. THE CONTRIBUTORS VISION OF CAREER She takes challenges in her profession as opportunities . She is Internally satisfied from her job or the career in her field . She takes her profession as purpose Vision . She wants 100% literacy in INDIA .
  9. 9. THE SCOPE OF CONTRIBUTOR Contributor always try to friendly with every one. She tries to help the way out of the problem with the Juniors , so that they can deal easily . She tries to obey the seniors , if they are wrong then try to explain the matter in detail and find the solution.
  10. 10. DESIGN SOLUTIONS Contributor design the solution dynamically , Contributors consider new / alternate possibilities in their thinking. She takes problem as the challenge and opportunities to enhance her knowledge .
  11. 11. FOCUS ON VALUE This positive difference or impact can be in the form of achieving a specific goal, creating a product, creating human touch in a particular interaction, or enhancing ones own capacity or the capacity of ones colleagues and team- mates. She takes the goal of her student as the goal to achieved by her . In short , the goal of her student is the goal of her.
  12. 12. ENGAGE DEEPLY Contributors are instantly distinguished by the way they approach work. They are involved, are enthusiastic. They go deep into the subject. In short, Contributors love what they do.
  13. 13. THINK IN ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST Means they find a way to create good for self and good for all at the same time including team mates, boss , customers, their organization.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION The characteristics of the person I had choose and the characteristics of the contributor are almost same . Therefore I concluded that Miss Dipti Bhatt is a contributor.
  15. 15. THANK YOU


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