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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>Content Marketing: </p><p>Getting in on the action </p></li><li><p>How to measure How to engage How to get started </p><p>2 </p><p>WHAT AM I GOING TO COVER TODAY? </p></li><li><p>Personal. </p><p>Sources: Text100 Influence Index: Paving the Path to Advocacy Text100 APAC Consumer Electronic Index </p><p>Familiarity breeds content. </p><p>2 in 3 Asian shoppers have already decided which brand to buy before point-of- sale </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>Content is the fuel of marketing; but its a struggle for most marketers </p></li><li><p>GREATER CREDIBILITY. </p><p> More than 70% of B2B decision-makers use social media to guide their decisions. </p><p>HIGHER VISIBILITY. </p><p>Companies with more than 200 blog posts have 5 times more leads than those with 10 or fewer. </p><p>SALES OUTCOMES. </p><p> 78% of salespeople who use social media will perform better than their peers. </p><p>WHATS IN IT FOR ME? </p><p>Sources: </p><p></p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>GETTING STARTED </p></li><li><p>Every great marketing content program starts with your own original content ...but how do you scale these </p><p>across your multi-platforms for greater engagement and reach? </p><p>9 </p></li><li><p>TARGET OUTCOMES </p><p>AWARENESS </p><p>ENGAGEMENT </p><p>AMPLIFICATION </p></li><li><p>Compelling content drives conversations and action across Earned, Owned, and Paid channels. </p><p>11 </p></li><li><p>EARNED OWNED PAID </p><p>Product / news press / blog </p><p>coverage </p><p>Press release / case studies on </p><p>website </p><p>Facebook ads </p><p>Case study media / blog coverage </p><p>Flash demos </p><p>SEM Blog posts </p><p>Analyst papers Landing page </p><p>Outdoor </p><p>Broadcast </p><p>Print </p><p>Tip sheets Feature articles about technology </p><p>/ trends Infographics </p><p>Search </p><p>Trade show </p><p>Buyers guides </p><p>Speaking engagements </p></li><li><p>FIRST, UNDERSTAND WHAT PLATFORMS CAN DO FOR YOU </p><p>13 </p><p>Be a trusted advisor and visionary in C-level </p><p>discussions </p><p>Consistently provoke and join conversations with </p><p>influencers </p><p>Support sales engagements with </p><p>insightful, topical ideas </p></li><li><p>14 </p><p>EXERCISE 1: LETS TRY CREATING A SAMPLE CONTENT CALENDAR! </p></li><li><p>15 </p><p>Action: Increase awareness about new Hyper Island course </p><p>Content: Hyper Island course outline </p><p>Touch </p><p>Points </p><p>LinkedIn </p><p>Guest lecturers article </p><p>5 reasons why this </p><p>course is important to </p><p>marketers </p><p> Earned (influencer </p><p>engagement) </p><p>Company Blog </p><p>We believe Asia will drive </p><p>the future of marketing </p><p>Hyper Island </p><p>spokesperson article </p><p> Owned </p><p>Facebook </p><p>Why this course could </p><p>prepare you for next-</p><p>generation marketing </p><p> Owned </p><p> Paid (Facebook ads) </p><p>Twitter </p><p>Our spokesperson shares </p><p>a preview to our latest </p><p>course [blog link] </p><p>#futuremarket </p><p>#hyperisland </p><p> Owned </p><p>EXERCISE 1: EXAMPLE </p></li><li><p>16 </p><p>LETS TALK STRATEGY </p></li><li><p>18 </p><p>WHAT IS THE OPPORTUNITY? </p></li><li><p>THE CONSUMER </p><p>Understanding motivations and purchase intent </p><p>*Analyzed across 15 face to face interviews </p></li><li><p>What to listen for? </p><p> Who is talking? </p><p> What are they saying? </p><p> Why are these being said? </p><p>20 </p><p>SOCIAL LISTENING </p></li><li><p> BUZZSUMO </p></li><li><p>TRENDING SOCIAL CONTENT </p><p>TOP SHARED ARTICLES (GLOBAL) </p><p>MOST SHARED ARTICLES (REGION) </p><p>44 </p></li><li><p> Pick a topic that youve recently experienced a story shared by a customer, trends that are coming up in conversations or opportunities that youve had to address. </p><p> Define your point of view. Try to summarise your opinion on your topic in a single sentence. Your opinion should be fresh and ideally a little bit contrary to popular logic. </p><p> Cite other sources. Publicly-referenced case studies (e.g. The Guardian) lend substance to your opinion. Apart from statistics and analyst reports, you can also quote other influencers or even ask them for their input on Twitter or LinkedIn. </p><p>23 </p><p>3 TOP TIPS FOR CONTENT DEVELOPMENT </p></li><li><p>24 </p><p>HOW SHOULD I ENGAGE? </p></li><li><p>1. Fill in your profile with concise, topical information. Think about what would interest your customers or cause them to trust you more. </p><p>2. Identify some groups or company pages to follow. Look for groups with active discussions where you can make useful contributions from your own experience. You might also include groups relating to non-profits, causes, or education based on your background. </p><p>3. Add any useful business connections youve made recently. </p><p>25 </p><p>FOUNDATIONS: LINKEDIN </p></li><li><p>Engaging with target audience: </p><p> Share third-party content and offer opinions in your status </p><p> Join industry groups; ask questions in your status to encourage discussion </p><p> Share branded content to increase exposure of brand and showcase expertise </p><p>AMPLIFYING AMBASSADORS THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ON LINKEDIN </p><p>Feed posts into the company page </p><p>Amplify posts from the company page </p></li><li><p>Know your audience </p><p>1. Make your posts timely, based on seasonal and current events </p><p>2. Think about what kind of content supporters probably want to see in News Feed before you post </p><p>3. Research your target audiences interests and talk about them in your posts </p><p>27 </p><p>FOUNDATIONS: FACEBOOK </p></li><li><p>28 </p><p>TOP TIPS FOR ENGAGEMENT </p><p>Solutions-oriented messages are often the most engaging. Example headline: One little-known way to [solve a problem]: [solution] </p><p>Cross-Channel Promotion: Encouraging Facebook users to follow the conversation on Twitter or Instagram cross-promotes your IG / Twitter account and increases your social media reach. </p><p>A recent look at 682 Facebook posts found that posts containing advice or were shared 522% more than posts that werent advice related (Source: Blog.Wishpond) </p><p></p></li><li><p>29 </p><p>TOP TIPS FOR ENGAGEMENT </p></li><li><p>CONTENT SYDNCATION </p></li><li><p>Outbrain refers people to content thats relevant to their interests, from publications that they trust and respect. </p><p> Most of the worlds Tier 1 publications serve Outbrain recommendations, including The New York Times, The Guardian and CNN </p><p> Headlines are contextually matched and targeted by geo location and relevance </p><p> Allows brand to reach various target audiences whilst theyre in consumption mode i.e. researching and keeping up with industry news </p><p>31 </p><p>THE OUTBRAIN PROPOSITION </p></li><li><p>LANDING PAGE </p></li><li><p>34 </p><p>SUSTAINING MOMEMENTUM </p></li><li><p>35 </p><p>SCHEDULING CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA </p><p>Source: Buffer </p></li><li><p>36 </p><p>HOW OFTEN SHOULD I BLOG? </p><p>LinkedIn Longform Status updates </p><p>Insights blog Status updates (tweets) </p><p>1-2 original blogs per month at most </p><p>Repost all of your blogs as LinkedIn Longform posts </p><p> Share links to your Insights blogs twice: once on your profile, once in a relevant </p><p>group </p><p>Share links to your Insights blogs three times, once a day </p><p>for three days after publishing. </p><p>Use different tweets and hashtags each time you share. </p></li><li><p>EXAMPLE DAILY ACTIVITY PLAN: LINKEDIN </p><p>CONNECTING Check your notifications for any replies to or shares of content that youve posted (articles, comments). </p><p>Respond either with a comment or a DM even if only to thank them for their thoughts. </p><p>Time spent: 5-10 mins </p><p>CONTRIBUTING Find the most active discussion in one of the groups you recently joined. </p><p>Reply to the latest comment, referencing your own experiences at current company to support your point of view. </p><p>Time spent: 10 mins </p><p>COMMENTING Find a thought-provoking or business-relevant article or discussion in your LinkedIn feed. </p><p>Leave a comment that adds your own point of view to the authors, with an example if possible. </p><p>Time spent: 10 mins </p><p>SHARING From either your LinkedIn feed or your own reading, find a piece of content that is either useful or entertaining to your target audience. </p><p>Share it as a status update, with your own insights/how it links to your comapany if possible. </p><p>Time spent: 15 mins </p></li><li><p>EXAMPLE DAILY ACTIVITY PLAN: TWITTER </p><p>FOLLOWING Are there any active discussions happening in your Twitter feed? </p><p>If so, reply to the conversation and start following any contributors who you dont already. </p><p>Try to follow 3-5 new people a week. </p><p>Time spent: 5-10 mins </p><p>REPLYING Go to the list of influencers/prospects you created earlier. </p><p>Look for posts which relate to hybrid cloud/CI and reply to them with your own views, stats, or examples from VCE. </p><p>Time spent: 10 mins </p><p>RETWEETING Review your Twitter feed for articles that are business-relevant, breaking news, or simply interesting. </p><p>Retweet these via Tweetdeck, adding your own thoughts to the tweet. </p><p>Time spent: 5 mins </p><p>POSTING Post any business-relevant articles that you encounter (including your own blog posts) on Twitter. </p><p>Time spent: 5 mins </p></li><li><p>39 </p><p>ROI OF CONTENT MARKETING </p></li><li><p>40 </p><p>4-STEP FRAMEWORK </p></li><li><p>41 </p><p>MEASUREMENT TRACKING TOOLS : USING BIT.LY </p></li><li><p>42 </p><p>Source: Scoopit How many leads does your content generate? </p><p>MEASUREMENT TRACKING TOOLS : GOOGLE ANALYTICS </p><p></p></li><li><p>Google Webmaster Tools is equally important for measuring the results of your marketing efforts. </p><p>You can track keywords for which your website has ranked, the number and quality of backlinks, as well as the number of indexed and broken pages. </p><p>You receive error messages and reports that can be used to improve your websites performance and boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts to reach the right audience. </p><p>43 </p><p>MEASUREMENT TRACKING TOOLS: GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS </p><p></p></li><li><p>44 </p><p>ANY QUESTIONS? </p><p> </p><p>Add me on LinkedIn! </p><p>mailto:sheenacheong11@gmail.com</p></li></ul>