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Contik Europe Winter Travel Guide 2012-13


<ul><li><p> Contiki H</p><p>olidays Europe W</p><p>inter 2012/13 Legendary for a reason</p><p>HOLIDAYS FOR 18-35S2012/13 EUROPE WINTER </p><p>Your travellers guide</p></li><li><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 2Europe Winter 1-84.indd 2 14/11/2012 12:1514/11/2012 12:15</p></li><li><p>3Welcome to Contiki</p><p>Here at Contiki, were a bunch of passionate travellers like you, so we know all the top tips that you need to know before &amp; during your trip.</p><p>Weve put together this handy (&amp; exclusive!) Travellers Guide to set you out right.</p><p>Before you go</p><p>From the big stuff, like where does my tour start &amp; what should I pack, to the smaller stuff, like wheres the best place to find free WiFi on tour its all here in our handy guide.</p><p>When youre on the road</p><p>Weve packed in a load of ideas about cool things to do in some of our start cities &amp; other cities we visit. Its the stuff the locals love - from the best places to shop, where to try some authentic local food or just chill. </p><p>Keep this in your pocket or take the sharing is caring approach &amp; pass it onto a friend when youre done. </p><p>For even more info check out the Travel Resources section of our website Or jump on Facebook or Twitter &amp; ask us direct. Simple! </p><p>Let the adventure begin</p><p>Love, </p><p>Team Contiki. </p><p>THE ORIGINAL </p><p>SINCE 62Celebrating 50 great years.</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 3Europe Winter 1-84.indd 3 14/11/2012 12:1514/11/2012 12:15</p></li><li><p>4Whats inside?</p><p>Before you go ............................................................. 6-13 Packing Clothing for ski &amp; snowboard holidays Hand Luggage Visas Kick start meeting Flying hints Documents &amp; Money Currency conversion Budgeting on tour Tipping Electricity &amp; voltage Join us online Contiki community Online on the road Love Wifi?</p><p>Deep Vein Th rombosis (DVT) ...............................14-15</p><p>Map of where we travel .........................................16-17</p><p>Contiki on the road .................................................18-22 Your Contiki team Where you stay Time Out (Superior) tours Ski &amp; Board Tours in the Austrian Tyrol How we travel Your coach Laundry on tour Love to shop? Fashion with Contiki Making phone calls International country codes</p><p>Our Europe ..............................................................23-39 London Underground (Tube) map London Amsterdam Paris</p><p>Our other start cities ............................................ 40-63 Berlin Cairo Dublin Edinburgh Madrid Hopfgarten Rome Vienna</p><p>More Europe ............................................................64-79 Austria Czech Republic Egypt France Germany Hungary Italy Leichtenstein Principality of Monaco The Netherlands Spain Switzerland United Kingdom of Great Britain &amp; Northern Ireland Vatican City</p><p>Keen to join our team ...................................................78</p><p>Keep travelling with Contiki.......................................79</p><p>Other stuff .................................................................... 80</p><p>Worldwide offi ces ....................................................... 83</p><p>................................................................ 5</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 4Europe Winter 1-84.indd 4 14/11/2012 12:1514/11/2012 12:15</p></li><li><p>5The Exchange brings together the hottest trends in music, fashion, food, nightlife and more from around the globe. Keep in the know and get your fix on The Exchange.</p><p> BeatsTURN UP THE VOLUME</p><p> Check out what were listening to at the moment, whos got the best remix, and whats recommended to us.</p><p> LooksTHE STREET IS YOUR RUNWAY</p><p> From cute boutiques in LA, the catwalks of Paris, to street styles in Sydney and more, we have your fashion fix covered &amp; show you how to get the hottest local look.</p><p> CraveYOUR GUIDE TO EATS &amp; OUTS</p><p> Go local and find the best places to drink, dine and party abroad or check out fun new places closer to home!</p><p> PlayGET MOVING</p><p> Whatever it is that gets your blood pumping we have it covered. Get the go on sport, the low down on new fitness trends and the hottest adrenaline fixes.</p><p> ExploreWHERE TO GO, WHAT TO SEE</p><p> The Exchange brings together all the coolest things to do around the world. Weve got the inside goss on all things local &amp; were always on the hunt for new gems to share with you!</p><p> wwwhat!?WHAT WE LOVE ON THE WEB</p><p> We love cruising the web to find the most awesome and quirky content online. Check out whats trending on twitter or tumblr and whose YouTube channel were watching!</p><p>Get your fix at</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 5Europe Winter 1-84.indd 5 14/11/2012 12:1514/11/2012 12:15</p></li><li><p>6Before you goPack your bagsPacking for your trip can be niggly, so we make it easy with some handy tips.</p><p>On our tours, you can bring 1 bag or suitcase of 29 x 20 x 10 or (73cm x 50cm x 25cm), with a max weight of 20kg (44lbs) &amp; one piece of hand luggage.</p><p>Heres an idea of what you could pack before you go. As well as all the standard stuff to keep you snug like jeans &amp; jumpers plus your iPod etc. Here are a couple of ideas about what else you might need on tour Rainproof jacket, gloves &amp; a scarf or two. Comfy walking shoes Travel alarm clock A watch! Swim wear A diary (for writing down all your travel stories) Medical stuff Travel adaptor/s Spare camera memory cards Going out gear &amp; shoes A couple of fold away travel bags (for all that shopping, girls!) Some portable speakers</p><p>And dont forget Your passport! Your Contiki Tour Documents &amp; hotel vouchers Travel insurance details Visas (if applicable, see below) Credit cards &amp; cash A spare print out of all your important details, just incase</p><p>Clothing for ski &amp; snowboard holidaysFor skiing and snowboarding, warmth is essential, but try to avoid the bulk that is usually associated with keeping the cold out. It is far better to have a few layers of thin, but warm, clothing rather than one thick jumper. This means that you can peel off a layer at a time as you get hot from skiing/snowboarding (or falling over!). </p><p>Before you go its essential that you have the following gear with you.</p><p> Ski jacket: Should be snow and wind proof, warm, yet lightweight with enough room for two thin sweaters.</p><p> Ski pants/overpants: Should be warm &amp; water resistant.</p><p> Gloves or mitt ens: It is essential to have a good pair of gloves or mittens. The best protection is provided by fleece-lined, waterproof, leather or gore-tex gloves/mittens.</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 6Europe Winter 1-84.indd 6 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>7 Sunglasses or goggles: Sunglasses or goggles are a definite must. If you choose sunglasses, it is essential that they are shatterproof.</p><p> Socks: A thin pair worn underneath a thicker pair or double layer of socks are usually the most comfortable when youre up the mountain.</p><p> Sweaters: Two thin sweaters are warmer than one thick one. Cotton turtle necks are good to wear under wool sweaters to provide protection for your neck.</p><p> Aprs-Ski boots: Take rubber soled boots, preferably warm and waterproof.</p><p> Hats: A hat is essential for warmth as you lose a lot of body heat through your head. It is a good idea to buy one that protects your cheeks.</p><p> Sun screen: A waterproof, high protection factor sun screen will protect skin both from the sun and wind.</p><p> Lip balm: To provide protection from chapped lips.</p><p>Please note: Ski clothing can also be hired in Hopfgarten at an additional cost. See p.56 for details.</p><p>For more, head to for all our suggestions. </p><p>Hand luggageOn some of our tours, it is necessary to use an overnight bag on the occasional nights when its not possible to unload your bags from the coach (like overnight ferries etc). Its a good idea to bring an overnight bag, or hand luggage thats big enough to double up as an overnighter when needed.</p><p>VisasDepending on your nationality, you may need visas to enter some of the countries included in your tour. Check with your travel agent or go online to determine whether or not you need visas to travel. </p><p>Kick-start meetingsOn all our tours, a Kick-Start meeting with your Tour Manager will be held at the beginning of your tour check your tour docs and thehotel/Contiki Village notice board for details.</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 7Europe Winter 1-84.indd 7 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>8Come y with meHere are some of our top flying hints before you leave home. Carry your travel documentation, camera &amp; books/magazines in </p><p>your hand luggage Double (or triple!) check that youve got your passport Dont forget that most airlines have 50ml liquid restrictions that </p><p>must fit in one plastic bag so make sure yours fit. Buying Duty Free is great, but double check your Duty</p><p>Free limits Travelling can dry you out, especially on long haul flights. We love </p><p>taking an empty drink bottle on board &amp; asking for it to be filled with water, to avoid jumping up &amp; down for re-fills</p><p> Stay up as long as you can when you arrive to help adjust to local time, fast.</p><p>MoneyThe main currencies youll encounter in Europe are the EURO &amp; the British Pound. </p><p>On our tours, if youre visiting countries like Switzerland you may come across other currencies. Your On-road Team will explain all about the currencies &amp; where the best places are to find cash when youre on tour.</p><p>Access to cash on tourIts a good idea to carry your cash in a number of different ways, so youre never caught short. Its a good idea to have some cash, a credit card &amp; debit card when you travel.</p><p>Debit cards mean you can access money at cash machines throughout Europe, or you can get a pre-loaded cash card (like Travelex) &amp; load it up before you leave home. Your Tour Manager will let you know the best places to find cash. Just make sure you have a pin associated to the card before you leave home.</p><p>Note: Explore More optional activities are paid for in cash only.</p><p>Currency conversion tableIts always good to keep track of your money as you travel, so currency conversions can help when youre out exploring. Heres a little helpful guide on exchange rates (as at July 26th, 2012). Note: Exchange rates can vary, this info is a guide-only. We love apps, so if youve got a smart phone, then we recommend you download the free XE travel app, for up-to-date currency info wherever you travel. Check out our free apps on page 12 for more info &amp; more cool must-have travel apps.</p><p> USD CAD AUD NZD RAN GBP EURGBP 0.64 0.63 0.66 0.51 0.08 1.00 0.78SFR 0.98 0.97 1.01 0.78 0.12 1.53 1.20CZK 20.64 20.44 21.43 16.53 2.50 32.40 25.38EGP 6.07 6.01 6.30 4.86 0.73 9.52 7.46EUR 0.81 0.81 0.84 0.65 0.10 1.28 1.00</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 8Europe Winter 1-84.indd 8 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>9Budgeting on tourBudgeting for your trip is one of the hardest things to do before you leave home. Everyone is different, so its hard to know how much money to bring on your trip. On our tours, we include loads like breakfast every day &amp; lots of evening meals so, for help planning your budget on tour, check out &amp; click on or look for the spending money tab for more.</p><p>TippingIn all areas of the service industry in Europe, from restaurants, bars, hotels &amp; taxis, it is common practice to tip if you feel that the service received has been excellent.</p><p>The same goes for your Contiki Team. If you feel that your Tour Manager &amp; Drivers service has been exceptional, then feel free to tip them if you feel theyve done a great job. If you choose to tip, we recommend around c2 per person per day, however whether or not you choose to tip (&amp; how much) is completely up to you.</p><p>Electricity &amp; voltageMost locations where Contiki travel in Europe operate on alternating current (AC) which varies between 220 240v. Travellers from North America should note that due to the difference in voltage (120v in USA and Canada) you may require a power convertor to enable electrical equipment to work in Europe and Britain.</p><p>Throughout Europe you will require an adaptor which allows you to plug into a two pin European power socket. In Great Britain and Ireland you will require an adaptor which allows you to plug into a 3 pin British power socket. </p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 9Europe Winter 1-84.indd 9 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>Save yourself time &amp; check-in online</p><p>All you need to do is:</p><p>Skip the line &amp; check in online before you leave home. It only takes about 5 minutes &amp; will save you time on day 1 of your tour. Think of it as the last step before you leave home, plus it makes sure we have all your important info on file incase we need to contact you. </p><p>1. Visit Follow the easy to use instructions on screen &amp; enter all </p><p>your details(like your passport number, references &amp; insurance details)</p><p>3. Youre done! Youll also have access to your essential tour information in your Contiki profile &amp; a load of other cool stuff on the Contiki Community. </p><p>Join us online... </p><p>Already lookig for your next trip? Use our trip finder to find your perfect </p><p>trip. Our tour pages have past traveller reviews, interactive route </p><p>maps, the ability to compare tours &amp; you can check live availability </p><p>&amp; definite departures.</p><p>Whatever youre looking for your search starts at </p><p></p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 10Europe Winter 1-84.indd 10 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>Contiki Community</p><p> Stay connected on</p><p>Or become a friend</p><p>Join the Contiki community to create a personal profile, plan your trip, save articles &amp; share your travel experiences. Youll also get access to our discussion forums where you can chat to past travellers &amp; our super-knowledgeable Contiki Team for lots of handy travelling tips &amp; advice. Plus, head to our meeting place &amp; chat with your tour mates before you leave.</p><p>Join up</p><p>Contiki Reviews</p><p>Win a tour - share your review &amp; win a Contiki trip.Dont just take our word for it, check out our tour reviews &amp; see what our past travellers have to say about our trips. Plus, once you get back from your tour, leave a review &amp; you could win your next trip on us!Find out more</p><p>Get in touchDont miss our latest updates, deals or giveaways. Our team are there to answer questions, give advice &amp; talk &amp; share all things Contiki.</p><p>Follow us </p><p>Or watch us</p><p>Europe Winter 1-84.indd 11Europe Winter 1-84.indd 11 14/11/2012 12:1614/11/2012 12:16</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>We asked our Tour Managers to tell us about the handiest &amp; best travel tools &amp; apps. Here are their top picks. The best bit? Theyre all free.</p><p>WiFi FinderInstantly find free WiFi Internet hotspots wherever you </p><p>are across Europe. This handy little app allows you to pinpoint the nearest WiFi spots, complete with address &amp; how long it will take you to get there. Available for: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android.</p><p>XE CurrencyCant work out your Euros from your Krona, or your Francs </p><p>from Kuna? Problem solved. This cool currency converter will let you choose your favourite currencies for comparison. Available for: Web, iPhone/iPod To...</p></li></ul>