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  • Sayfa 1


    01 OCTOBER / EKM 2010


    1. IRAQ / IRAK

    2. IRAN / RAN


    4. EGYPT / MISIR


    6. SYRIA / SURYE






  • Sayfa 2

    1. IRAQ / IRAK

    After meeting with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in Damascus on Wednesday, Al

    Iraqiya List leader Iyad Allawi urged international and regional powers not to interfere in

    Iraqs government formation.

    Allawi asked Syria on Wednesday to persuade Iran not to interfere in Iraq.

    Assad told Allawi that Syria would "support any agreement that gets Iraqis out of the

    current crisis and contribute to the formation of a government of national unity that

    brings together all the forces represented in parliament," SANA said. (Alsumaria Iraqi

    Satellite TV)

    The National Alliance is due to meet on Thursday night after adjourning Tuesdays


    The National Alliance was put off till Thursday since Al Sadr Front and the Islamic

    Supreme Council did not attend, a political source said.

    Al Sadr Front is engaged in a visit to Najaf Province while the Islamic Council has been

    boycotting the meetings since Tuesday, a source from Al Sadr Front said.

    If the Islamic Council abstains from attending, the mechanism of voting to premiership

    candidate would be ineffective for lack of two competitors, the source added. (Alsumaria

    Iraqi Satellite TV)

    Al Sadr Front leader Sayyed Moqtada Al Sadr acknowledged that he was subject to

    pressure to rename Nuri Al Maliki for a second term.

    Political pressures are a status quo, he said.

  • Sayfa 3

    Al Sadr Front aims to serve its followers and protect them from oppression regardless of

    the Prime Minister to be. (Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV)

    Head of Al Iraqiya List Iyad Allawi and senior officials Rafea Al Issawi and Ousama Al

    Nujaifi started on Tuesday night a visit to Damascus.

    The visit is aimed to discuss a number of issues mainly Iraqi government formation.

    (Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV)

    A leader from the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) led by Ammar al-Hakim

    dismissed the reports that the Iraqi National Alliance (INA)'s prime ministerial candidate

    has stepped down.Adel Abdul Mahdi

    Hakim also leads the INA which is the third ranking bloc in the Iraqi parliament. The bloc

    nominated Adel Abdul-Mahdi in early September to challenge the outgoing PM Nouri al-

    Maliki and the former PM Ayad Allawi for the post.

    Speaking to AKnews on Thursday, Habib Tarafi, a leader from the ISCI refuted the reports

    concerning Abdul-Mahdi's step down from the PM candidacy, saying they are the

    "personal statements of some leaders in Maliki's State of Law Coalition (SLC)."

    Tarafi described the statements "baseless", underlining that Abdul-Mahdi enjoys more

    support than Maliki "for the ISCI is a major segment in the National Coalition (NC)."

    "The NC openly supports Abdul-Mahdi," Tarafi remarked.

    In the March general elections al-Iraqiya won 91 seats, the SLC 89, and the INA 70.

    Following the elections, the INA and the SLC, the two predominately Shia blocs, united in

    the NC in the hope of obtaining the right to form the government. However, the super

    bloc fell four seats short of the 163 seats required.

  • Sayfa 4

    Some segments in the NC, especially the Sadr Current have rejected Malikis bid to lead

    the government for a second term.

    No party can prevent Adbul-Mahdi's candidacy, said the leader from ISCI, while he

    stressed that all the parties should agree on the elected PM.

    He took such "false" reports as a "clear indication [of efforts] by the SLC to disband the


    On Thursday the ISCI once more demanded the SLC to name another candidate or the

    ISCI will not attend the meetings for choosing the NC's PM nominee.

    The INA repeatedly asked the SLC to replace Maliki with another nominee but only when

    the calls hit an impasse the INA named Adbul-Mahdi. Now the merger bloc has to choose

    between the two candidates from within its ranks. (AK News)

    A member in al-Iraqiya list headed by the former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said that a

    force from the Kurdish security (Asayesh) came to Daquq area and seized the personal

    belongings of the Arab citizens, asking them to leave the city within one week, while a

    security source in Daquq denied this issue.

    Omar al-Jabbouri said in a news conference held on Thursday at the parliament, "The

    incident came within the demographic change in the city before the census. The

    government must investigate the incident, prosecute the perpetrators and bring the

    personal belongings to their owners. The force had told the citizens to get their

    possessions at the first checkpoint outside the city.

    The police chief in Daquq Chuan Majid denied the incident, saying "no force carried out

    this process in Daquq."

    Kirkuk is 255 km northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, it is one of the disputed areas

    between the Federal Government in Iraq Kurdistan Regional Government. (AK News)

  • Sayfa 5

    A member of the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) said on Thursday that the the Iraqi

    Defense Minister, Abdul-Qader al-Obeidis signature on an agreement that allows

    Turkish forces to enter Iraqi territory to hunt down PKK members is a flagrant and

    dangerous violation of the constitution.

    Mohammad Khalil

    Mohammad Khalil told AKnews that the agreement allegedly signed by the Iraqi minister

    constitutes a dangerous precedent for Iraq that lacks both legal and constitutional

    legitimacy as the countrys legislative authorities had not been consulted.

    "Article 9 of the Constitution states that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense must not interfere

    in political affairs, he said.

    "Al-Obeidi is a caretaker (interim) minister now; he cant take such a step".

    "The entry of any State across the Iraqi border is considered a violation on Iraqi

    sovereignty and the Iraqi people.

    Khalil said that such liberties, pave the way and open doors to further interventions.

    The Iraqi government allegedly signed an agreement with Turkey during the visit of a

    security delegation headed by Abdel-Qader al-Obeidi to Ankara two days ago that allow

    Turkey entry into Iraqi territory to pursue the PKK members it says are hiding in the

    mountainous border regions.

    This morning however, the Iraqi Army Chief, Babakir Zebari dismissed all reports of such

    a deal that appeared in the Turkish media, saying that such an agreement could not be

    made without consulting the Kurdistan Region where the Iraqi-Turkish border lay.

    The meeting between the two countries had covered a range of subjects according to

    Zebari, such as the training of the Iraqi armed forces, deracinating terror in Iraq and

    reinforcing their mutual ties.

  • Sayfa 6

    The Turkish government used intelligence provided by the United States and has

    launched a series of air raids against PKK targets which began in September 2007 and

    have on several occasions penetrated into Iraqi territory.

    Earlier this year a committee made up of the U.S. military, and the Iraqi (including the

    Kurds) and Turkish defense ministries was set up to resolve the PKK related border


    The PKK, recognized by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union as a terrorist

    organization, has taken arms against Turkey since 1984 for the rights of the 20 million or

    so Kurds living in the country. (AK News)

    One member of the Iraqi parliament stated on Wednesday that the Iraqi legislators

    would hold an assembly in parliament next week while another lawmaker has rejected

    the possibility. Iraqi Parliament, Parlamani Iraq

    The first parliamentary session in mid June, where the elected deputies were sworn in,

    was technically opened and then postponed to an indefinite date until the blocs could

    settle their differences.

    From the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC), Mohsen Sadun told AKnews that the Iraqi

    President, Jalal Talabani, and Vice President, Adel Abdul-Mahdi have met and agreed for

    parliament to reconvene next week.

    The KBC comprises all the Kurdish factions which together have 57 seats in the Iraqi


    "Talabani will demand the acting Iraqi parliament speaker, Fuad Massum to summon the

    members to parliament," he added.

    He urged the presidency of parliament to respect and protect the Iraqi constitution

    against any infringement and resume the sessions.

  • Sayfa 7

    Many observers held parliament accountable for concluding the first session open as

    well as the seven months of delay in government formation. They maintain the open

    sessions and the delay are not supported by the constitution.

    Last months a number of the NGOs protested against the violation and demanded to sue

    Massum, the acting speaker of the parliament.

    "There were no excuses to call off the sessions and the constitution of the parliamentary

    committees", the Kurdish lawmaker believed.

    However, another member of the KB


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