Contemporary Paintings, Modern Art, Abstract Paintings - What are the differences?

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    It is a basic question, along with a little confusing to resolve because the terms "contemporary,""modern," and "abstract" may be used interchangeably from time to time. Let us focus on "modernart." Modern art is a classification of your art period that started around 1870 by Impressionistslike Claude Monet. It is known that modern artists are those who experimented with new ways ofseeing, expressing new ideas and techniques. But technically the current art movement endedacross the 1960's and 70's when the term "postmodern" started to be used and pop art hadbecome the new thing.

    Abstract art is a kind of painting a departure from reality and was definitely modern back then.Abstraction in paintings did start to make the scene around the same time frame modern artbecame known because it is a Boca Raton painting style classified in the modern art movement.But dreaded abstract paintings really started appearing early 1900's in Europe with the likes ofPablo Picasso yet others in the cubism movement. Abstract art really was not made in Americaprior to the 1940's within the abstract expressionism movement with Jackson Pollock in the helm.Because abstract art is a design of painting and never a classification associated with an artperiod, abstract paintings are still being created today.

    Understanding that brings us to right this moment. Right this moment we utilize the term"contemporary" to define artwork to be made in our lifetime or even in the actual present moment.So any paintings being created right now are contemporary paintings whatever the style. Whathas happened is always that people generally use "contemporary art" to explain artwork from your1970's until recently. It is hard, or even near impossible to define a period of time while we areliving in it. One might wonder, will any of us only use the word "contemporary" to describe theartwork being created in the existing moment? Or " Fort Lauderdale painting " perhaps there is astop towards the standby time with the word "contemporary" signifying a stop of one other artworkperiod very similarly to how "modern" was applied. I do not know. But regardless, I am hopingthese tips have helped and never confused you'll more.