container gardening part 2 soil, water, nutrients, light

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  • Container Gardening Part 2 Soil, Water, Nutrients, Light
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  • Soils for Containers Container soil is challenging because of the small volume of media used to support plant growth Desirable traits: Water and nutrient retention Soilless Mixes Low bulk density (fluffy and light) High porosity to ensure good aeration and root growth Free from weeds, diseases, and insects
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  • Soils for Containers Organic Blend: 5 gallons finished compost, 1 gal. sand, 1 gal. vermiculite or perlite, and 1 cup granular all purpose organic fertilizer. Standard Blend: 1 bushel vermiculite, 1 bushel ground spagnum moss, 8 tablespoons superphosphate (0-20-0), 8 tablespoons ground limestone, 2 cups bone meal. Garden Soil: 25% sand, 25% garden soil, 50% compost.
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  • Watering Container Plants Increased water and nutrient needs Thoroughly water once per week twice per day Water depending on container and weather Cluster pots to minimize moisture loss Water needs greatest at flowering and fruiting Sedum mulch Mulched plant
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  • Watering Container Plants Too much or too little water is the most common problem for container grown plants Drip Irrigation Systems (below, left) Self Watering Containers (below, right)
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  • Fertilizing Container Plants Add slow-release fertilizer at planting such as Osmocote. Initially, half-strength, water-soluble fertilizer Increase fertilizer to recommended rate as plants mature Occassionally use compost or fish emulsion for micronutrients
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  • Light NORTH WEST EAST SOUTH Possibly shade all day Possibly sun all day Morning shade, afternoon sun Morning sun, afternoon shade
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  • Light Direct light east or west windowsills, south-facing window Bright, indirect light Low light Direct LightIndirect LightLow Light
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  • Light Too much sun trellis Too little sun reflective wall or water