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  • CONTINUING EDUCATION FORM IECA Summer Training Institute 2020 • July 27-31, 2020

    1. If you wish to receive official Continuing Education (CE) hours for sessions you attended: a. Initial beside the sessions you attended, writing in the names of elective sessions. Sign and date the form. b. Mail this form within 30 days to: CE Administrator, IECA, 3251 Old Lee Hwy, Ste. 510, Fairfax, VA 22030. c. Your CE certificate will be emailed to you within 6 weeks of the Summer Training Institute.

    2. If you don't need official CE hours, but want to keep track of educational hours, complete this form and keep it in your personal files. Do NOT submit it to IECA.

    Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ Phone: E-mail:

    Initial by each session that you attended in full, writing in the electives you attended.

    Day Date Sessions Contact Hours Initial Monday 7/27/20 Opening Session: Setting the Stage 1.50 Monday 7/27/20 Trends in the Profession 1.25 Monday 7/27/20 Essential Elective A: List Session: __________________ 0.75 ______

    Tuesday 7/28/20 Live Elective B: List Session: 1.00 Tuesday 7/28/20 Faculty Q&A 0.75 Tuesday 7/28/20 Mentoring Group 0.75 Tuesday 7/28/20 Elective C: List Session: ____________ 0.75 ______

    Wednesday 7/29/20 Live Elective D: List Session: 1.00 Wednesday 7/29/20 Mentoring Group 0.75 Wednesday 7/29/20 Elective E: List Session (Note, E3. is ineligible): 0.75 Wednesday 7/29/20 Faculty Q&A 0.75

    Thursday 7/30/20 Communication/Liability Issues 2.00 Thursday 7/30/20 Mentoring Group 1.00 Thursday 7/30/20 Faculty Q&A 1.00 Thursday 7/30/20 College Affordability and Financial Aid 1.00

    Or Elective F: List Session: ______________

    Friday 7/31/20 Elective G: List Session: ____________ 1.00 _____ Friday 7/31/20 Mentoring Groups 0.75 Friday 7/31/20 Faculty Q&A 1.00

    Total CE Hours:

    I certify that the information presented on this form is complete and accurate.

    __________________________________ _________________ _______________________ Signature of Participant Date Signature of IECA Officer

    Credit can only be granted for your participation in content sessions that will enhance your skills and knowledge as a professional. Credit is earned only for sessions that you attend in their entirety. A maximum of 17.75 official CE hours can be earned by participation in the sessions offered during the Summer Training Institute. Attendees cannot earn official CE credits for some marketing sessions.

    This document will serve as evidence of your participation. It may not be accepted by all licensing agencies for state or national accreditation. Mail to: IECA, Attn: CE Administrator, 3251 Old Lee Highway, Ste. 510, Fairfax, VA 22030 or email to:

    The Independent Educational Consultants Association has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6632. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. The Independent Educational Consultants Association is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

    Address: Phone: Email: Total CE Hours: Date: Initial 1: Initial 2: A Elective: Initial 3: Initial 4: Initial 6: B Elective: C Elective: D Elective: Initial 7: Initial 8: E Elective: Initial 9: Initial 10: Initial 11: Initial 12: Initial 13: Initial 14: Initial 15: Initial 16: Initial 17: F Elective: G Elective: Name: Name of Participant: Initial 5a: Initial 5b: