contemporary expressions - zuma .at zuma, we create contemporary designs that speak to your sense

Download contemporary expressions - Zuma .At Zuma, we create contemporary designs that speak to your sense

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  • contemporar y expressions

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  • des ign . . . a t i t s b e s t , s t i r s p a s s i o n s .

    m o r e p o w e r f u l t h a n w o r d s , i t e c h o e s t h e s o u l .

    t r a n s c e n d i n g t i m e a n d s p a c e , d e s i g n c o n n e c t s w i t h t h e s p i r i t .

    i t c a n s t o p y o u i n y o u r t r a c k s .

    i t c o n j u r e s f e e l i n g s o f c u r i o s i t y a n d s p o n t a n e i t y, o r p e a c e

    a n d t r a n q u i l i t y.

    t i m e l e s s d e s i g n f e e l s e f f o r t l e s s , y e t s o p h i s t i c a t e d .

    i t a s k s y o u t o c o n t e m p l a t e t h e w o r l d , a n d y o u r r o l e i n i t .

    i t c a p t u r e s t h e i m a g i n a t i o n a n d s t i m u l a t e s t h e m i n d .

    i t i n s p i r e s y o u t o r e a c h b e y o n d b o u n d a r i e s . . . k n o w i n g n o l i m i t s .

    d e s i g n r e f l e c t s w h o y o u a r e a n d h o w y o u l i v e .

    d e s i g n m a ke s y o u f e e l g o o d , c r e a t i n g a s e n s e o f b e l o n g i n g t o

    s o m e t h i n g u n i q u e .

    s o m e t h i n g i n t r i g u i n g , y e t f a m i l i a r.

    s o m e t h i n g t h a t i s e s s e n t i a l l y y o u .


    At Zuma, we create contemporary designs that speak to your sense of style.

    The clean lines and crisp forms of Zuma Collection acrylic bathtubs help express

    a wide variety of individual tastes.

    From spa-like settings of neutral simplicity, to organic rooms that energize and

    inspire, Zuma Collection is equally confident as striking centerpieces or subtle

    complements to their surroundings.

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  • bluel ine ser ies

    BLCD723683 x 47 x 22

    BLCD723283 x 43 x 22

    BLCD663675 x 47 x 22

    BLCR603268 x 40 x 22

    BLCD663275 x 43 x 22

    BLCL603268 x 40 x 22

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.



    BLB723683 x 47 x 22

    BLB6664475 x 52 x 22

  • 5

  • 6

    f reestanding CDF

    CDF6640 66 x 40 x 23

    CDF7242 72 x 42 x 23

    Tubs pictured with optional angle pillow and waste & overflow

  • 7

  • 8

    corner C ser ies

    CCL724872 x 48 x 21left hand

    CCR724872 x 48 x 21right hand

    Tubs pictured with optional angle pillow and waste & overflow.

  • 9

  • 10

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.

    CD ser ies

    CD663466 x 34 x 22

    CD663666 x 36 x 22

    CD664266 x 42 x 22

    CD723672 x 36 x 22

    center drain

    CD663266 x 32 x 22

    CD723272 x 32 x 22

    CD724072 x 40 x 22

    CD664066 x 40 x 22

  • 11

  • 12

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.

    C ser ies

    end drain

    C603660 x 36 x 22

    C603060 x 30 x 22

    C603260 x 32 x 22

    C603460 x 34 x 22

    C664866 x 48 x 22

    C663666 x 36 x 22

    C663266 x 32 x 22

    C663466 x 34 x 22

    C724072 x 40 x 22

    C723272 x 32 x 22

    C723672 x 36 x 22

    C723472 x 34 x 22

  • 13

    A ser ies

    A723672 x 36 x 22

    D723672 x 36 x 22

    D ser ies

    A664066 x 40 x 22

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.

  • B664466 x 44 x 22

    B723672 x 36 x 22

    B744474 x 44 x 22


    B ser ies

    Free Standing B7236FS72 x 36 x 21

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.

    flat deck

  • R664466 x 44 x 23

    R723672 x 36 x 23

    R744474 x 44 x 23

    R ser ies

    Tubs pictured with optional waste & overflow.

    round deck

    Free Standing R7236FS72 x 36 x 22


  • .

  • 17

    A i rbath

    combinat ion

    bathing systems

    Maximize your bathing experience with the restoring and sustaining powers of our combination bathing system. Choose the variable soft touch of Airbath, the deep muscle massage of whirlpool, or the wonderfully transcending experience of both at the same time.

    From soothing to invigorating, the dual bathing system offers the maximum range of therapeutic, preventative, and pleasurable experiences. Combination systems include both whirlpool and Airbath features operated by a remote control.

    Indulge yourself with the luxurious pampering of warm air bubbles, caressing your entire body and bursting at the surface, showering your senses with restorative energies. Choose from delicate to spirited with a single touch control. Choose from two Airbath systems. System II features air jets placed around the perimeter of the bathtub. System III includes air jets located throughout the floor of the bathtub, with each jet featuring a dedicated check valve. Both systems are operated by a remote control and include air blowers that util ize ceramic heating elements for optimum heat transfer, thus releasing thousands of warm air bubbles. All Zuma Airbath systems feature an automatic purge cycle to dry excess water.

  • 18

    f inishing touches

    chromotherapy lighting Dramatic underwater lighting allows you to use color to balance your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy. Select blue to soothe, green to relax, red to stimulate or many other color variations that allow you to enjoy the benefits of light therapy.


    grab bar grab rail High quality grab bars and grab rails create additional accents and facilitate getting in and out of the bath.

    Some aprons styles are only available on select models. Check specification sheet for availability.

    Permanent solid panel apron.

    Removable panel for easy access to pump and system.

    Permanent two-sided apron for corner installations.

    All apron styles are available with seamless designs on select models.

  • 19

    head & shoulder support

    full back pillow

    angle pillow

    metalfactory installed

    rubberfield installed

    molded infactory installed

    tile flange kits Used in a lcove insta l lat ions to protect the wall from water.


    head support system

    exposed waste and overflowAvailable for B and R freestanding bathtubs.

    JetFresh whirpool/airbath system cleanerKeep bathing systems sanitary and ensure they function at peak performance.

    waste and overflowThe dependable and maintenance free cable drive designs are available in finishes to match your bathroom accessories.

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    ANSI Z124.12005

    ANSI A112.19.71987

    ANSI A112.19.81987

    ASTM F46279 (85)


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