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  • Training with Content Marketing Jedi Masters Key Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016 #CMWorld by @JimMacLeod

  • For a few days in late 2016, The Content Marketing Institute brought together the worlds leaders in Content Marketing.

    Here are just a few of the pearls of wisdom that they delivered to save us from the dark side of Marketing.

  • Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than doing nothing at all.

    Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, @JoePulizzi

  • Thinking strategically costs you nothing.

    Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute, @Robert_Rose

  • The foundation of writing is not writing. It looks like daydreaming, driving your car, walking your dog.

    Ann HandleyHead of ContentMarketingProfs@MarketingProfs

  • The buyers journey doesnt start with a search for your product.

    Michael BrennerCEOMarketing Insider Group@BrennerMichael

  • Over 70% of people who come to your site will never come back. Building email subscribers is still absolutely crucial.

    Ian ClearyFounderRazorSocial@IanCleary

  • Digital branding is the oil in your sales engine.

    Juntae DeLaneDigital Branding EvangelistUSC@JuntaeDeLane

  • Your brand is a co-creation of your story and your customers story.

    Tom WebsterVP of StrategyEdison Research@webby2001

  • You cant expect influencers to advocate for a brand that doesnt influence in social media.

    Bryan KramerCEOPureMatter@bryankramer

  • Lead with value. What is your audience not getting? Give it to them.

    Lee OddenCEOTopRank Marketing@LeeOdden

  • Create customer experiences that increase in value vover time. Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute, @Robert_Rose

  • We have to stop treating every piece of conten as a lead-gnerating opportunity.

    Jay BaerPresidentConvince and Convert@JayBaer

  • Customer experience is about what you actually do, not what you say youll do

    Carla JohnsonType-A Communications@CarlaJohnson

  • Its not the best content that wins, its the best promoted content.

    Andy CrestodinaCo-FounderOrbit Media@Crestodina

  • Content has a dual purpose: to inform us as much as the buyers.

    Ardath AlbeeB2B Content Marketing StrategistCEO, Marketing Interactions@ardath421

  • The story is about the customer. Your brand is just a plot point in their story.

    Buddy ScaleraSenior Director Content StrategyThe Medicines Company @BuddyScalera

  • Ideas are common. Innovation is rare because it demands persistence.

    Doug KesslerCreative Director, Co-FounderVelocity@dougkessler

  • Good marketers follow best practices. Great marketers craft their own.

    Jay AcunzoPodcaster, VP of PlatformNextView Ventures@jayacunzo

  • You cant strategize content if youre jumping to a new platform every day.

    Scott StrattenSpeaker, AuthorUnMarketing@unmarketing

  • Get the whole organization to start speaking customer.

    Jenifer WalshDirector, Customer Engagement MarketingCurrent, powered by GE@jlansky

  • Make sure the data youre given leads to a decision, it shouldnt be the decision itself.

    John Von BrachelSVP, Content MarketingBank of America@vonbrachel

  • If the brain processes visual info 60,000x faster. Why are we so focused on text-based marketing content?

    Raj MunusamyVP, Content & Messaging, Global MarketingSchneider Electric@rajmunusamy

  • If sales doesnt know why they need it (content) theyre not going to use it.

    Matt HeinzFounderHeinz Marketing@HeinzMarketing

  • Dont be afraid to shoot live video on a phone the human touch is noticed, the production value is not.

    Chelsea HunersenSocial Media MarketingHubSpot@ChelseaLikeNY

  • Tenacity is more important, or as important, as talent.

    Mark HamillActor, Storyteller@HamillHimself

  • If you understand your why, you have a lot of options for your what.

    Michael Jr.ComedianStandup and Give@Michaeljrcomedy

  • Focus on making impressions, not getting impressions.

    Mitch JoelMarketer, Speaker, Author, PodcasterPresident, Mirum@mitchjoel

  • There is almost no correlation between Social Media sharing and the number of people who actually read the content.

    Jonathan CrossfieldStoryteller, Writer, Content

  • If you want an idea to be approved, call it Sales. If you want it to be pushed aside, call it Marketing.

    Marcus SheridanKeynote Speaker and AuthorThe Sales Lion@TheSales Lion

  • Choice kills. Reduce complexity with a series of simple selections.

    Tim AshCEOSiteTuners@Tim_Ash

  • Use freelancers to help your subject-matter experts get their knowledge out there.

    Stephanie LoseeHead of ContentVisa@slosee

  • On-page SEO is no longer satisfied by raw keyword use. Think about intent.

    Rand FishkinFounderMoz@randfish

  • Purpose can be based upon your core values, or about providing practical value.

    Russell SparkmanCo-Founder, CEOFusionspark Media@fusionspark

  • Stop being scattered. Start focusing on 2003. Your website should be viewable on a phone.

    Scott StrattenSpeaker, AuthorUnMarketing@unmarketing

  • Social media is technology that allows us to express our social natures.

    Lars SilberbauerGlobal Senior Director of Social Media & VideoLego@larssilberbauer

  • How we buy has changed. How we decide to buy has not.

    Tom WebsterVP of StrategyEdison Research@webby2001

  • Our job is not to be creative, our job is to create.

    Jay AcunzoPodcaster, VP of PlatformNextView Ventures@jayacunzo

  • Either fully commit to content marketing, or just go buy ads.

    Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, @JoePulizzi