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    SECTION 1 Contract Management 1. Introduction 2. Purpose 3. Scope 4. References 5. Definitions 6. Contractual Requirements 7. Contractor Site Access & Work Requirements 8. EMAL Core Values 9. EMAL IMS policy statement 10. EMAL EHS policy statement

    SECTION 2 General Safety 11. Site Rules 12. PPE 13. Housekeeping 14. Pre-Work Checklist 15. PTW 16. LOTOV

    SECTION 3 Specific hazards 17. Abrasive Wheels 18. Cartridge Tools 19. Confined spaces 20. Electricity and electrical equipment 21. Ergonomics 22. Excavation 23. Hazardous substances 24. High pressure tools and equipment 25. Hot work 26. Lifting equipment 27. Mobile equipment and transport 28. Noise 29. Radiation 30. Scaffolding 31. Signs, signals and barriers 32. Work at height 33. Work over water

    SECTION 4 Fire SECTION 5 Occupational Health and Hygiene SECTION 6 Environment SECTION 7 Security SECTION 8 Quality SECTION 9 Attachments

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    It is essential that there is a clear understanding by all concerned on the basic health, safety and environment principles to be applied at EMAL when work needs to be carried out by contractors. This approach is necessary to ensure that current legislation, procedural and industry guidelines are adhered to and both the Contractor and EMAL meet their statutory obligations. The selection of contractors based upon their safety and environmental awareness credentials is essential. Contractors must be able to prove their commercial and technical competence and the competence of their staff at all levels to undertake the work. 2. PURPOSE The purpose of this procedure is to promote the health, safety and environmental responsibilities of contractors and EMAL employees by establishing minimum standards for control during contract work on EMAL premises. In the contract specification EMAL will provide appropriate health, safety and environmental information to the contractor regarding the contract work. This information could include details of the environment within which the work will be carried out (risk assessments), existing drawings and design information, hazardous substances present, arrangements for site access, temporary accommodation and lay-down and storage areas, potential overlaps with EMAL and other contractors' activities, specific site rules to be observed and arrangements for liaison with EMAL during the execution of the contract. In the arrangements for managing the contract work the contractor shall take account of the information provided by EMAL particularly with regard to any hazards to health, safety and environment. The contractor shall also take account of any hazards created in carrying out the work. This document describes the arrangements required from the contractor for the management of health, safety and environment and highlights the most common hazards and hazardous activities encountered during work on EMAL premises together with the minimum acceptable standards for control to be exercised by the contractor. The list of hazards and hazardous activities is not to be considered exhaustive but contains those most frequently encountered. 3. SCOPE This document shall apply to all EMAL main contractors, subcontractors, contracted services, vendors and visitors working on the site. For the purposes of this document all parties will be collectively referred to as the contractor or contractors. This document does not in any way relieve contractors from their contractual requirement to comply comprehensively with all EMAL EHS procedures and standards.

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    Relevant standards and procedures shall be consulted for further details and guidance as specific issues arise. This document does not in any way relieve contractors from their legal obligation to comply with all aspects of legislation as laid down by the relevant UAE authorities. 4. REFERENCES

    HS.SAF.09 EHS Contractor Management 5. DEFINITIONS

    5.1. Manpower Supply A manpower supply contractor carries out employee roles under the direct supervision of EMAL. 5.2. Contractor Individuals, companies, partnerships or corporations who enter into contracts to execute work and/ or provide services to EMAL and who are not directly controlled or supervised by EMAL 5.3. Sub-Contractor Person who either solely, or as part of an organization, is employed by the principle contractor to carry out specified and agreed duties as part of the overall Project. Subcontractors must comply with the same requirements as contractors. The main contractor shall be responsible for all sub-contractors. 5.4. Service Provider A person who either solely or as part of an organization, and/or is employed by a contractor to carry out specified or agreed duties. Terms and conditions may be by a purchase order, written contract or implied conditions.

    5.5. Site Conditions

    It is a list of the EMAL standards, policies, procedures, work practices and risk assessment of the area where the job will be done.

    5.6. Scope of the work

    Scope of work is detailed work description that includes the EHS minimum expectations for the work.

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    5.7. Third party inspection

    A person, organization or a company that is an accredited by an authority having

    jurisdiction over inspection and testing of equipment, system, facility to perform and

    operate in UAE.

    5.8. EHS Plan

    An EHS plan is a document prepared by the contractor, which describes the health, safety and environmental arrangements that the contractor plans to put in place during the project in its different phases to avert any EHS accident. An EHS plan shall also detail the emergency response procedures that will be put in place. This document shall be signed by the contractor EHS representative and contractor responsible person/ Project Manager.

    5.9. Method Statement

    A Method Statement is a document, which describes steps required to complete a particular job safely.

    5.10. Risk Assessment

    A document that identifies hazards encountered in each step of a job and defines control

    measures to prevent release of those hazards. It further calculates the risk level in each

    step and adds more controls, if required so that the residual risk is as low as reasonably

    practice (ALARP).

    5.11. ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)

    "ALARP" is short for "as low as reasonably practicable". Reasonably practicable involves

    weighing a risk against the trouble, time and money needed to control it. Thus, ALARP

    describes the level to which we expect to see workplace risks controlled.

    6. CONTRACTUAL REQUIREMENTS 6.1. Statutory and Contractual Responsibilities The contractor shall ensure that his employees, those of his sub-contractors and any other agent acting on behalf of the contractor comply with all applicable aspects of health, safety and environmental legislation. The contractor shall also ensure the achievement and maintenance of the health; safety and environmental standards contained in Approved Codes of Practice and other recognised guidance documents. In addition to statutory responsibilities as employers, self employed persons or employees, all contractors, sub-contractors, their employees and agents must comply with EMAL

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    procedures specified in the contract, including the EHS site access permit and security clearance processes. 6.2. Contractor's Representative for Health and Safety Is a responsible person who has been nominated by the contractor, subcontractor or contracted service provider and who has knowledge and technical background of EMAL EHS Standards for the scope of the work. 6.3. Contractors Site Representative Contractors site representative is a responsible person who has been nominated by the contractor, subcontractor or contracted service provider and who has knowledge and technical background for carrying out the scope of the work safely. 6.4. EMAL Contract Owner EMAL contract owner is the EMAL person in charge of the project / work /services. 6.5. EMAL Contract User Shall be a competent person who can be the Contract Owner who will utilise the contract, once let, in a correct and appropriate manner with due regard to all aspects including safety, value for money, putting to work etc in line with those procedures and agreements set out in the contract details and EMAL Procedures. 6.6. Contract Management It is EMALs policy that the arrangements for the management of the environment and health and safety during the contract are established and agreed before work commences on site. This process will be completed prior to contract placement and will include the provision of health and safety and environmental information to the contractor in the tender specification. EMAL requires that the contractor fulfils the commitments made in the statement of health and safety and environmental policy as submitted and that the contractor's management and other employees fulfil the responsibilities placed upon them in that statement. The Health and Safety Policy Statement shall be dated and signed by the Contractors most senior management representative responsibl