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<ul><li><p>Content Marketing for </p><p>B2B Startups</p><p>Perspectives on Content that Converts</p></li><li><p>Credits to Ardath Albee, Doug Kessler, Social Sprout, Linkedin, Slideshare etc..</p></li><li><p>Content Produced in a Day</p></li><li><p>@ChristiaanWLstg #CSForum14</p><p>144,800,000 e-mails</p><p>800,000 websites</p><p>1,200,000 WordPress</p><p>500,000,000 Tweets</p><p>4,000,000,000 Facebook updates</p><p>Content</p><p>@ChristiaanWLstg #CSForum14</p></li><li><p>Impossible Handshake</p><p>organisations perspective of customer want</p><p>customer perspective of </p><p>their needs</p></li><li><p>Its about them</p><p> Buying is emotional rationalized logically</p><p> Buyers trust those who consistently empathize</p><p> Sensitivity to prospect context (unique goals, jobs, problems and challenges) is an authentic manifestation of empathy</p><p>Context</p></li><li><p>Persona Accomplished Professional</p><p> Works for an established organization in retail/manufacturing with a revenue &gt; $1.5 mn</p><p> Multi Functional leader potentially VP Operations/Facilities &amp; Administration/Technical Operations</p><p> Accomplished Professional with extensive Field Management (10+ to 15 Years) experience well versed in Professional Business Management</p><p> A seasoned task executor reporting to COO/President/ Operations Instigating Operational Heads/Directors towards excellence</p><p> Very adept at getting work done and providing thought leadership. Collaborates with Finance/Projects heads for cross functional collaboration</p></li><li><p>Persona Accomplished Professional</p><p> Highly competitive individual motivated by profit and prestige. Demonstrates a commanding demeanor. Values integrity and consistency as core values to guide him.</p><p> Has a core purpose to improve everything and envisions an accountable team and optimized environment. Has twin goals of profit and process improvement </p><p> Very Busy at work. Experienced in usage of standard technology applications to complete work. </p><p> Restricted by regulations and organizational approval mechanisms. Is able to approve small budgets. Trusts established vendors for purchase. </p><p> Has functional targets to reduced 2% of IT infrastructure. Focuses on time, quality and cost to achieve those targets.</p></li><li><p>Persona Accomplished Professional</p><p> Puzzled by Variation in spending across similar facilities, deterioration in Production volume throughput, effective Process Adherence, effective Execution and unnecessary Operational(energy) Penalties.</p><p> Challenged by process Non Compliance, unavailability of critical information and proper escalation mechanism to control downtime and productivity loss.</p><p> Is Forced to spend on multiple sources of energy, supervising Irresponsible manpower and oversee abuse of facilities. </p><p> He is enduring scarcity of Instant Information, scarcity of Verifiable long term information and inadequacy of effective tools to achieve the desired outcomes.</p></li><li><p>Persona Accomplished Professional</p><p> Actively seeking information to reduce human dependency, human errors and unreliable data.</p><p> Requires expert advice / best practice to manage operations, quality compliance and control production cost.</p><p> Priority spending needs restrict his ability to invest in progressive solutions. Needs support information to convince his senior management to approve long term solutions.</p><p> In the absence of such helps resorts to using manual ledgers and logs. He also depends on his internal team to find some solution</p><p> He trusts references, Industry Peers, Case- Studies of product used in similar situation as his and Industrial Body recognition for alternative selection considerations</p></li><li><p>Persona to Customer Transition</p></li><li><p>Status Quo</p><p>Priority Shift</p><p>Research Options Step Back Validation Choice</p></li><li><p>Day in Life</p><p>Furthering Career</p><p>Leadership Confidence</p><p>Risks &amp; Politics</p><p>Stakeholder Demands</p><p>Operational Sustainability</p><p>Initiatives</p></li><li><p>We are one of the many vying for attention in </p><p>our audiences tight schedule. Hmmm..hell a lot </p><p>to do.</p></li><li><p>Content Formula</p><p>Content</p><p>Niche</p><p>Transmission</p><p>Planned</p><p>Money</p><p>Flowing</p></li><li><p>Content Goals</p><p>BuzzingGluingLuring</p></li><li><p>Content Purpose</p><p>Choice</p><p> Will this company deliver maximum value at minimum risk?</p><p>Validation</p><p> What information will get me buy in ?</p><p>Step Back</p><p> What alternatives are available ?</p><p>Options</p><p> What best practices are available ?</p><p>Research</p><p> What should I know to bring change ?</p><p>Priority Shift</p><p> What is the consequence of not acting ?</p><p>Status Quo</p><p> Why Should I care ?</p><p>Luring Gluing Buzzing</p></li><li><p>Content Challenge</p><p>Web &amp; Content</p><p>Money &amp; Power</p><p>Tech &amp; Talent</p><p>BandwidthSticky Ideas</p><p>Orientation</p><p>Repetition &amp; </p><p>Discovery</p></li><li><p>Content Challenge</p><p> Trillion Web Pages</p><p> More Content than Consumer</p><p> Making sense to consumers and computers</p><p> Big Brands spend big $ for content</p><p> Big storytelling canvas</p><p> Requires multi skilled and dynamic people</p><p> Vast tech needs in design, testing, optimization, media, programming, promotion</p></li><li><p>Content Challenge</p><p> Small firms, small teams and big work</p><p> Ability to identify a bucket list of macro and micro ideas</p><p> Empathizing with consumer</p><p> Ability to present it in a engaging format</p><p> Uniqueness and avoiding duplication</p><p> Ability to lengthen the life of content</p><p> Ability to ensure top of discovery</p></li><li><p>A chronic experimenter, surviving </p><p>entrepreneur and accidental academic. Ex </p><p>Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent,WIPRO etc..</p><p></p><p></p><p>Reach me:</p><p>+919884500933</p><p>We can help B2B startups get started with </p><p>marketing and sales through hands-on </p><p>training.</p><p>Reach out to us</p><p>Ab</p><p>ou</p><p>t M</p><p>E</p><p></p></li><li><p>Impactful Approach 101</p></li><li><p>6 Factors for Content Success</p><p>Relevance</p><p>Authority</p><p>Social Proof &amp; Sharing</p><p>Subscribers &amp; Influencers</p><p>Distribution</p><p>Branding</p></li><li><p>Content Success Factors</p><p> Buyer Persona</p><p> Buying Stages</p><p> Day to Day Activities</p><p>Relevancy</p><p> Industry Trends</p><p> Pain, Problems ,Limitations &amp; Solutions</p><p>Authority Competitive </p><p>Approach</p><p> Data Infographic Stories</p><p>Social Proof &amp; Sharing</p></li><li><p>Content Success Factors</p><p> Risks &amp; Mitigation</p><p> Business Case &amp; ROI</p><p> Life cycle Perspective</p><p>Influencers</p><p> Right Channels</p><p> Content Promotion</p><p> Word of Mouth</p><p>Distribution Customer Success</p><p> Benefits Achievement</p><p> Social Conversation</p><p>Branding</p></li><li><p>Tools of Trade</p></li><li><p>Device</p><p>Frequency</p><p>Timing</p><p>Geography</p><p>Source</p><p>Network</p><p>Calendar</p><p>Considerations</p></li><li><p>Device that resonates</p><p> Laptop</p><p> Tablets</p><p> Smartphones</p><p>Frequency that Works</p><p> How many tweets?, blogs?, Webinars?, Comments?, Videos?, Whitepapers?, Case-Studies?....</p><p>Timing that Clicks</p><p> Work</p><p> Commute</p><p> Home</p><p> Week Days</p><p> Week Ends</p><p> Special Occasions</p><p> Time of Day</p><p>Geography that Wins</p><p> Language</p><p> Passions</p><p> Interests</p><p> Mediums</p><p> Formats</p><p>Generating Source</p><p> User</p><p> Employee</p><p> Company</p><p> Partner</p><p> Journalist</p><p>Network</p><p> LinkedIn, Twitter, </p><p> Product Hunt, Hacker News</p><p> Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube</p><p> Vertical Channels</p></li><li><p>Rules to Remember</p></li><li><p>RULE 1</p><p> Relevant to the right audience at an impactful hour leveraging appropriate channel</p></li><li><p>RULE 2</p><p> Talk about every possible unit(question, idea, problem..) of ecosystem other than..</p></li><li><p>RULE 3</p><p> Not all contents are created equal. Leverage and amplify user involvement</p></li><li><p>RULE 4</p><p> Distribution is key. Publish, Publish, Refine, Re-Publish Everywhere .</p></li><li><p>RULE 5</p><p> Make it easy to share. Reward Loyalty</p></li><li><p>Rule 6</p><p> Be transparent, self-critical, vulnerable, opportunistic and conversational</p></li><li><p>Rule 7</p><p> Involve the full company. Thou shall be insanely honest</p></li><li><p>Rule 8</p><p> Never forget a call to action. Build a community</p></li><li><p>Rule 9</p><p> Listen, Baseline, Measure, De-Brief</p></li><li><p>Rule 10</p><p> Never Fudge Rules 1 to 9. </p></li><li><p>We can help B2B startups get started with </p><p>marketing and sales through hands-on </p><p>training.</p><p>Reach out to us</p><p>Ab</p><p>ou</p><p>t U</p><p>S</p><p>Topics we can assist</p><p>1. Marketing Project Plan</p><p>2. Strategic Marketing Plan</p><p>3. Product Persona Development</p><p>4. Prospect Persona Development</p><p>5. Content Strategy Development</p><p>6. Content and Distribution Plan</p><p>7. Content Promotion</p><p>We can deliver cost effective training and </p><p>coaching</p></li></ul>