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Screenshot progression of contents pageshea mcguigan

To achieve my template, firstly I used a line and rotated it to divide the page. I made the right colour by selecting a colour with the palette and added a noise effect to create a sandpaper look. To create the blue teared the paper I used a rectangle shape and a custom shape to create the paper part and joined them together, using the eye dropper tool create the same colour. To create the left half I chose a lighter cream colour than the right half and used the paint bucket tool to apply it. I then used rectangles and scaled them to create the headlines.

I then added the the images and placed them in the places I selected.

I then added added the contents of the magazine. I followed the colour scheme of yellow and blue. To wrap the text round the image at the bottom of the page I used the pen tool to mark where I would want the text to stop and selected no fill and no stroke to make it invisible.

I then added text to this section, again, using the pen tool to distinguish where the text would wrap round the image. I typed the text and rotated it using edit > transformation > rotate.

To complete the rest of the right-hand third of the contents page, I placed a text box and wrote the necessary text (information on the magazine). To make the background of the text like I have, I again used the pen tool and anchored each point around the text. Instead of giving it no fill, I gave it the same colour as the left side using the eye dropper tool and filled it using the paint bucket tool.

Finished product