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  1. 1. Group 2Chapter 1Solange MazaRyan FlynnRichard WeslockChris MassaquoiKory Colon
  2. 2. The Power of Context The B and the 13 discuss howthe associative context has astrong influence on perception The Power of Context is sostrong that a person can confuseand have a hard timedifferentiating the B and the 13.
  3. 3. Associative ContextHow would you respondto this sign?Would you take someflying lessons?
  4. 4. Aesthetic Context In aesthetic context, ourperceptual processes areimmediate and influential. Even when we know we arebeing manipulated, we respondin predictable ways. In this Ebbinghaus the circles inthe middle are alike but aperson can perceive the circle infigure b to be bigger than circlein figure a.
  5. 5. Tilted Horizontal We can perceive a tilted horizonline as a relatively unstableevent. In the car image we canpredict that the car is travelingfast around the turn. Certain lighting, colors andmusic can have an immediateemotional effect on you.
  6. 6. Identify Visual Cues
  7. 7. Identify Visual Cues
  8. 8. ConclusionBefore you can expect to help viewers become moresensitive to their surrounding and unlearn, at least tosome degree, their habitual ways of seeing, you will haveto acquire a degree of aesthetic literacy that allows youto perceive the complexities, subtleties, and paradoxes oflife and to clarify, intensify and interpret themeffectively for an audience
  9. 9. THE END