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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>V3 Integrated MarketingContent Marketing. Can we do this in 15 minutes a day? </p> <p> Marketingprofs</p> <p>Topics Were Covering Today</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Social Media Influences Buying BehaviorTime Is An IssueWhich Type of Social Media Will Work for Me?Tricks to Effective EngagementTools to Maximize Social ReachStrategy, Goals and Measuring ROI</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWho Are We?</p> <p>Shelly KramerCEO, V3 Integrated Marketing@ShellyKramer</p> <p>Ann HandleyCCO, MarketingProfs@AnnHandleyCo-AuthorContent Rules (Wiley)</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWHY Are We TalkingAbout This?</p> <p>The web has changed</p> <p>Everything</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>And heres what theyre doing</p> <p>If you dont like this color combination, I can send you some others.6</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWhats going on</p> <p>4.75 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook. Daily.Thats 3,298,611 per minute.400 million tweets per day.Thats 277,779 per minute.100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. Every minute.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsCustomers do their homework</p> <p>Googles Moment of Truth Research</p> <p>2010 5.3 sources2011 - 10.4 sources</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsSocial Media</p> <p>Why Bother? </p> <p> 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions</p> <p>(SproutSocial)</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsThe Formula Has Changed </p> <p>Old Way: Money x Media = Business</p> <p>New Way: Time x Media = Business</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsToday .</p> <p>Every company is a media company.</p> <p>Every company needs a content strategy.</p> <p>Every company needs a social media presence.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWhy a media company?</p> <p>They tell stories and theyre good at it.Theyre in the business of creating and distributing content.They understand the power of relevant information.They are fast and they are everywhere.</p> <p>Can we all do this? No way, Jose.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Media Bistro </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Media Bistro </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsMajor Product Categories for Social-to-Sale Purchases </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Media Bistro </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsRestaurants Greatest Challenges?Budget+Time</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Hey, can you work some of that social media magic for me?</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsStart with data.Information is power.</p> <p>Do a Competitive AnalysisWhat are we doing online?What are our competitors doing?What kind of content are they creating? How + where are they distributing + using it? Where do we have opportunities?Where are we totally sucking wind?What can we realistically handle?</p> <p>Understand Your CustomerWhere do they hang out online?When are they typically online?What kind of content do they share?What kind of conversations do they have?Who are local influencers?How can we connect with them?</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsAfter Youve Done Your HomeworkWhats Next?</p> <p>Develop a Content StrategyFigure out your tone and audience</p> <p>Analyze your existing assetsFigure out what kinds of content you think will workEngineer a content planFigure out who can help with this internallyDevelop a content calendarMake a plan to create content to serve customers + prospects Figure out how youll measure success</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsBuild Your Restaurants ProfileFill In The Blanks. Complete your social profiles as completely as possible. Be Visual. Use great photos as your cover photos and add your company logo.Capitalize On Traffic. Add follow and like buttons on your website.Earn Followers. Share content that serves your customers and prospects.Optimize. Make it easy for them to do business with you.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsEvery social media platform is unique</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>What can I do? I have little time and budget </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsFood + People = Instagram</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsHow To Take Advantage of Instagram</p> <p>Share behind-the-scenes momentsCelebrate your customersCreate a contest Use Statigram to monitor likes, engagement Create a unique hashtag that you can invite diners to use and print on tabletops, menus, in the restaurant, on drink coasters, etc.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsInstagram Ideas</p> <p>Cross-pollinate social fan base by creating an Instagram photo of the day contest</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsInstagram Ideas</p> <p>Celebrate your community of fans (who are probably already creating content at your place). </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsInstagram Ideas</p> <p>Be useful.#ComodoMenu</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsInstagram Ideas</p> <p>Tell a bigger story.#CaptureEuphoria</p> <p>The Data: The bespoke ads were featured in the winners' local neighborhoods as billboards, in bus shelters, as bus wraps, on top of taxis, or in regional publications. Some ads also appeared in national magazines, including Wired and Rolling Stone.The Creative: To kick off the campaign, Ben &amp; Jerry's visited the first winner's hometown and distributed free ice cream and copies of t he recently shuttered Boston Phoenix featuring her photo on the back cover.The Results: Ben &amp; Jerry's saw a 22% increase in its Instagram following in three months. As of February, the campaign had brought in roughly 15,000 submissions and 70 million media impressions.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsLittle Guys Can Level The Playing Field</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsTake Advantage of Geo-location Based Apps and Platforms</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>A Google+ Page is Critical</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsTake Advantage Of Nearby Places For Facebook Pages</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsReward People For Checking In</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsYelp - YP Deals</p> <p>YP and Yelp have announced a strategic partnership that will in the near future provide YP advertisers with an enhanced presence on Yelp and effectively bring Yelp into the YP Local Ad Network. YP advertisers will gain access to the following:Distribution/exposure to Yelps large local audienceThe full range of profile features and capabilities associated with Yelps branded profile (call to action button, slideshows, ROI metrics, etc.)</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsCreate An Event and Invite Influencers + Foodies</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsBe Strategic With Your Content and Content Sharing on Twitter and Facebook</p> <p>Facebook is Visual Use high quality imagesAvoid large file sizesRight-size your images, use rectangles not squaresOnly post links that are mobile-friendly. You stand to lose over half your social audience over time if you dontLink directly to the action that a social post implies. Dont make your users endure multiple clicks*Data Courtesy of Tim Hayden</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Multi-unit locations need to consider separate FB accounts for each location, personalize your customers experiences.Post photos of regulars and special guests (with permission).Encourage patrons to tag themselves and their friends.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Post about whats going on in the area. Use a lot of visuals.Mix it up, ask questions, do polls to generate engagement. Pay to advertise.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Tap into conversations already happening/trends: Whats top of mind for your customers? </p> <p>Local Pages. They Make Sense.</p> <p>Early adopters out front. Linked data from a sharing of best practices to benefit overall marketing AND franchisor operations. Billing by franchise another benefit. Prime example of social being adopted from the bottom up kind of cool.47</p> <p>They are happening. Without you.</p> <p>Early adopters out front. Linked data from a sharing of best practices to benefit overall marketing AND franchisor operations. Billing by franchise another benefit. Prime example of social being adopted from the bottom up kind of cool.48</p> <p>Facebook and Franchises</p> <p>Early adopters out front. Linked data from a sharing of best practices to benefit overall marketing AND franchisor operations. Billing by franchise another benefit. Prime example of social being adopted from the bottom up kind of cool.49</p> <p>Challenge: Corporate vs. FranchiseEarly adopters out frontShow business value (more data, learn best practices from early adopters, franchise specific billing)Local pages, streamlined comms, learning from one another, libraries of top posts, mass capitalization on assets@shellykramer</p> <p>BenefitsCorporate brand page,1,550 local pages and 5K+ local users leads to a very rich database (customer service, menu offerings, etc.)3.8M fans on brand level and 800K connections to fans across local pages, with less than 10% fan overlap. Better targeting, more personalization, better maximization of marketing spend@shellykramer</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>Set up a Hootsuite account, and learn how to use its advanced geotargeted search feature. Monitor conversations filtered by keywords that are occurring within a specific geographic radius.Address all mentions of your business, even if they're negative. Show customers you care.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsTwitter: Show some personality.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsTwitter: Show some personality.</p> <p>66K followers</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWays To Use Twitter To Find Local Customers </p> <p>Find local people who tweet near you</p> <p>Find local people with your city name in their profile</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWays To Use Twitter To Find Local Customers </p> <p>Find local people using Twitter Grader</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsSomething to think about...</p> <p>As a general rule, use Twitter for fun, and for increasing brand awareness and customer service. Use Facebook for customer service. It's rare that anybody will Like a Facebook page unless they're already an existing customer. </p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsSomething to think about...Treat social networks as separate platforms, each with their strengths and limitations. Get to know their differences and make them work for you.Don't try to be on every social media channel. Be where your customers are.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsMake online reviews work for YOU!!</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsContent Checklist</p> <p>Claim your nameSet up your profilesParticipateBuild your networksCreate to serve customers + prospects</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsRestaurant Mobile Trends 2014</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsCustomers are turning to search to find nearby restaurants</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsDiners are interested in mobile ordering</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsMobile rewards program are on the rise</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsWays To Use Mobile Marketing To Reach Customers </p> <p>Mobile couponsMeal SpecialsTable Availability NotificationsBirthday RemindersRaffles</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsContent Best Practices</p> <p>Be human, act like you do IRL .Look the same, all across the web.Remember that you get what you give.Provide value.Dont be afraid of fun. Quit marketing.Dont be a douche.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsHow do I know if its working?DATA is KEY</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsMonitor Your Data Regularly</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsLet Data Show You What Works</p> <p>Success With Content? Be UsefulDont sell. Dont be an egomaniac. Dont bore.Act like a person, not a faceless corporate entityStalk + emulateCreate content thats worth reading focus on delivering valueCurate content that further serves your audienceNever underestimate the power of a smileUnderstand the importance of connecting social to business initiatives</p> <p>Community Management</p> <p>They call it Community Management for a reason. Posting is advertising. </p> <p>Community building takes more than a schedule-it-and-forget-it mentality.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsYou have to know how to tell a great story, genuinely like people (or act like it), pay attention to them, and regularly deliver content that keeps them coming back for more. Technology can help, but it cant do it all.It Takes a Human</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs Website Traffic Followers/Friends/Fans Most Popular Social Content Shares of Content, Conversations Facebook Insights Coupon Redemption SALESWays To Measure Success</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsTestMeasureTweakTestMeasureTweakYou get it .Theres only one way to get there</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs</p> <p>It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.- Charles Darwin</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsEverybody thinks they can do it</p> <p>Theyre mostly wrong.</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfsKey to Success?</p> <p>Quit thinking about you and start thinking about them.</p> <p>Heres How to Stalk</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>ShellyKramer</p> <p>/in/ShellyDeMotteKramer</p> <p>AnnHandley.comCo-Author, Content Rules</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Ann Handley</p> <p>/in/Ann Handley</p> <p>@ShellyKramer@MarketingProfs@MarketingProfs</p> <p>@ShellyKramer</p>